Strategies to Reduce Noise 

Treadmills are mechanical machines that require maintenance regularly. Motors could become clogged with hair or dirt and then become louder. Belts may become loose and start squeaking, and screws could break out and cause components to shake if you neglect this annoying but necessary job. Following the manufacturer's instructions regarding cleaning, inspecting, and lubricating treadmills can help run it at a minimum of noise.

It's all about which place you put your treadmill, we guarantee! Bounces can amplify the noise generated near walls off them, so the treadmill located in a corner is likely to be louder. The edges of the flooring also tend to creak. Thus, pick a place for your treadmill that is based on the particulars of your space.

Quiet Treadmills - Our Top Picks

NordicTrack X22i Incline Treadmill

The NordicTrack x22i incline-incline trainer is the quiet treadmill we have reviewed. It features an aluminum frame, sturdy uprights, and a cushioned deck that reduces the overall sound output. The x22i comes with a 3.6 horsepower motor that is quiet and powerful and can handle vigorous running and walking. The NordicTrackX22i is on top of the list of top treadmills in general.


We recorded the following decibel levels in the NordicTrack x22:

  • 66 Decibels: 3mph belt only (3% )
  • Three mph: 67 decibels, when walking (3 percent grade)
  • 70 Decibels: 6mph belt only (3 percent grade)
  • 73 decibels at six mph when a person is running (3 percent grade)

Incline trainers have higher lift than conventional treadmills, so the x22i rises at a 40 percent slope and then drops to 66 percent. Training on an incline is more complex and allows users to run or walk upward for better calories burned and more postural engagement. We like that incline training lets users remain at a lower impact. If you're someone with mobility issues or joint problems and joint issues, you don't need to run to get an effective workout with NordicTrack x22i.

I love the screen on the x22i! NordicTrack's subscription service called iFit is for free for the first month to allow you to test it without the need to pay the beginning. It offers over 16,000 classes, both outdoor and indoor, with courses all over the globe. Because the x22i is equipped with extended cushioning in the deck, it gently descends with every step.

The NordicTrack x22i doesn't fold, which means it is more solid and weighs more than a treadmill that folds. This improves stability and decreases the amount of noise. But, the treadmill is quite large and can't be folded down. If you're looking for a small treadmill, check out the treadmills that fold that are listed below.

Pros & Cons

  • The Extensive Reflex Cushioning of the deck assists in absorbing a large amount of the noise generated by impacts.
  • The motor and belt are virtually in silence.
  • Large rollers and two-ply belts create a comfortable surface beneath your feet.
  • The impressive 22" touchscreen is simple to use and easy to view.
  • Multiple handlebars are available to focus on different muscles when you walk or run.
  • Large, simple to use buttons to control speed and an incline
  • 3.6 HP Motor
  • The large width of 22' and the 60" long belt 
  • The large width of 22' and the 60" long belt 
  • It can't fold, so it needs an appropriate space.

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill

1750 is among the most sought-after treadmills from NordicTrack. It offers the perfect mix of features such as the 14.4" touchscreen, a cushioned folding deck, a complete collection of iFit content, and an affordable cost. The treadmill is also extremely quiet while in use. Although all treadmills generate only a little bit of sound, 1750 is built with the same basic construction as 2450. It can be compared to these treads for quietness as a second option which is a bit less costly.


  • We have measured the decibel levels of the following using the NordicTrack 1750:
  • 69 Decibels: 3mph belt only (3 percent grade)
  • Three mph at 73 decibels when walking (3 percent grade)
  • 80 decibels, six mph speed, belt only (3 percent grade)
  • Six mph at 84 decibels, when a person is running (3 percent grade) 

We were amazed by the quality of the noise output of this NordicTrack 1750 was very consistent. We only noticed the increase of 4 decibels on each level as we increased the speed. In contrast to other treadmills that are extremely quiet as they don't have anyone walking on them, we didn't detect a significant increase in the volume of noise as we walked across 1750. Its 3.5 horsepower motor is smooth, as do the rollers and belt. Assist in absorbing many sounds when you're walking on the treadmill.

