Balance of Nature: Benefits, Pros, Cons, and Much More

When people talk about the balance of nature inside the body, they refer to how nature maintains control of the human body, keeping it safe and healthy. However, lifestyle changes and poor dietary decisions often end up disturbing this balance, leading to further problems, such as diseases and poor metabolic rates.

Balance of Nature is among the dietary supplements that are aimed at correcting this balance and imparting gut-healthy effects to the body. The supplement seems to make sense, but we have to say that it is pretty expensive for its benefits.

If you want to learn more about Balance of Nature, keep reading this review, and by the end, you will have a clear mind on whether you want to purchase this supplement or not.

What is the Balance of Nature?

Balance of Nature is a gut health supplement made to improve and enhance the presence of healthy bacteria in the gut. It’s important to know that our bodies have trillions of bacteria forming the microbiome. Along with forming the natural landscape in the body, the microbiome also boosts our immune system and keeps us safe from many problems, such as weight gain and heart diseases.

Balance of Nature is the company that makes a product called Whole Health System but for the scope of this article, we will refer to the supplement as its manufacturer’s name, Balance of Nature.

The Whole Health System by Balance of Nature contains two components:

  • A fiber and spice powder drink
  • Fruits and vegetable supplements

Together, both of these components aid in improving your health and also ensure that you get the daily supply of healthy nutrients you are not getting through your good.

The fruit and veggies blend in Balance of Nature contains 16 whole fruits along with aloe vera. These fruits include mango, raspberries, grapes, oranges, pineapples, lemons, cranberries, bananas, tomatoes, blueberries, strawberries, papaya, monk fruit, sweet potato, wild blueberry, green cabbage, sweet cherry and grapefruit.

As you can see from this list, all these fruits are very healthy for your body, and you must eat them regularly. However, most of us do not eat fruits and vegetables regularly, which is why we become victims of severe health problems.

Along with fruits, the Balance of Nature supplement also contains veggies, such as coriander seeds, allspice, whole apples, fennel seeds, nutmeg, mustard seeds, green onion, cayenne pepper, whole foods. and turmeric.

What is the Balance of Nature

How Does the supplement Function?

The fiber and spice supplement from this supplement is made to control bowel movements and give nutrients directly to the gut. When all three items are consumed together, a “total health system” is created that assures adequate nutrition and maintains the digestive system’s maximum performance. The fruits and vegetables supplements are designed to provide the nutritional advantages of fresh produce in a tablet form.

Balance of Nature

Who Founded Balance of Nature supplements?

Dr. Douglas Howard is the inventor of the Balance of Nature vitamins. His mindset and studies are grounded on natural science, and all his products are made from natural ingredients.

Major phytonutrition researcher Dr. Howard routinely makes appearances on talk shows, podcasts, and other media. He continues to teach and do research all around the world.

With his wife Susan, Dr. Howard resides in St. George, Utah. They have 19 grandchildren, some of whom have earned the moniker “Phyto babies” due to their early consumption of Balance of Nature Fruits and Veggies. They have five children.


As we have already discussed above, the ingredients include vegetables and fruits. These ingredients have been added in a set concentration and amount to make the supplement.

If we discuss each ingredient of Balance of Nature in detail, this review will become too long. That is why we will be discussing the powder as a whole.

Balance of nature Ingredients

Fruit and Veggie Powder

There is no doubt that vegetables and fruits are healthy for the body, but how many of us are actually eating them regularly? Very few. The manufacturers of this supplement claim that the lack of fruit and vegetable powders is why people suffer from some preventable conditions.

Therefore, this blend of ingredients could help make people healthier and significantly improve their body’s condition.

For instance, one clinical trial showed that when people with cirrhosis took the triple dose of supplementation along with Balance of Nature for three months, they improved their condition.

However, this study has not been published in any reputed journal, so we cannot vouch for its credibility.

Psyllium Husk

Another ingredient is Psyllium Husk, a dietary fiber from the Plantago ovate plant and was also previously used in Ayurveda medicinal treatments.

In a 2017 review, it was found that this ingredient could help in the composition of healthy gut bacteria. Along with that, it also improves the symptoms of IBS and reduces diarrhea.


We all know turmeric is healthy for the body because it contains curcumin. However, most people do not know that this ingredient improves gut health and strengthens the barrier in the intestines. More importantly, it reduces inflammation in the body.

If you don’t know, you would be surprised to learn about the impact of inflammation on your cells and the rest of the body. If your system is inflamed at all times, that will keep the immune system alert for no reason, and it could cause plenty of diseases.

Does Science Support the Balance of Nature fruit and veggies?

The manufacturers claim their products may support good digestion, ideal health, and wellbeing by combining fibers, spices, and powdered fruits and vegetables.

It seems that this Balance of Nature fruits and vegetables can aid digestion since it enhances the health of gut flora and can even lessen symptoms related to irritable bowel syndrome, according to scientific research on the components in the spice and fiber combo.

Additionally, there is proof that fruit and vegetable powders benefit the body since they help lower inflammation and enhance the health of those with liver failure.

