Features of a Good Golf App

A decent Golf app must have the following features:

Before we get into the top golf apps for iPhone, let's look at some of the aspects that should be included in a decent golf app.


A GPS app, like a handheld GPS device or range finder, should precisely determine your location on the course and show the distance to the front, back, and centre of the green. The programme should also detect any obstacles on your path to the hole.

Measurement and Tracking Feature: 

A decent golf app should give you the benefit of obtaining various statistics and facts such as distance measurement, swing comparison, automatic ball tracker, and so on. These characteristics are essential because they aid in the progression of the user's performance. If an app has all of these characteristics, it is undoubtedly one of the finest golf apps for iPhone.


An excellent golf app is easy to use and handy for the user. Because technology has made practically everything more convenient, an advanced and improved golf app should also be.


If a golf app is compatible with all iOS devices, it is undoubtedly the most OK golf app for iPhone; what is the point of having an app that works on one device but not on another? This feature allows users to avoid lugging their phones to the field and instead rely on the data provided by their Apple Watch.


You're already ahead when it comes to spending money on your game because you're paying for a smartphone app rather than new golf equipment, such as a dedicated rangefinder or GPS device. Monthly service fees, which include frequent updates, or in-app purchases for the most recent course maps, should be expected.

Additional Features: 

The most significant applications these days go beyond simply pinpointing golfers' locations. Top-tier apps can also monitor crucial statistics, track shot distance, and keep track of players' scores. If you're the golfer who would benefit from these extra features, be sure your app includes them.

Additional Features

List of the Top Golf Apps for the iPhone 

Golfshot is a Combination of a Golf GPS and a Caddie.

Golfshot comes first on our list of the top golf apps for iPhone because it combines genuine golf aspects with augmented reality features. This software has almost all functions, such as distance to the green and a scorecard. However, the most significant part of this software is the augmented reality capabilities, allowing users to plan all shots. This software is available on practically all Apple devices, a huge plus.

It allows the viewer to zoom in on satellite images, giving them a more detailed view of the course. This programme also includes tracking, scoring via your watch, and precise GPS distance. Aside from all of these fantastic features, this app analyses your stats and delivers things like a 3D flyover of every hole and a personalised club recommendation.

SwingU Golf GPS

Golf GPS SwingU is the second-best golf app for iPhone on our list. This software has a digital scorecard, an accurate GPS rangefinder that can be used on any course globally, and many more features, making it a popular app with 5 million regular users. This app's advantage is that it is entirely free and allows users to keep their rounds online for free, making it an ideal software for our list of the top golf apps for iPhone.

You can track the movement of the ball and your progress in the game by using analytics and graphs. You can use this app on other Apple devices and make multiple in-game purchases to acquire additional sophisticated features. This software also allows you to play handicapped, accustomed matches and games with all of these capabilities.

Golf GPS & Scorecard on a Golf Pad

Golf Pad is one of the most excellent iPhone golf apps for beginners. It is completely free and quite useful for beginners. It has scorecards for up to four players, a GPS-powered rangefinder, and an aerial map. course, shot tracking, club recommendations, and a slew of more features

This programme can find aerial maps, elevations, flyovers, and distances between any two spots with a single tap. It is available for 40,000 courses and can automatically keep track of your stats. The free version does not allow the option to function on your Apple Watch, but you can enable it at any time.

Dr Noel Rousseau's Golf Coach.

Golf Coach is ranked fourth on our list of the top golf apps for iPhone. This programme is incredibly user-friendly, making it one of the most acceptable alternatives for novices. Its stunning design and analysing feature make it one-of-a-kind and intriguing. This software offers 38 HD videos of a well-structured instruction programme and a swing analysis suite.

This programme also provides users with guidance for strokes from the rough, complete swing techniques, sloping lies, tee shots, extensive instructions for short skill games, etc. This is one of the most excellent iPhone golf apps for beginners looking to enhance their skills and gaming tactics.

It's not free; it'll set you back roughly $7.99.

Golf GPS Hole 19 with Range Finder

Golf GPS Hole19 + Range Finder is ranked sixth on our list. This tool is one of the better options for determining exact distances on up to 43,000 courses. It is unquestionably an excellent pick for a rangefinder on the Apple Watch.

It contains several features that allow you to track your own and your partner's scores and view performance graphs, driving, green, and overall scores. The shot tracking tool, which allows you to see how far you threw the last shot, is the app's best feature.

Golf GPS + Putt Line by GolfLogix

GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line is the final app on our list. Over several years, our app has been used by about 5 million people. This programme assists golfers in locating precise GPS distances, coloured 3D course maps, and a variety of other stats. GolfLogix is simple to use and has many great features, making it one of the finest golf apps for iPhone, but you'll have to put up with a lot of commercials in the free version.

This software has GPS distances to up to 35,000 courses, coloured 3D views of courses, a digital scorecard that can save scores for up to four players, stat tracking (that can be linked to the GolfLogix website), thorough video tutorials, and handicap assistance, to name a few things. If these features aren't enough for you, you can always upgrade to a better version and gain access to even more beautiful features.