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Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

What are Flat Feet?

Let’s make it simple; the flat foot is a condition where someone has no arch or tiny arch in his/her feet. You might have seen a pronounced arch in a human foot that raises almost parallel to the ground. It serves an essential function in the entire human body to distribute body weight across one’s feet and legs.

To survive the ever-changing environments we traverse, our foot arches must have to be flexible. Because while hiking, mountains, running, or playing basketball, our feet need the right kind of support. It prevents the stress on the rest of the leg and makes us able to be in shape all the time.

Those distressed with flat feet don’t have this natural “springy” work. Subsequently, their feet customarily move to the inner side or point outward whether they are strolling, running, or standing. This results in torment in the feet because the remainder of the leg experiences irregular stressing in muscles and tendons that would ordinarily be diminished by a foot curve.

How do Flat-Feet Basketball Shoes Help?

Shoes with arch support are made to help deal with flat feet condition to elevate stress caused by flat feet. Most of the major brands work in this particular department to give flat-foot people such as shoes that can be utilized to do sports like basketball.

This is particularly valid for the ball business. This difficulty would cost players and groups cash if the injury happened to a portion of their headliners who experience flat-footedness’s ill effects. A great deal of time, though, and money has been placed into the ergonomic plans that different b-ball shoemakers have multiplied lately all given fallen curves!

We proceed onward to our rundown of the most awesome b-ball shoes because nobody needs to be gotten flat-footed!

In today’s Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet, we will be looking into technical aspects of basketball shoes for flat feet. Our discussion will be around the upper and outsole, midsole, comfort, durability, and pros and cons of the Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet. By the end of this article, we are pretty much sure that you will find the best pair of basketball shoes if you are suffering from flat feet. So let’s start reviewing Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet without further ado.


Nike Air Force 1 High '07

1. Nike Air Force 1 High ’07

Nike is the leader and staple in the basketball shoe industry for years. Its unmistakable and reversed design in tandem makes it one of the best shoe manufacturers in the world. If you are looking for the best class basketball shoes for flat feet, their Air Force 1s series a must-have.

Nike Air Force 1 High ’07 is designed to provide the best possible support to flat feet, and it’s done by its quality soft cushioning. Due to its firm high-top design, it keeps your entire foot steady on the basketball court’s hardwood.

Nike Air Force 1 High ’07 is in the market for so many years, and one can pick several colors. These shoes are not only basketball shoes but also become a kind of fashion sensation.

With this stated, these shoes do accompany a couple of downsides. Notwithstanding being extraordinary, particularly for flat-feet, they are big and massive shoes. You certainly feel planted on the ground, and that isn’t an inclination everybody appreciates. Besides, they are a cozy fit and keeping in mind that it is conceivable to place insoles in them can get very confined. At long last, these shoes are inclined to wrinkle, particularly after a great deal of recess.

Pros of Nike Air Force 1 High ’07

  • Iconic and long-lasting design.
  • Top-notch quality and well-cushioned.
  • High-top ankle design for Stability and Support.
  • You can use them on and off the basketball court.

Cons of Nike Air Force 1 High ’07

  • Heavy Feeling and Bulky
  • Easily Creases

2. Nike Air Jordan 1 Basketball Shoe

Nike Air Jordan 1 Basketball Shoe

Like the Nike Air Force One, the Air Jordan One b-ball shoes have a high lower leg uphold and an easygoing cowhide finish, yet this shoe is lighter in correlation. From a corrective viewpoint, the most significant contrast between the Air Jordan One tennis shoe and the Nike AF1 is the absence of a lower leg tie, and the Air Jordan wings stepped outwardly of the lower leg.

The Nike AJ1 is made of nubuck and full-grain calfskin that will offer a sturdy shoe with a breathable fit, keeping you light and cool on the ball court. This cowhide will have the option to adjust to the state of your foot, regardless of how flat it is.

