Eight Best Google Keep Alternatives

1. OneNote

Being a Microsoft product, OneNote is a true alternative to Google Keep. This fantastic electronic notebook keeps not only your notes but also memos and other data. The best thing about OneNote is that it can be accessed via the web. The different colours of the folders indicate the different purposes of storing data in an organised manner.

Moreover, OneNote is usable with multiple accounts, and you can access one account from different devices to make multitasking more viable. You can also find a sticker note section, a search bar and a notebook section on the bottom of the screen. Unlike Google Keep, OneNote allows you to change the theme to dark and light, or you can switch it to the system default.

To draw or highlight any text, you also get different pens and features in OneNote. You can link or attach images, video, audio and files PD or doc using your OneNote.

Furthermore, OneNote also allows you to switch files between folders. The only downside of OneNote is that it does not store deleted files. Other than this, OneNote is one of the best Google Keep Alternatives that you can use right now.

2. Evernote

If you are looking for a Google Keep Alternative that can sync all your devices and costs nothing, then you should give it a try to Evernote.

You can keep all the tasks in order, like memos and notebooks using Evernote's to-do list.

Moreover, Evernote comes equipped with many formatting options such as audio, web clipping, photos, text, sketches and many more. The search function of Evernote allows you to navigate through multiple options without any hassle. The best thing about Evernote is its functionality to clip articles and webpages on the screen.

Using your smartphone's camera, you can also scan various documents with Evernote for easy keeping. It also allows you to share the documents through WhatsApp and others.

If you upgrade Evernote to its premium version, it provides you with 10 GB of storage every month and access to unlimited devices.

3. ColorNote

Many people don't like the black and white colours of most of the Notebook apps. If you want the colours in Notebook apps, you should give it a try to ColorNote.

Like the name, ColorNote provides you with the freedom to organise your notes in a range of colours. That's why we enlisted ColorNote in our best Google Keep alternatives list.

Moreover, ColorNote allows you to set the notes in the card, gird and list view. It also allows you to customise the default screen and font size other than tags and few system folders.

ColorNote also comes equipped with some great features like reminders, checklists and a calendar. You can manage many tasks at your fingertips using its schedule feature.

The best functionality of ColorNote is its Trash Bin. If you accidentally delete something, it will keep a copy of that file in the trash bin so you can quickly recover it whenever, wherever you want.

4. Simplenote

The next application in our best Google Keep alternatives list is Simplenote. Simplenote is amazing because of its simple to use nature. You can use Simplenote on multiple platforms.

Simplenote is a good application, solidifying simply significant features that consolidate staying, history of changes, and marks. Here, you can sort demands or inclines to see the notes.

Further, you can endeavour different subjects and can augment or reducing the content measurement. You can even recover deleted records from the garbage portion, which is a mind-boggling component. Regardless, it doesn't maintain proper organising, neither does it let you join pictures, sound, video, or any report.

Regardless, it is free and direct; you can also use it if you like to keep things fundamental.

5. Idea Note

Do you want a Notebook app that can work on your voice? If yes, you have landed in the right place. Idea Note is different from every other app when it comes to main functionality. Thanks to its voice feature, it allows you to create or write notes by using your voice.

Moreover, Idea Note comes equipped with features like pinning, history, archive and locking of notes alongside reminders. You can also access floating notes on Idea Note.

The only downside of Idea Note is that it's not available on iOS devices as of now. But you still can access Idea Note on Windows or Mac OS. you can download Idea Note for free, and members in the meantime can use it up.

If you want to upgrade the accessibility of Idea Note, you will need to invest in its premium package to increase the capacity of users. Other features of Idea Note include reminders, export as PDF, version history and multiple files to notes.

6. WeNote

It isn't wrong to say that WeNote is almost a clone of Google Keep but with a different User Interface. Like Google Keep, you can use WeNote for attaching images, audio, recordings. You can also draw using different pens of WeNote, just like Google Keep. That's why we enlisted WeNote in our best Google Keep alternatives list.

Unlike Google Keep, WeNote provides you with the functionality to get labels on the home screen. This standalone feature of WeNote makes it easy to use and more feasible than Google Keep. You can colour-code the tags or tabs of different notes for a better understanding of yours.

Moreover, WeNote comes equipped with a to of flexibility. It gives you the option of sort order, modifies font size, views in different modes and the option attaching additional images.

Additionally, you can pin any note on the top of the screen while using WeNote. It comes equipped with features like PIN Code, archiving important notes, access a checklist and syncing with Google Drive.

7. Notebook

Notebook acknowledges that notes for different purposes should be managed in an unforeseen manner. That is the explanation it presents to you different designs for different notes.

Here you will get a book card with which you can compose, summarise, sketch and snap tasks you typically miss. You can make a plan with this application and stay quiet. It also incorporates sound notes. Accordingly, you can record sounds, social occasions, and talks.

Diary by Zoho organisation permits you to look at docs, save pictures, add pdfs, word files, and rule sheets as a record. This application has both free and paid interpretations and is available on iOS and Android gadgets.

8. Standard Notes

Standard Notes go with the standard component of beginning to end encryption. It is open for iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux and has a web structure too.

Furthermore, this application features 'Autosave', which helps you with bundling you disregard to save your notes inadvertently. Also, it maintains marks, reports, pining, and alerts you if you leave behind updates and plans.

Note that if you can't reset the mysterious word once made or lost/neglect to recall the mysterious expression, be ready to neglect to recollect the notes too. It would help if you started again.