1. Wondershare Filmora

Filmora can be considered one of the top GoPro editing software because of its unique features. The 'Keyframe' utility serves as a sound adjuster and removes background noise. You may also easily create complicated tales with up to 100 media layers here.

Isn't it cool?

Use the integrated tool to share your ready-made material on social media or with your friends.

Whether you're a beginner or an established user, add a professional touch to your produced films.

It's unlike anything else because of the creative filters and quick processing.

2. Editing Magix Pro Films

Another winner on the list is this GoPro editing programme, which includes 1500+ templates, motion tracking, and editing tracks. Anyone, from beginners to experts, can use this software to take their films to the next level. It also includes audio dubbing and the ability to burn the film on DVD or CD.

How cool?

The tool has advanced colour grading and sound optimization functions.

A GoPro editor requires a built-in collection of sound effects, title animation, and other creative playlists.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Are you a movie or television buff? This popular GoPro tool for PC edits photos and movies quickly and effortlessly interacts with the Creative Cloud cloud platform. It is also quite user-friendly and the interface can be picked up fast.

Isn't it cool?

A wide range of organisation tools for creating high-quality films.

Support an unlimited number of video tracks while maintaining a fast working performance.

Adobe Premiere Pro also integrates with other programmes like Adobe Stock, After Effects, and others.

4. fast

We won't suggest that making videos requires perfection, therefore Quik is a tool for making the imperfect perfect. You can use this to add images, time lapse to films, sync it with music, add gauges and graphs, and accomplish all of this with a very easy interface and at no additional expense. Immediately share them on YouTube or Facebook after they've been altered.

Isn't it cool?

This GoPro editor organises and imports files from a camera or SD card into one place.

Upload your films or photographs to the cloud automatically so you can access them from anywhere.

5. Da Vinci's Resolution

Something that isn't quite basic but not quite complex has a place in DaVinci Resolve. You can use a range of professional programmes that include multi-camera editing, lens distortion correction, and media management in addition to just adding filters, colours, and effects. At the conclusion of the day, I couldn't help but refer to it as GoPro's best editing programme.

Isn't it cool?

From anywhere, Quick Export can publish videos to YouTube and Vimeo.

Face recognition, image stabilisation, audio cleanup, and more features are offered.


VSDC is another basic yet effective GoPro editing software that can clip, merge, or edit your video files while simultaneously adding modified films. You may have this experience with the tool on your PC, as well as the multimedia tools and the excitement of editing.

Isn't it cool?

Non-linear editing system: editing does not require a precise image/video sequence, but it can be blended later.

Convert video files simply from one format to another.

To finish it off, add numerous filters, colour effects, blur, and other effects.

7. WeVideo

The true work of this GoPro editor named WeVideo is advanced features that result in stunning videos. If you're asking why you should do this, it's because there are no tools to download and everything can be done online! WeVideo's appealing features include an easy-to-use interface, creative control options, several video editing modes, and high-quality output.

What makes you so cool?

Provide motion titles and use them to add your own voiceover to your video.

Purchase plans include multitrack editing, enhanced text editing, a customised environment, and a media management.

8. Power Director 17 Ultra

Low on finances but yet want GoPro edited films to be perfect? Power Director fulfils your wish by allowing you to edit in a variety of media formats, including Ultra HD 4K and 360 degrees. Set your effects, transitions, animations, and music, then hit "Produce" to witness all of the amazing effects.

What makes you so cool?

True Theater corrects color and improves tones and colors for video display.

You can use the clever color matching tool to synchronize colors in a movie when merging multiple clips.

The tool's frame-by-frame motion tracking and precision editing tools set it apart.

9. Final Cut Pro X

This GoPro editing programs for Mac users is a superb solution for exceptional video performance, with features such as Magnetic Timeline (advanced metadata for quick editing), clip connections (attach sound effects or music), and Compound Clip organization.

What makes you so cool?

Multiple cameras can be used to edit videos, and the audio and video quality is synced.

Change the style of the titles and add transitions with beautiful effects.

Even for simple alterations, intuitive color wheels are present.

10. HitFilm Express

When HitFilm arrives on your PC, do something cool and unusual from the rest of the world. Because the UI is a little sophisticated, you may term it professional software. However, the video quality rivals that of a big-screen movie, and you can use cutting tools, audio filters, layers, masks, and 3D video capabilities.

What's the big deal?

Using a single piece of software, this GoPro app for PC may integrate several timeframes.

For video transitions, there are numerous animation tools available.

Color correction tools such as color scales and wheels are available.