Why did it get made?

Dr. Howard developed this product to give individuals a natural approach to living a more well-balanced existence. This supplement includes fruit and vegetable extracts from different regions of the world.

According to studies, our typical diet lacks the balance that our bodies require for proper nourishment. The health system of the body may get disrupted as a result. A weakened immune system and subsequent issues may result from this.

There are several dietary supplements available on the market to meet these needs. The ingredients a product may contain are not always apparent from the nutrition label.

This is where the fruit and vegetable capsules from Balance of Nature clarify their purpose and substance.

It is a popular vegetable supplement that is free of artificial ingredients.

It satisfies the requirements for a health supplement like actual food and has no dangerous ingredients.

What does “whole health system” mean?

The foundation of Balance of Nature fruits and vegetables is the whole health system. The goal is to use the goodness of a triad of health to encourage the body’s natural defenses to activate and operate to its advantage.

This idea is not brand-new. The connection between mental and physical health has long been understood and accepted.

In reality, healing is considerably more effective when the mind is under control, and the patient has faith and positivism. Dr. Howard expands on this notion of the entire health system and contends that “personal accountability” is mainly responsible for how we feel.

He coined the phrase “Triad of Health” to describe the entire healthcare system.

What does whole health system mean

Physical Fitness

The physical component of anyone’s body is at the center of this. It deals with how a human body’s overall physical makeup functions. This refers to the advantages of healthy food, which also improves the physical aspect of the body.

In the broadest sense, this is what physical health entails, from the outward organs down to the most fundamental cell health. Physical health is the key to the whole health system.

Spiritual Fitness

It is well known that our bodies hear what our minds think. In other words, maintaining the best possible state of mental and spiritual health is crucial for total wellbeing.

Correcting our mental and emotional states can significantly improve our physical health. For this reason, it’s crucial to concentrate on maintaining mental health.

Numerous therapeutic approaches have focused on enhancing spiritual viewpoint, with tremendous success. A healthy diet is a key to spiritual fitness.

Chemical Wellness

In the end, the chemical processes taking place within human bodies determine how well they work. To maintain good health, it’s crucial to balance these substances. Only then can all body functions be efficient.

Is Balance of Nature Safe?

To answer this question, we would first have to look at the ingredients of this supplement. As you have seen the list above, you would know that all these ingredients are pretty safe since these are fruits and veggies that we usually eat in our day-to-day lives.

However, Balance of nature claims often misleads customers by writing the names of ingredients on supplement bottles that are not even present in the formula. So, we cannot be sure if these ingredients are present in the supplement.

Apart from that, the ingredient list seems relatively safe as it has no fruit or vegetable that could cause you any potential harm. Be aware, as there are some false claims on the internet.

Having said that, we would like to warn you that the following people should not use Balance of Nature:

  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Chronically ill individuals
  • People over the age of 70

If you still want to try this supplement, we suggest you talk to your doctor about it and let them decide if it will be safe for you to consume this formula, given your medical condition. The supplement is also gluten-free.

More importantly, you should not overdose on Balance of Nature since an excess of the supplement can be very harmful to your body. Remember that while you do not need plants and vegetables, you should not have too many of them since they can raise blood sugar levels.

Balance of Nature Pros and Cons

  • Balance of Nature has created a whole blend of fruits and veggies that you can consume daily if you do not have the time to take the natural ingredients in their most whole form.
  • The supplement does not have any concerning side effects.
  • The manufacturers claim that you can use this supplement daily to improve your gut health substantially over time.
  • Along with improving your gut health, the supplement includes nourishing ingredients like turmeric. These ingredients help in lowering inflammation and minimize your risk of disease.
  • The nutritional value is high.
  • First, the supplement is hard to find online since it is often out of stock on the company’s website. We found the ingredient list from their Amazon store since the ingredient information was unavailable on the website.
  • The manufacturers have discussed a study showing this supplement’s effectiveness. However, Balance of Nature has provided no information on who performed this study.
  • Balance of Nature supplement is quite expensive compared to other supplements of the same kind being sold today.

Signs Of An Unhealthy Gut

Some people wonder what is the sign that they need to start using a supplement like Balance of Nature that would improve their gut health. Sure enough, the first step would be to determine if you even need a supplement for your gut health.

Here are some signs that point towards unhealthiness in your gut.

Upset Stomach

Having an upset stomach every once in a while is not problematic or concerning as it affects your digestive health. But if you have constipation, bloating gas, and other problems for too long, your digestive system is not working correctly. Due to that, you are going through a condition we commonly call an upset stomach.

If your gut was healthy, your body would have an easier time digesting and absorbing the food.

Weight Changes

If you feel that you have not made any change to your diet or exercise, but you are still losing or gaining weight, that could be an indication of an underlying gut health problem. In that case, you will also have other problems in the body, such as:

  • Difficulty in regulating blood sugar
  • Problems in storing fat
  • The body’s inability to absorb nutrients

All these things can further contribute to various problems, and you should not let that happen to your body. That is why it is good to use Balance of Nature as early in your life as possible.

