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Hey, What’s up fam, if you are tired of Discord’s dropping connections and voice distortions, then this article is a worthy read. We are going to cover some of the best Discord alternatives in today’s article. So if you are looking for the best Discord Alternatives, this article is a great place to start with.

As of today, we will not only discuss this topic in detail but also will suggest the best alternatives for popular gaming social media applications. So hang tight and read this article till the end to get what you are looking for.

Best Discord Alternatives

What is Discord?

Before we start digging into the best Discord alternatives, the first things first.

Discord is a newly excited and top-rated application used by gamers to co-ordinate with their other team members for conversation purposes.

Social Media for Gamers is a right fit analogy for this application and choice of many gamers to talk over the internet while playing games or doing streamings.

Why do you need to look for Discord Alternatives?

While Discord is getting popular by leaps and bounds, but they’re still some bugs and minor things that may turn off many users. In today’s world, everyone prefers to have an end to end encryption. But unlucky for Discord users, there is no end to end encryption for Discord users which is quite a big thing for popular gamers and an open gateway for hackers or privacy thieves.

Discord developers pushed a beta version of end-to-end encryption, but still, it is quite bland. And that’s the main reason why people are opting or searching for new and the best Discord alternatives.

List of Best Discord Alternatives

So, people who prefer privacy over everything will now be enlisting the effective best alternatives to Discord. So hang as this will be a fantastic ride to go through one of the best applications that everyone can use for gaming conversations and day-to-day talks.

1. OverTone

Without any doubt, OverTone’s target audience is purely that of gamers. The Discord design directly inspires this app, and you can even guess it from the first glance. From voice to text options along with group creations, this app has everything.

The best reason to use OverTone over Discord is its seamless experience over web browsers as well. And for the people who are not willing to pay a penny for the conversation app, OverTone is free. So what do you need more to your gaming experience?

2. Telegram

Telegram captured the market like a fire in recent times, and even many are preferring it over the messaging conversation giant WhatsApp.

What people love about Telegram is the ability to see messages from its inception after you signup for it. This makes the experience more wholesome and a great reason to mention Telegram in our list of the best Discord alternatives.

Gamers are using this app for its flexibility, and honestly, that’s not even a surprise because Telegram is one of the most flexible messaging apps that one can download right now.

In a recent update, video calling features has been added to the application. And to use these features to its full potential, bots are helping people make things easier.

3. Skype

Honestly, who has not heard of Skype? It is not wrong to say that skype is the father of online connectivity applications. Skype is the first step to be reckoned with even today.

The key pillars on which Skype is standing are Simplicity and familiarity. That’s the reason most gamers still prefer to use Skype over Discord.

The best part about Skype is that it works almost on every single operating system. It is easily accessible to all users and free to use.

4. Tox

On the off chance that whatever causes the web’s solaces to appear to be little or awful today, it is the security and information hazard that it carries close by with it.

Tox is one answer for the equivalent. This application is suggested fundamentally for security and information insurance, which is the most extreme primary plan. All fundamental talk alternatives will be there also, and its straightforward UI will assist you with getting settled before long. You can likewise impart your screen to your colleagues and can unwind.

The entirety of this makes Tox as outstanding amongst other Discord alternatives out there, and one we unquestionably prescribe to give a shot once and see with your own eyes.

5. Slack

Slack is simply a more professional version of Discord if we describe Slack in one line. The application is designed to keep track of working hours at the office rather than leisure activities. But still, gamers can use it as per their preference.

Although Slack is a paid and premium application, you can still use and install its free version. But make sure to see if the free version of Slack is living up to your expectations or not. You can upgrade your package over Slack whenever you want.

6. Mumble

The name of this application truly goes for its functionality. Mumble is mainly used as a voice texting or audio texting app. You can use this app to communicate with your teammates while playing games without any lags.

The best part about Mumble is your conversations will be protected by end-to-end encryption, which is the main drawback in Discord.

Mumble is widely available for almost every operating system, making us enlist this app in the best Discord alternatives list.

7. Element

Element is the number 7 suggestion (the list isn’t positioned by request), which we make all things considered.

It offers both voice messages or text messaging just as sound calling. That, yet it likewise offers to start to finish encryption for the individuals in question. Video calling should be possible, and document sharing alternatives can also help as all things considered, the connection of fluctuated sorts is the principle USP of applications like these.

The application has a free form, while it’s Proform can be utilized after paying 2 dollars every month.

8. Microsoft Team

Microsoft Team is also one of the integral products of its products suit. It is nothing less than a gem from Microsoft Team. It is one of the best Discord alternatives, without any doubt for gamers and non-gamers.

Like many other applications on this list, MS Team also offers basic chat options, including video calling. The main USP of this application is its file-sharing mechanism, which allows a massive limit of around 100.00 GB file sharing.

It is also readily available across a wide range of operating systems and can be very handy. If you are looking for a 3rd party integration of the app, this is a very in-demand feature of Microsoft Team.

9. Team Speak

Ok, the archetype of Discord for gamers!! Team Speak and in-game chatting went inseparably before Discord picked up unmistakable quality or went standard. It additionally underpins voice messages, and it has rolled out numerous improvements to its interface to keep itself significant and refreshed to present-day times and needs.

Furthermore, accordingly, Team Speak can likewise be treated among the best Discord options out there, and we prescribe you to attempt it once for yourself.

10. Steam Chat

Last but not least in our list is Steam Chat itself. Many PC gamers use steam to buy games by client Valve and then play them on their gaming devices once the installation is completed.

While Discord and its other alternatives may seem attractive to you, but the Steam Chat has its popularity. It can be a perfect way of communication for gamers other than family and friends.

Steam chat is free, and it also does not charge you for browser support. So while finding the best Discord alternatives, give Steam Chat a try. We are pretty much sure that you won’t disappoint.


In the end, MamaFacts like to conclude the list of best Discord alternatives by mentioning that Discord will remain the top application for the gaming community. You can try as many apps as you want, but for gaming, Discord is still the choice of hundreds and thousands of gamers. I hope you find this “Best Discord Alternatives a worth reading. Don’t forget to share it with your family and friends so they can also utilize the best apps to communicate with you and their loved ones.

We will catch you up in the next article with some great topics. Do let us know about your favorite topics in the comments section below. We are eager to hear from you, and your feedback is really valuable for us.

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