The Air Jordan One shoes would do incredible for somebody with flat feet generally on account of the straight bottom that contains delicate padding. Notwithstanding solace and looks, this shoe is sensibly estimated for a flat-foot inviting ball shoe.

Pros of Nike Air Jordan 1 Basketball Shoe

  • Lightweight
  • High Ankle Fit for Stability and Support
  • Runs Wide and Supportive

Cons of Nike Air Jordan 1 Basketball Shoe

  • Not Easy to Breakin
  • Traction is Poor
  • A bit overpriced

3. Jordan Nike Air XXXIII Basketball Shoes

Jordan Nike Air XXXIII Basketball Shoes

If you are looking for eye-catchy basketball shoes for flat feet, Jordan Nike Air XXXIII Basketball Shoes is the right choice for you. Made of tough mesh and rubber sole, these high top basketball sneakers keep your feet comfortable playing basketball.

MamaFacts has good news for you after searching its overall length and supportiveness. People who already used these shoes endorsed them for good arch design and higher step. We have enlisted Jordan Nike Air XXXIII Basketball Shoes in our Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet for this particular reason.

Without any doubt, Air Jordon is one of the most trusted basketball shoes making brands in the world. Delivered by Nike, it is fantastic to perceive any of their shoes neglecting to oblige actual fundamental issues, for example, flat feet.

Pros of Jordan Nike Air XXXIII Basketball Shoes

  • Support Flat Feet because of its rubber sole.
  • You can wear this casually.
  • Good for Playing Basketball.
  • The high top design offers on-court stability and ankle support.

Cons of Jordan Nike Air XXXIII Basketball Shoes

  • The design is a bit on the narrow side.
  • The size option might be a bit small for large feet people.

4. Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Fury Basketball

Nike Men's Kobe Mamba Fury Basketball

Kobe Bryant may not be in the National Basketball Association, yet his inheritance keeps flourishing with these low profile tennis shoes. While he is no longer with us, we recall his legacy and keep on being propelled by his on and off-court manner and mentality, just as his heavenly abilities and ordinary skill.

The Mamba Fury is an everyday Kobe shoe that is stripped down and quick. We’ve had incredible outcomes in the past with Nike Kobe shoes offering great help for fallen curves, so we have no motivation to anticipate in any case from this shoe.

Its position of safety responsiveness and firm footing are signs of Kobe’s shoes. The low profile collar permits players the opportunity to cut hard while looking after speed. Prepared Responsiveness, Nike Zoom Air padding under your foot’s wad conveys an eruption of responsive energy produced by your power.

Secure, Stable Fit The bands feed through webbing circles to enable the shoe to fit safely and keep you stable over the padded sole. Lightweight Agility Low-top plan is smooth and light, offering help without relinquishing deftness. A Kobe sheath logo is highlighted on the tongue, back of the heel, and outsole.

A snakeskin-motivated foothold design helps keep you in charge.

Pros of Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Fury Basketball Shoes

  • Responsive and very lightweight.
  • Easily absorb shocks because of its soft cushioning.
  • Compliments agility due to grooves on the foam.

Cons of Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Fury Basketball Shoes

  • Not suitable for ankle support.
  • A bit overpriced.
  • Runs small.

5. Nike Zoom KD 12

Nike Zoom KD 12

One may see immediately that these Kevin Durant b-ball shoes have a dreadfully long tongue connected to the shoe. Luckily, there is significantly more to this shoe. Specifically, this shoe is useful for individuals with flat feet due to the underside’s plan; straight and flat.

Nike Zoom KD 12 comes equipped with a rubber sole that Nike used for responsive cushioning. As a result, Nike Zoom KD 12 will keep your flat feet comfortable while playing basketball.

The best thing about Nike Zoom KD 12 is their mid-foot cage. This cage is specially designed to support the middle of the foot where the arch exists. So if you are looking for a basketball shoe pair, Nike Zoom KD 12 is worth looking at.

