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3% season 3 recap

3% Season 3 is one of the best thriller web television series based on Brazilian Dystopian developed by Pedro Aguilera. The genre of this web series is packed with Drama, Thriller, and science fiction, making it the best for both worlds. This season is based on the 2009 independent pilot episode, and the unique part of this web series is that it is the first-ever Portuguese language.

In this article, we are going doing 3% Season 3 Recap so you would not miss any of the turning points of the last season before heading towards the 4th season.

Overview of 3% Season: How did it all start?

With the 4th and final season of 3%, one of the most ambitious and thrill-packed seasons alongside a wealth disparity is coming to an end. The story of this drama takes place in a world where the haves and haves are divided into two worlds. Where on the one hand, the only way to graduate for the citizens to say goodbye to their families and take part in several scrumptious tests that may cost them their lives.

So do you want a refresher before you dive into the fourth and final season of this wild and thrilling drama? We have got you covered. Here’s everything that you need to recall from 3% Season 3 Recap.

3% Season 3 Recap: Briefed Glimpse of Season 3

To turn the story around and to make it a bit suspicious and unpredictable, the last season of 3% didn’t focus on the Inland either offshore. It was pointed towards the Shell. After struggling day and night, Michele able to succeed in her dream of creating Utopia, this was only a neutral of disparity of rich and poor. But sadly, that dream costs her life. But this was a blessing in disguise; the citizens get the option of choosing the middle ground. Unlike before, individuals who failed, “The process” get permitted to live in the middle-class Shell.

Even though it wasn’t real but at least that was the idea. Right after the Shell developed and resurrected, its power cut off, making it to generate enough energy and supplies to feed a handful of people in a house. The new leaders of the Shell needed to conclude who should remain and remake this up and coming perfect world and who ought to return to the neediness of the Inland. Also, what better approach to settle on that decision than to get the entirety of Shell’s residents through a progression of tests that measure their psychological and physical strength? That certainly doesn’t sound suggestive of the tragic bad dream they left.

In the final episode of 3% Season Recap, it finally revealed that who tries to tangle with Uthopia. This was the turnaround point of this 3% Season 3 and necessity to mention before heading towards season 4. Rafael, also known by the name of Rodolfo Valente was the culprit. But Rafael wasn’t only the culprit, and he wasn’t able to do it all alone. 3% Season 3 Recap is going to unlock every bit of the suspense for you.

The only reason Rafael cut the supply and power lines to the haven because he was under the control of the newest and greatest head of the Process, Marcela (Laila Garin). When the number of inhabitants in the Shell found out about this entangled treachery, they betrayed the Division, the Offshore’s military.

This turning of the population against the Division is the Major turn point of this 3% Season 3 Recap.  For an easy understanding of our audience, we are going to cover some major points of season 3 of 3%. Here we go:

  • Didn’t focus on the Inland or the Offshore
  • More Focused on the Shell
  • Michele Created Uthopia
  • Shell Resurrected
  • Shell got new Leaders.
  • Reveals who tried to cut off the power supply of Uthopia
  • Rafael Found guilty Finally.
  • The population learns about the truth.
  • Citizens of the Shell determine their goal.

How did it start “What happened in season 1 and 2 of 3%?”

As we already know, the story started to pick up all the loose threads from season 2 and runs with them as Michele’s other paradise. The Shell runs into issues right off the bat because of a rogue dust storm. Given her failed endeavors at obstructing The Process with The Cause, Joana hesitantly joins the others in The Shell not long before misfortune strikes.

With assets decreasing, Michele settles on an intense decision to keep them all perishing from starvation. She authorizes a progression of preliminaries to trim down the occupants to a chosen few, in an offer to help reconstruct the foundation of the facility with the guarantee of coming back to typicality sooner rather than later. What follows is an intriguing and provocative arrangement of scenes, with a savage feeling of incongruity.  And joined to them as Michele does whatever it takes not to be contrasted with the Offshore and ending up doing an incredible inverse.

A portion of this show is the courtesy of an underlying proposal from Marcela at a convenient time. Promising Michele food and water in return for her venturing down and letting the Offshore rule The Shell. She unavoidably turns it down yet toward the middle of the season. The plot changes as the faint glimmers of rebellion make strains mount. The entirety of this works toward a last uncovers some stunning plot disclosures. And an open completion that leaves things fully open ahead.

While the standard cluster of exciting subplots and character issues keep on being a remarkable piece of the season. The characters all create fascinating and essential manners this year. The moving character dynamics all through the season is truly very much done as well. With Michele herself moving among saint and scalawag. In contrast, Marco, Maria, and the ever-alluring Joana all step unreservedly over that line among excellent and evil.

This ties in pleasantly with the story beats as well, which consistently peppered with flashbacks to the beginning of the Process. These moments purposely fortify Michele’s trouble time in control. And eventually serve to show that being a leader is no mean accomplishment.  To make The Shell a one of a kind and welcoming spot to live, the plunge into turning out to be Offshore 2.0 is a steady change. One that fills in as a cruel feeling of incongruity that heaven isn’t for everybody.

Here What You Need to Know About Season 4 of 3%?

As we have mentioned earlier in 3% season 3 recap that it was ended on a thrilling note. So let’s discuss what is going to happen in season 4 (Warning Major Spoilers Ahead).

3% Season 3 ended when citizens of Shall decided their goal of taking out the Offshore only wholly and once. They choose to destroy the Offshore Army using Electromagnetic pulse. They will be going to generate in Season 4 of 3%.

Now it’s clear that In Season 4 of 3%, we will get to see whether their attack succeeds. And what the Shell people have in their destiny, freedom, or not. Either they will manage to gain independence from Offshore Army, or they will fail. There’s a lot to watch in the final season of 3%. We have covered all three seasons of 3% in this 3% Season 3 Recap Article. If you find this article worth reading, share this article with your friends.


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