Like its similar counterparts, 1750 increases its slope to 15% before descending to a grade of -3. This gives you more options for training your workout routine. When you purchase a 1750 treadmill comes with it for free during the initial month.

Pros & Cons

  • Runners Flex Cushioning is soft underfoot and assists in absorbing the sound
  • It has a 3.5 horsepower motor that is quiet and smooth
  • It is Free for 30 Days for the First Time
  • It Folds flat and locks in the place when not in use.
  • A well-powered fan that has four settings.
  • Increases to 15%, and then declines to 33%. 
  • It is slightly noisier than the 24-50 but less expensive.
  • 10" touchscreen isn't the most oversized touchscreen.

Horizon 7.8 AT Treadmill

Horizon 7.8 AT is the first time Horizon 7.8 AT has made our Quietest List, and we are highly impressed by the near quiet motor. The treadmill is constructed with top-quality materials, from its strong steel frame to the more durable plastic that won't shake and emit sound the way other treadmills do.


We have measured the decibel levels below for Horizon 7.8 AT: Horizon 7.8 At:

  • 65 decibels: 3mph belt only (3 percent grade)
  • 71 decibels at three mph when walking (3 percent grade)
  • 77.3 decibels, six mph speed, belt only (3% ) grade)
  • Six miles per hour at 76 decibels when a person is running (3 percent grade)

Even at the top rates that this Horizon 7.8 AT treadmill could attain - which range between 0.5 to 12 MPH, this treadmill will not bother relatives or neighbors in the room next to you. It is Horizon 7.8 AT that comes with ample cushioning on the deck, which aids in reducing noise while also protecting joints from injuries caused by the movements of running and walking.

The motor of the Horizon 7.8 AT is both powerful and quiet while operating. 

The commercial 4.0 CHP motor will power you through your workout. The 7.8 AT comes with already loaded programs that include the hill workout, calories burned along with the Sprint8 HIIT fitness program.

As you move between programs, use both the speed or incline button and select items using the touchscreen, you're emitting an audible sound to notify users that Horizon 7.8 AT is receiving input from you.

Pros & Cons

  • Offers a variety of features and options for the cost.
  • Exercise programs are integrated inside the console.
  • The motor's power ensures comfortable workouts for people of all fitness levels.
  • It supports a person who weighs 350 pounds.
  • There is plenty of room for movement around on the treadmill belt that measures 60" length by the wide treadmill belt" broad treadmill belt.
  • Does not need an annual subscription
  • The fan isn't super-powerful.
  • The console isn't as technologically sophisticated as NordicTrack treadmills. 

Sole F80 Treadmill

With the most weight-limiting capacity and the highest weight limit, this Sole F80 treadmill is already unique in its ability to take on users with weights up to 375lbs. People with a weight limit and less take pleasure in having the confidence that a tough F80 is quiet even when under a large workload.


We have measured the decibel levels below for Sole F80. Sole F80:

  • Three mph: 67 decibels, belt only (3 percent grade)
  • 72 Decibels: 3mph when walking (3 percent grade)
  • Seventy-five decibels: 6mph. the belt only (3 percent grade)
  • 80 Decibels: 6mph when a person is running (3 percent grade)

One of the main features of Sole treadmills is that they help reduce the noise generated from the F80. Because Sole treadmills are joined, they have fewer parts that require joining with bolts. With fewer bolted sections, the F80 can operate silent and not shake pieces of metal.

In addition to the sturdy frame included in this model, along with the solid frame that comes in Sole F80, you have a sturdy 3.5 CHP motor under the underside of the treadmill. Although some of the less expensive Sole models may produce whine at more incredible speeds of the treadmill, this robust motor is quiet and doesn't make irritating sounds that break the quiet noise of the motor.

Alongside the other features for reducing noise in treadmills that reduce sound, the F80 is also equipped with the Cushion Flex Whisper Deck integrated into it, which brings peace and comfort to your house. Although it's not as comfortable as a deck, where you can alter the cushioning, by cushioning Sole's Sole F80, you can lower the amount of force the body is exposed to by as much as 40%, according to Sole.