Moreover, Nike Zoom KD 12 is extremely lightweight and can quickly adopt your feet’ shape without feeling compacted. The main disadvantage of measuring is that the connected tongue makes it harder to put the shoe on your foot. The opening isn’t large enough for everybody to effectively get their foot through, so this should be an interesting point when taking a gander at the KD 12s.

Pros of Nike Zoom KD 12

  • Made and designed with durable Flyknit Material.
  • Responsive Cushioning.
  • Comes Equipped with a Mid-foot cage.
  • Snug fit and very comfortable to wear on the Basketball court’s hardwood.

Cons of Nike Zoom KD 12

  • Ankle Support isn’t that great.
  • Foot opening is on a narrow side.
  • Take a bit more time to break-in.

6. AND1 Men’s Rocket 3.0 Basketball Shoes

AND1 Men's Rocket 3.0 Basketball Shoes

For everyone killed by low-tops or significant expense, this ball shoe is for you. The AND1 Men’s Rocket Shoes are higher-topped for lower legs, and they brag an unimaginable value point at ~$35. You would hope to discover just the most essential exercise shoes in the leeway segment at that cost. The AND1 Men try to break that generalization – they are a charming and challenging pair of kicks.

A portion of the more cleaned and exciting qualities and tech underneath any semblance of Nike or UnderArmor is absent here. However, their solace and dependability at this cost can’t be beaten. These shoes have a cushioned insole and a work coating that expands comfort and breathability for your flat-feet, remembering a great deal of elbow room for stretchiness and enough space for a particular footpad shape.

On the other hand, to the past pair, these shoes have a high top plan that bolsters your lower leg genuinely well and furnishes the steadiness of those with sore lower legs needed on the b-ball court. The individuals who search for that additional solace and anchor for their feet at a moderate rate ought to truly consider AND1 Men’s Rocket 3.0. They are maybe the best b-ball shoes for flat feet with regards to cost and moderateness.

The main genuine drawback to these shoes is most likely the way that they won’t be as stable as the other more costly shoes on this rundown – which is guaranteed. To be somewhat critical, they honestly just come operating at a profit Black/Red plan, and for those of you who need to have a digit of additional energy doing your lay-ups, the AND1’s won’t stick out.

Pros of AND1 Men’s Rocket 3.0 Basketball Shoes

  • Provides Great Value for Money.
  • Good Ankle Support.
  • Good Enough Breathability.
  • Enough space for flat feet orthopedic inserts.

Cons of AND1 Men’s Rocket 3.0 Basketball Shoes

  • Not much durable.
  • Bulky and heavy.
  • Comes in limited color options.

7. Adidas D.O.N Issue 1

Adidas D.O.N Issue 1

Seventh on our list is these Adidas D.O.N Issue 1 bulky bad boys. The distinct color scheme and herringbone pattern make Adidas D.O.N Issue 1 very special. The best part of these flat-feet basketball shoes is their midsole shape and overall sculpting design to make your flat-feet even better.

Now let’s come to the base of Adidas D.O.N Issue 1. It is made out of synthetic leather and relatively flat and wide, making it perfect for flat-feet. Also, the design cage of Adidas D.O.N Issue 1 keeps your feet in place.

The design of these shoes is fantastic – they are consistent with size, suited perfectly, and by and large, give a tight encounter to wearers. Sadly, the footing on these shoes appeared to be an all in or all out. There were minutes where it had a very decent grasp on the court, and on different occasions, it just wanted to wear skates on ice.

To the extent colors go, you can’t turn out badly with the famous red/blue split, yet others are going from Black/Pink to Purple/Ice Blue; the determination isn’t tremendous; however, it compensates for it with unmistakable and energizing mixes.

Pros of Adidas D.O.N Issue 1

  • Amazing Support.
  • Fits like a glove because of its proper size.
  • Roomy enough for inserts.
  • A perfect and unique combination of designs.

