What is a PSP Emulator, and why do you need it?

PSP or Play Station Portable is a handled gaming console introduced by Sony. It's not as popular as before. Even in the past, PSP was a direct competition of the Nintendo Consoles.

The last PSP came back in 2014, and Sony officially stopped it. But now Sony has confirmed that they are going to relaunch it under the banner of PlayStation Vita. Because of the latest innovations in the mobile industry, people now prefer to play games on their mobiles rather than carrying a gaming console everywhere. But still, few people want to play older PSP games on their smartphones.

For such people, we have brought this article on Best PSP Emulators For Android to educate them on how they can play PSP games on their smartphones. So now, let's start reviewing Best PSP Emulators For Android without ado.

Ten Best PSP Emulators For Android

1. RetroArch

RetroArch is quite a famous emulator in the gaming community, not only for PSP purposes but also for other gaming systems. It is a plug-in based system, and in most cases, RetroArch works fine. But due to its plug-ins nature, you can face issues now and then. That's the only downside of RetroArch; other than that, it's a good PSP Android Emulator to download.

The interface of RetroArch isn't for beginners. It comes with a bit complex user interface, so you may need some time to get comfortable with it.

The best part about RetroArch is that you can download it without paying a penny. It's free, and you don't even show the ads or anything. If you want to play PSP games on your Android Smartphone uninterrupted and free, download RetroArch.


PPSSPP is, without a doubt, one of the best PSP emulators that you can download right now. Even many other Android PSP emulators use its source code to develop their version of the application. Without even a second thought, PPSSPP performance is par with the rest of the Android Emulators, and it's straightforward to understand and use.

You can get your hands on two versions of PPSSPP, the free one and a paid version. Paid version comes equipped with more functionalities, and it doesn't show ads as well. If you can live up with the ads, a free version of PPSSPP is the best option for you. But if you are someone who wants all the bell and whistle out of PPSSPP, you can get its premium version for just 4.99 dollars.

3. Rocket PSP Emulator

If you are looking for one of the easiest to use PSP emulators for Android, install Rocket PSP Emulator. That's why we enlisted Rocket PSP Emulator in our best PSP emulators for Android.

Moreover, Rocket PSP Emulator is a new entrant to the Emulator scene and is based on the PPSSPP emulator. You can install t without paying a penny and can download it from the Google Play Store. Make sure to check it on the Google Play Store to find if it's a fit for you or not.

4. Sunshine Emulator

The next entrant on our list of PSP Emulators is Sunshine Emulator. This is MamaFacts' favourite because of its easy to use UI. Also, Sunshine Emulator comes under the source code of PPSSPP, making it even better to use than other emulators.

The only downside of Sunshine Emulator is that it shows a little bit of advertisement. You can't even pay for a non-ads version.

5. PSPlay PSP Emulator

The second last PSP Emulator on our list is PSPlay PSP Emulator. You will fall head over heels for this PSP emulator since this isn't just free yet in addition way in front of others with regards to execution.

The best part about PSPlay PSP Emulator is its screen controls and network compatibility it gives you. You can install PSPlay PSP Emulator and start enjoying your favourite PSP games.

6. Rapid PSP Emulator

Suppose you have a low spec or low-end Android smartphone and want to run a PSP emulator on it. We have got you covered. Install Rapid PSP Emulator on your low-spec Android smartphone and enjoy the experience of playing PSP games like nothing before.

The best part about Rapid PSP Emulator is that it automatically adjusts its settings according to the specs of your smartphone. If you want a slightly different look in the emulator scene for free, give it a try to Rapid PSP Emulator.

7. Emulator PSP for Mobile Pro Version

Expecting you need a steady gaming experience, like a PSP on your PDAs, then research Emulator PSP for Mobile Pro Version. It is permitted to use on Android gadgets and gives top quality delineations. You can tune the graphical idea of games expecting you need. This emulator maintains different ROMs for complete receptiveness. It works with most external storage, for instance, an SD card on your phone and USB accumulating.

8. DamonPS2 Pro

For the people who don't want to mull over the need to participate in the full-work emulator, DamonPS2 Pro PSP Emulator is for them. To win, regardless of every single piece of it, you need to pay near no extent of your cash as it's beginning and end aside from a free application.

Regardless, it is like a reality that it works better contrasted for specific other free applications. Features that this application consolidates may be absent in an enormous number of the regular and best PSP Emulators for Android.

9. PUltra Emulator for PSP

You can play PlayStation convenient stages game on your cell phones, actually like playing in a PSP with PSP Emulator – Ultra Emulator for PSP. It is one of the open-source applications with incredible graphical execution. It upholds practically every one of the games. However, it relies upon your host gadgets. The framework interface of this emulator is easy to use with bunches of helpful highlights.

10. Golden PSP Emulator

The last one is another and thoroughly free PSP Emulator for Android devices. It is a Golden PSP Emulator. You would now have the option to show up at phenomenal execution with satisfying plans and sound structures of the most notable PSP games with this emulator.

Besides, it is ideal for saving and reestablishing the gaming stay with the target to begin from where you halted ahead of time. Like this, you don't have to worry about how it capacities with an emulator. You can play and participate in those unrivalled quality games, mainly as you achieve for other Android games.