There is no noise when you switch speed or incline on the F80. This is great as you can adjust the incline between 0% and 15%, and the speed range is 0.5 -12 MPH. The console will sound a beep when you use the buttons to select one of the built-in programs and when you change the speed or the incline. It is possible to reduce the volume of the buttons to ensure you don't get spooked by a loud squeak.

Pros & Cons

  • The chest strap is included with F80 to monitor heart rate.
  • A powerful motor that runs quietly.
  • EasyAssist folding is included along with F80 for making it easier to fold this machine and conserve space.
  • A wide treadmill belt with 22" across in width and up to it measures 60" long.
  • The F80 features a maximum user weight of 375lbs, which is much more than most treadmills.
  • Bluetooth speakers are integrated inside the console of the F80.
  • Incline ranges from zero to 15 percent.
  • The F80 is a great warranty product.
  • A cumbersome machine that can be challenging to move.
  • Arm rails are a little on the short side.
  • The assembly of F80 F80 isn't always easy.

NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill

This NordicTrack 2450 treadmill is similar to the treadmill 1750, but it is a bit cheaper since it comes with a 22" touchscreen instead of a 14" touchscreen. The NordicTrack 2450 has a 3.6 HP motor that is quiet and smooth.


We measured these decibel levels on our 2450 treadmill:

  • 69 decibels: 3mph belt only (3% )
  • Three mph: 73 decibels, when walking (3 percent grade)
  • 77.1 Decibels, six mph, belt only (3 percent grade)
  • Six mph at 82 decibels, when a person is running (3 percent grade)

In general, you will not hear anything but your footsteps and the soft sound of the motor when you work out at the NordicTrack 2450. This treadmill is great for indoor workouts since it has Runner'sFlex cushioning and a strong motor. 2450 can fold away when you're done running, making it an excellent choice for runners who are serious and have limited space.

The treadmill comes with a commercial tread belt which is 22" wide and sixty" long. It is also inclined to 15% and decreases to -3% to prepare for both downhill and downhill activities. 

IFit is at no cost for your first 30 days, and it has an automated feature that automatically allows the treadmill to adjust as you progress throughout the app. It is unnecessary to adjust the speed manually or increase your incline (unless you wish to).

This NordicTrack 2450 is consistently one of our top treadmills for running since it has excellent features for a low cost and folds down after you're done. The treadmill is also quieter and more comfortable than similar models.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable prices for a top machine.
  • Excellent for runners
  • The quiet 3.6 HP motor can handle long distances and several users.
  • Features 22" touchscreen, and comes with it for free for the initial month
  • It folds down when not in use.
  • It has a complete wide belt. It has a long belt 
  • There are very well-known treadmills because of their mix between features, cushion technology, and cost.
  • The cushioning isn't as thorough as NordicTrack x22i.

Horizon T101 Treadmill

A basic treadmill that runs The Horizon T101 treadmill quietly is an excellent choice for those on a tight budget but who need a top-quality treadmill. The treadmill is durable and reduces the amount of noise it will create with its vibrations when you work out. It is recommended to tighten the bolts on the treadmill to ensure they're not loose and create a lot of noise while you work out.


We recorded the following decibel levels of the Horizon T101 

  • 68 Decibels: 3mph belt only (3% ))
  • 71 decibels at three mph when walking (3 percent grade)
  • 77.2 decibels, six mph, belt only (3 pecent grade)
  • The 83 decibels are six mph when a person is running (3 percent grade)

You'll have the 2.5 CHP motor that operates at a low speed for your workout. The motor's compact size is sufficient to get you quickly through the various ranges of incline levels that this treadmill has that range between 0% and 10 percent. There are plenty of choices in terms of the speed of the T101 treadmill since it can reach speeds of up to 10 mph and all this without making a lot of noise. 

This treadmill is also equipped with cushioning that helps keep you safe and minimize noise. Like all Horizon treadmills T101, this treadmill comes with 3-Zone variable response cushioning. This cushioning system has three distinct cushioning zones created to offer the appropriate amount of cushioning and stiffness, depending on where you hit the deck.

It's funny that the fan of the T101 is a little louder than the motor, especially when walking. But, it's not enough to cause any disturbance. If you're not concerned about the noise of your treadmill levels, You can take advantage of Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth speakers.