High-sugar Diet

Having a lot of sugar in your diet is not good for your gut or heart. All this sugar will lower the number of good bacteria in your gut, and you should never let that happen because, as a result, you will have cravings. Thus, this cycle becomes even more drastic as your gut only worsens with time.

Sleep Disturbances

An unhealthy gut could also be causing sleep disturbances. If you are constantly tired yet unable to sleep, it could be due to unhealthiness in your gut. Some of you might be wondering how that happens.

Here is the thing. The serotonin hormone, which your body produces to keep you happy and well, is produced in the gut – at least most of it is. So, hormone production is also hindered when your gut is not working properly. As a result, the body does not get its fair share of serotonin, and that is why you have sleep disturbances or are unable to fall asleep.

Autoimmune Conditions

If the problems in your gut become too severe, they can translate into autoimmune conditions. These refer to problems caused when your body’s immune system starts attacking the body cells.

Some studies have shown that the gut impacts the immune system. If the gut is unhealthy, the inflammatory markers will always be in action, overstimulating the immune system. As a result, the immune system will start attacking its own cells.

Therefore, as you can see, having a healthy gut is extremely important. Without it, you would be unhealthy not only concerning digestive conditions but also overall in the body. Balance of Nature is made to help people who suffer from unhealthy gut conditions.

Side Effects of Balance of Nature

While discussing this supplement, we also have to discuss its side effects because you should not take any formula that is harmful to your body. The manufacturers of Balance of Nature claim that the supplement is safe for the body for the following reasons:

  • No Artificial Sweeteners: These sweeteners are added to supplements and other ingestible items to give them a bearable taste. Some natural ingredients do not taste pleasant, and manufacturers add sweeteners to make them taste better. However, Balance of Nature does not use them since they can harm some people.
  • No Added Sugars: As discussed earlier, having too much sugar in your diet could make your gut unhealthy. Thus, it would not make sense for Balance of Nature to have sugar in it. That is why the manufacturers have not added sugars to the supplement.
  • No Fillers: For specific reasons, manufacturers add fillers to their supplements. However, Balance of Nature does not use fillers.

Also, the supplement is gluten-free, so people with a gluten allergy can also use it. The manufacturers are confident that this supplement will not have any side effects on the users.

But it is up to you to be safe. If you have any medical condition or you already take prescription meds every day, we would suggest you talk to your physician since they will be able to guide you better about the use of Balance of Nature according to your medical condition.

Does Balance of Nature Get Test?

Balance of Nature says that their supplement gets tested by a third-party testing lab for the presence of heavy metals, pesticides, nutritional content, and anaerobic bacteria. All these things are harmful and should not be present in supplements.

However, due to poor manufacturing practices and no control from the FDA, these things often find their way into supplements and harm people. That is why it is essential to check for their presence and ensure they are absent in anything people are going to ingest.

However, we have to tell you that we could not find the third-party lab from which Balance of Nature tested. Moreover, the company does not mention the lab’s name on its website either. So, we just have to take their word for it.

How Does Balance of Nature Compare to Alternatives?

Balance of Nature Compare to Alternatives

Balance of Nature does not make the only gut health supplement on the market. These food supplements have become quite popular as famous celebs and influencers have endorsed them in the past few years.

Compared to other such supplements in the market, Balance of Nature is more expensive as it is a vegetable concentrate supplementation. So, if you are not ready to spend a lot of money every month, we suggest you look for another option.

But regarding the number of ingredients, this dietary supplement takes the crown, which is probably why their supplement is pricier as it has all the vital nutrition.

Another difference between Balance of Nature and other supplements is the dosage. You only have to take one or two capsules in most other supplements. However, with Balance of Nature, you need to take three capsules to get the daily recommended amount of this formula.

So, if you want to compare Balance of Nature with other supplement manufacturers, you can consider these factors and then decide.

Bottom Line: Is Balance of Nature Worth?

Balance of Nature has quickly become one company that takes the limelight after introducing a revolutionary product. So, if you want to try the supplements, go ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Balance of Nature cost?

The cost of the Balance of Nature supplement depends on the number of bottles you buy. Since the supplement is divided into two parts, you must get both to see the best results. The Fiber and Spice powder costs 466.95 for a bottle, while the Fruits and Veggies bottle is $89.95. The total comes to $159.95 for a month, which is relatively high. But once you become a Preferred Customer on the Balance of Nature website, you can get $20 off your purchase. You can only return the supplement within 30- days of purchase in your first month of Preferred customership. Purchase balance of nature from the official website only.

How to Use this supplement?

You have to take 3 capsules from both bottles. So, as a total, you are taking 6 capsules of both bottles of Balance of Nature supplements. You can take the capsules with water. As for the Fiber and Spice powder, you must mix 2 scoops of it in water and drink it.

How soon does Balance of Nature work?

You will notice the effects of Balance of Nature supplements soon after using them. Most people saw results in under a month.

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