Cons of Adidas D.O.N Issue 1

  • Traction is a bit On and Off.
  • Not much variety in color options

8. Nike Men’s Zoom Evidence

Nike Men's Zoom Evidence

This is a straightforward, no-bullshit design that can see use in ordinary settings just as during serious play as evident ball shoes. Execution wise, its padded sole is Phylon, giving it a deliberate and stable feel, and the Zoom Air unit provides pad from impacts and unexpected dashing developments over the court – the absolute best attributes for flat-footed purchasers.

The tones incorporate White/Black/White, Silver/Polar Blue, actual group colors like Black/Bright Crimson/White, so there is a broad assortment, however for the most part moored around Black or White.

This shoe is a high-top without the mass. It furnishes a lightweight involvement in a cumbersome looking tasteful, so for flat-footed peeps into the look without the vibe, this is the best pseudo-massive ball shoe. It likewise runs consistent with size.

Concerning potential cons, it would be prescribed for those with genuine flat-foot issues to utilize your additions that take into account curve backing and padding for additional solace. There is also the issue where towards the top, it limits, which can be a wellspring of inconvenience or disturbance for some foot types, which likewise should be remembered.

Pros of Nike Men’s Zoom Evidence

  • Lightweight with a bulky design.
  • Great range of colors to choose from.
  • Phylon midsole.
  • Fits like gloves.

Cons of Nike Men’s Zoom Evidence

  • Requires Additional insert for Flat-feet.
  • Causes irritation because of the narrow design.

9. Nike Kobe Mamba Rage

Nike Kobe Mamba Rage

Gracious, look! Another Nike shoe on the rundown. At the midpoint of the end is the Kobe Mamba Rage – outstanding amongst other toughness shoes on this rundown and the absolute generally agreeable for flat-feet. They include an inherent underside advancing a curve at the halfway of the foot – supportive for those with flat feet. Yet, for the individuals who have custom soles or discover these to be too extreme after a long meeting of b-ball, they can be taken out for better solace or adaptability.

The Mamba Rage includes Nike’s Flyweave tech, making them breathable and strong for long-term use – ideal for flat-footed colleagues that need some free space and a cooling sensation during those exceptional matches. This is additionally a portion of Kobe’s thrifty line of b-ball shoes – coming in at around $80, and for extraordinary brand-quality footwear, that is a take. These shoes are intended to be a cozy fit and ensure the foot’s curve territory for light-on-your-feet feeling and high-speed development.

A portion of the downsides incorporates that the sole with noticeable curves can be aggravating to individual purchasers, notwithstanding having the option to be taken out and custom orthotics being upheld. Likewise, the shoes run smaller and somewhat more modest than standard Kobe line models, so it is prescribed to go a large portion of a size bigger to illuminate this issue. These are the best ball shoes for flat-feet with regards to cost and adaptability.

Pros of Nike Kobe Mamba Rage

  • Affordable Price and Sleek Design
  • Durable and Highly Made
  • For added comfort, it comes with removable insoles.

10. Adidas Dame 5

Adidas Dame 5

Our next pair of basketball shoes may very well have the absolute most attractive shading design so far – alongside probably the best solace at this value point. The Dame 5’s have a more extensive toe box, supportive for custom insoles, a cushioned unit framework, and an adjustable Bounce padded sole pad for the individuals who needn’t bother with extra insoles, and the lower leg configuration is intended to keep the shoe serenely set up.

Their shadings are a wide reach from Black/Active-Gold/Shock Pink to even Seafoam Blue/Turquoise. Adidas Dame 5 likewise sports a herringbone example to keep up a tacky grasp on the ball court.

While its agreeableness and incredible shadings and designs are practically unparalleled at this cost, for those of you who need an athletic shoe, this probably won’t be for you – the lower leg upholds still genuinely pliable/stretchy contrasted with other shoe plans. The padding can be somewhat soft on occasion.

Likewise, when thinking about buying this, it should be noticed that they run large, and it is prescribed to buy them at a ½ size down contrasted with your regular Nike shoes. No matter what, the Adidas Dame 5 is a genuine competitor for the best ball shoes for flat feet, significantly as far as style, comfort, and moderate valuing. That’s why we enlisted this pair of shoes in our Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet list.