Additionally, when you are making your selections on Horizon T101, when you are making your choices on Horizon T101, whether you opt for one of the numerous exercises or use the one-touch keys to change speeds or inclines, make sure to reduce the volume of the buttons. The default setting is quite loud; however, you can lower it down to ensure that the noise doesn't disturb others.

Pros & Cons

  • A reasonable price for a high machine of good quality.
  • The T101 is a good motor that is suitable for joggers and walkers.
  • The device has a maximum user weight of 300lbs.
  • It can be folded easily and transported since the T101 is a lightweight treadmill.
  • The warranty is good and comes in this model.
  • There is an available USB port.
  • Bluetooth speakers allow for an easy connection and excellent sound quality.
  • Horizon T101 Horizon T101 is not meant for severe runners and require intensive workouts.
  • The built-in fan is quite insufficient.

Sole F63 Treadmill

This Sole F63 is one of the quietest treadmills for under $1000. It is a sturdy treadmill that can be used for walking, running and jogging. Sole treadmills consistently impress, thanks to their quiet output and high-quality construction. We love this model Sole F63 and find it an excellent choice for those with limited space but need a durable and primary console that doesn't need an annual subscription.


We have measured the decibel levels below using the Sole F63

  • 70 Decibels: 3mph. belt only (3% ) grade)
  • 72 decibels = 3mph when walking (3 percent grade)
  • Sixmph: 76 decibels with belt only (3 percent grade)
  • Six mph at 84 decibels when a person is running (3 percent grade)

This Sole F63 has an impressively quiet motor and belt. There's more noise from the foot in this model, which raises the decibels by a tiny bit, however, you will not hear any clunky thudding or raunchy motor sounds on this model.

This console from Sole is more simple than other models, there's no touchscreen, and the programs don't come with any background music, which means there's no sound from the program in the F63. The buttons emit a short sound when you press them. However, there's no sound on this device except if you choose to play your music using the treadmill's speakers.

Pros & Cons

  • Motor and belt that is silent
  • Lifetime guarantee for motor and frame
  • Decline and inclination is almost in silence
  • No sound from the console due to music or video
  • Buttons emit a loud sound when you touch them. They sound a quick beep when you tap
  • Foot noise is more apparent on this treadmill, but not too much

LifeSpan 5500i Treadmill

The LifeSpan 5500i is a quiet treadmill that is great for older people or those who need something simple to put off and on, operates quietly while in the background, and doesn't come with lots of different techniques for the console.


We have measured the decibel levels below using the LifeSpan 5500i:

  • 68 decibels, three mph speed, belt only (3 percent grade)
  • 72 decibels = 3mph when walking (3 percent grade)
  • 80 Decibels: 6mph. the belt only (3 percent grade)
  • The 83-decibel limit is six mph when a person is running (3 percent grade)

We're thrilled with the quiet 5500i, especially considering that this treadmill boasts the fastest top speed of any treadmill we've tested. You can run at 13.5mph on this hefty treadmill! It also has an inclines feature and various dashboards. Users can select not just the program but the display that is the most appropriate for them.

The LifeSpan 5500i comes with a 4.0 horsepower motor that operates quietly while you run or walk along the belt. It's a couple of decibels higher than the other models in our review. If you listen in a quiet space, you'll be unable to discern the difference between 3 and 4 decibels. 

If you like walking up and down the incline, The 5500i increases the slope to 13% so that you can run or walk comfortably and still be at a low impact. The cushioned deck can also help to absorb some of the vibration and noise.

If you're looking for a quiet treadmill that features an elegant, clean console that doesn't need the internet or a subscription, have a review of the LifeSpan 5500i foldable treadmill.

Pros & Cons

  • Powerful but quiet 4.0 horsepower motor
  • Massive 2.5" rollers, as well as 2-ply belts, quietly move underfoot.
  • 8 Compression shocks aid in absorbing the impact and sound
  • Up 350 pounds in user weight
  • It folds easily and locks in its
  • It has a 10" colour display that has several different options for screen sizes
  • It doesn't have a touch screen.
  • We won't play videos or third apps from third parties.