What is the Onnit Alpha Brain?

It is a particular dietary supplement that contains the nootropic qualities which increase executive function and improve mental health for the betterment of memory, Improve Cognitive function and brain speed.

These contains the natural ingredients and is analyzed clinically to provide extensive brain health support.

Famous among the media industry like celebrities and entertainers, especially Joe Rogan, who are American podcaster, fighter champion, actor, and comedian these supplements give energy to being creative and productive.

It helps to regulate the production of alpha waves which increase creativity and decrease the level of anxiety and depression.

Onnit company launched this product back in 2011, this brand is a world-famous supplement brand

The Onnit nootropics” product is a complete source of all brain supplements that will reduce anxiety and improve the memory level and optimal health of the brain.it contains the 10 ingredients that are Keto-friendly, not even containing a low amount of caffeine and gluten. the alpha onnit instant ingredients names are




4-Oat straw extract


6-Huperzia Serrata




10-Cat’s claw

These ingredients provide the purest form of the products that are 100% secure and safe that make sure the highest bioavailability.

it is available in both pill and powdered form and the powder form is the best option. Most people don't like to eat or swallow the pill or tablet, then onnit introduce the powder form that dissolves in a cup of water and drink it very comfortably.

In the Alpha Brain review, explain the verification of ingredients, precautions, and comparison with other companies that assist you, in which one is the best product for you.

Alpha Brain Review

Evaluation of Ingredients;

Mainly products likely Alpha Brain consists of four-ingredient that are the following:

  • Onnit Flow Blend
  • Cat’s Claw
  • Focus Blend
  • Fuel Blend

1-Flow blend,650 mg:

The main purpose of the flow blend is to stimulate the Alpha wave that increases the focus of creativity and reduces anxiety.

The main part of Flow Blend:


It is a type of amino acid that is mostly found in brain supplements that decrease the anxiety level and remove the bad effect of caffeine.

It assists and guides the body to produce neurotransmitters that will help to connect and carry

 Chemical messages from one neuron to the other, where the message.


The brain makes new cells with the use of phospholipids that make the memory sharper and stronger, and also improve cognitive function.it is a form of fat that helps to connect the nerves to improve messaging services.

Oat straw extract:

It is used to help in the reduction of depression with the use of supplements. Many research and evidence about its effects after the use of these supplements, most people that are using supplements, reported feeling very relaxed and low the level of anxiety after the use.

2-Cat’s Claw 350 mg:

It is a dietary supplement that is extracted from the bark of plant root that is used in the herbalism in a large no of medicines and elements. according to the recent studies that are giving pieces of evidence about the nootropic qualities of Cat’s Claw. There is no strong study and research that show evidence of any single type of benefit.

Focus Blend,240 mg:

Focus blend contains the two-ingredient that are involved in focus and creativity. these two ingredients are:

  • Huperzia Serrata
  • Bacopa

Huperzia Serrata:

It is a plant that is known as firmoss and has acetylcholinesterase and this species is native of eastern Asia.

It is a dietary supplement that is used in the betterment of brain functionality and improves the activity of the day with the relaxing of brain nerves.

According to study, Huperzia is used in the disease of Alzheimer’s but does not have any strong evidence for many other diseases that are only implemented only by Alzheimer's patients.


It is a plant and herb that is used in traditional and ayurvedic medicines. these are used in the disease of epilepsy and memory enhancer.it also improves the brain quality like learning, thinking, creativity for daily life.


It is an amino acid that is present majority in the red wine as an anti-oxident.it promotes the protection of brain and nerve cells, also helps in healing skin and promotes cell growth.

Major studies that are showing the major potential role in weight loss and bone protection.

Pros and cons

  • Cheap in price
  • Good ingredient that gives healthy benefits
  • Caffeine free
  • 90-days money back guarantee
  • Not a third party tested
  • Have minor side effects including headache, insomnia