Pros of Adidas Dame 5

  • Amazing Value for Money
  • Very Comfortable Cushioning
  • Comes with Unique and versatile color schemes

Cons of Adidas Dame 5

  • The midsole is a bit soft and mushy.
  • Runs half a size larger than your regular shoes

Quick Tips To Purchasing The Right Basketball Shoe For You

There are many different types of basketball shoes. This is due to the many kinds of basketball players out there. Some are small, skillful, and fast, while others are tall and strong. These different types require diverse characteristics, so every individual player. This article will break down the types of players and give you an insight into what kinds of shoes you might need.

Power Player

The first type of player to be mentioned is the power player. This type of player depends on his strength and, most commonly, height to get the advantage during the game. Since he’s going to be using more power movement, the shoes will get worn down quicker. This means that he should be looking for shoes with excellent shock absorption, durability, and cushioning. These factors will help to keep your shoes in a good position and will give you the advantage. However, you will usually have to sacrifice weight and look at the higher end of the weight range to choose the ones that are right for you.

All-Around Player

The all-around player will utilize all areas of the court and be good at many different things. This type of player should be looking at basketball shoes with moderate ankle support and stability. These two factors will keep your feet safe from any position you may find yourself in. Regarding the weight, you should be choosing basketball shoes that hit the middle ground (around 15 ounces) so that you can take advantage of any situation when it arises.

Fast Player

A fast player takes advantage of his skills and pace to get past players and help the teams’ effort to win the game. These types of players require basketball shoes that are light in weight, flexible, and stable. Some fast players might benefit from a low-cut design, such as the Nike Vandal Low. However, the main problem with this is that they aren’t as protected as other on the court but get a massive speed advantage.

If you can distinguish what type of player you are, then you’re one step ahead of the crowd and well on your way to finding a basketball shoe that will suit you. If you don’t think you fit into any one of these categories, it would be advised to go middle ground and pick a basketball shoe that does well in many things but doesn’t just focus on one characteristic. That way you’ll get a basketball shoe that can benefit you in many areas and leave you with no risks.

What Would Be The Perfect Basketball Shoes For You?

In any basketball shoe, there are different traits and features associated with it. Some things protect your ankles, some things make you run faster, and some items can even make you jump higher. Knowing what you want from a basketball shoe is the first step; other steps are just as necessary, which you should know.

Firstly, all basketball trainers have traits that make them better in certain areas and for specific things. These things will be discussed in this article and tell you exactly what they do.


Stability is a part of a basketball that can be overlooked as it’s not visible from just looking at the shoe. Reviews will uncover whether a basketball shoe has good stability or lousy stability. Resilience is something that helps you stay balanced and help you land properly after jumps.


Durability is also known as protection as it’s usually down to the rubber outsole to provide it. Strong durability on your sneaker means that it’ll last a long time when its used and provide essential areas of your feet with vital protection. In general, High Top shoes have the most protection due to the extra materials.


Flexibility is essential when your feet need to transition from positions such as from standing to jumping. It can stop injuries by ensuring that your feet can bend adequately when the time comes. You can test flexibility on a basketball shoe by turning it when it’s not being worn.


Having a basketball shoe that’s light in weight can give you a significant advantage on the court. It means that you will have the extra edge in getting past your opponents, and in competitive sports, every little helps. The only downside to having light basketball sneakers is that they usually have the least protection.

Shock Absorption

Shock absorption is there and for an excellent reason. When the foot hits the floor, the heel, as a significant part, gets vibrations from the ground, which also known as shock. This shock can be quite painful and wear the feet and heel out over time. Thankfully most basketball shoes have high shock absorption to ensure as little wear on the feet as possible. You can sometimes tell if its Air unit gets its absorption on the outsole or even from a large rubber base with circular pads. They all have their different styles!

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