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AMD is getting its GPU game on another level. Recently AMD’s RDNA2 has announced that they are going to launch an entry-level GPU that is capable of outperforming Nvidia’s RTX 3070. Yes, you heard it right, an entry-level GPU from AMD is capable of beating Nvidia’s midrange GPU.

We are talking about Radeon RX 6800. Don’t get by fooled it’s an entry-level title. This little is capable enough to run games at 1440p and 4k settings. It offers double the VRAM than RTX 3070 that is a whopping 16GB.

Let’s talk about the price of RX 6800. Radeon RX 6800 is available to purchase for only $579 online and retail stores. As this GPU is in so much demand, we have come up with an idea to build the Best RX 6800 Gaming PC Build.

Best RX 6800 Gaming PC Build is all about the best components that you can use with RX 6800 to get the best performance out of this little puppy.

In this Best RX 6800 Gaming PC Build, we have generated a list of parts that you can use to maximize the performance of RX 6800. MamaFacts has taken great care about the longevity of the Best RX 6800 Gaming PC Build and has a ton of expansion options when needed.

We’ve done this by picking the current top tier CPU, upgraded RAM, and 2TB of NVME SSD storage option. This PC will give a first-class gaming experience for a long time to come however packs enough punch to serve as an adjustable workstation and universally useful PC also. Its unmistakably fit high FPS 1440p gaming or running a 1440p ultrawide screen for a captivating AAA gaming experience. It’s well fit for 4K gaming if you need to bring PC gaming to the family room TV or a committed 4K screen. How about we go through the parts choice.

Best RX 6800 Gaming PC Build – Our Recommendations for the PC Parts

1. CPU 

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

Price: $449

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2. CPU Cooler


Price: $42

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3. Motherboard


Price: $169

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4. Memory

Team T-FORCE DARK Za 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory

Price: $109

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5. Storage

ADATA Swordfish 2 TB M.2 NVMe SSD

Price: $199

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6. Graphics Card

AMD Radeon RX 6800

Price: $579

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7. Case

Phanteks Eclipse P400A

Price: $76

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8. Power Supply

Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro 650W 80+ Gold

Price: $95

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1. AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

For this Best RX 6800 Gaming PC Build, we have opted for AMD’s new Zen 3 Line up CPU. We are talking about AMD Ryzen 7 5800X. This CPU comes with a 3.8GHz base clock frequency that can boost up to 4.7GHz. This “Power Boost Overdrive” ensures top-notch performance. To maximize the performance even further, AMD steps up its game with the Zen 3 lineup. They have reduced the latency of the interconnect between cores and enhanced the Cache Access. This was the most significant performance barrier in the Zen line up earlier.

After upgrading to the Zen 3 lineup, Ryzen 7 5800X will outperform the current Intel CPU in gaming because of its 8 cores and 16 threads. Besides gaming, this CPU is can also beat Intel when it comes to productivity.

At last, the RDNA2 declaration offered a couple of all the more convincing motivations to settle on an AMD CPU. Joined with the B550 motherboard ‘Keen Memory Access’ gives the CPU broadband interconnect with the GPU VRAM significantly improving framerates at 1440p and 4K. AMD Claims an advantage of 5-10% utilizing this innovation, positively advantageous. Furthermore, this CPU is entirely PCIe 4.0 agreeable permitting quicker correspondence with both the essential GPU and a PCIe 4.0 SSD in the future. Generally, the $449 Ryzen 5800X is an unshakable center for this PC and speaks to top tier innovation at a sensible value point.

2. ID-COOLING SE-234-ARGB [CPU Cooler]

Ryzen 7 5800X isn’t that kind of CPU that runs hot even under intense load. For Best RX 6800 Gaming PC Build, we have come with not only a great looking cooler but with some added RGB effects to match the case.

ID-COOLING SE-234-ARGB comes in a tower form factor and best to use with the Best RX 6800 Gaming PC Build.

Furthermore, ID-COOLING SE-234-ARGB comes with four heat pipes and a 120mm PWM quiet fan to draw away heat from your CPU. As ID-COOLING SE-234-ARGB has rated for 200W cooling capacity, it will be more than enough for a 105W power draw of 5800X. The best part of this Cooler is its easy installation and its RGB lighting that adds an aesthetic effect to your PC. In case you’re not a devotee of the RGB, the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black version is similarly competent and more attentive looking cooler at a similar cost.

3. MSI MPG B550 GAMING EDGE WIFI [Motherboard]

MSI has delivered a solid lineup of B550 motherboards on the side of Zen 3, and this mid-range Gaming Edge model hits the sweet spot of execution, highlights, and cost. The 10+2 stage power gracefully hardware is more than fit for supporting the Ryzen 5800X at full speeds, and there are uncompromising VRM heatsinks to assist and draw with warming ceaselessly from the segments.

The MSI MPG B550 Gaming Edge WiFi motherboard fuses WiFi 6 and Bluetooth for adaptable availability yet additionally has a 2.5GB Ethernet port fueled by a Realtek chipset. The ALC1200 Audio codec is mid-range yet takes into consideration exceptional sound yield, and there’s optical SPDIF just as five 3.5mm sound yields. It upholds PCIe 4.0 and AMD’s ‘Savvy Memory Access’ innovation to support the exhibition of the RX 6800 GPU. At long last, it has an attentive dark style with regards to the remainder of the manufacture.

4. Team T-FORCE DARK Za 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory [Memory]

RAM costs have dropped reliably in 2020, and 32GB is currently a reasonable decision for an elite PC build. Our examinations have demonstrated 3600MHz RAM to be the sweet spot regarding execution and incentive on Zen 2 CPU’s. Since Zen 3 CPUs hold a similar IO kick the bucket and ‘endlessness texture’ as Zen 2 we’re certain that 3600MHZ speed will remain the best worth alternative for Zen 3.

While this RAM has somewhat more slow CL18 timings, it’s clock speed that truly impacts execution by synchronizing the CPU’s boundlessness texture and RAM frequencies. This 32Gb Team T-FORCE Dark Za Memory Kit accompanies a QVL upheld one clock A-XMP overclock profile to make it run at ideal speed so you can be sure of similarity.

The Anodised dark warmth spreader matches the dark tasteful of the motherboard. In 2x16GB design you profit by double-channel activity and leave 2 RAM spaces free should you need to redesign the limit in the future.

5. ADATA Swordfish 2 TB M.2 NVMe SSD [Storage]

We don’t want to under specify the Best RX 6800 Gaming PC Build due to storage because games are getting bigger and bigger. For this particular reason, we have opted for the ADATA Swordfish 2 TB M.2 NVMe SSD. This is the best value for money offering SSD you can buy today.

ADATA Swordfish is a mid-range SSD with 1400MB/s write and 1800 MB/s read speed which is more than for general use and gaming. Even you can utilize this for occasional video editing and other tasks that can push storage hard.

The reason we haven’t opted for PCIe 4.0 SSD is its higher cost and not much difference in terms of usage for Best RX 6800 Gaming PC Build. ADATA Swordfish comes with a whopping 5year warranty and rated as 960Tb total endurance with an inbuilt AES 256 bit encryption. So if you are planning to build any mid-range gaming PC, you can consider ADATA Swordfish as a storage option.

6. Phanteks Eclipse P400A [PC Case]

If you are looking for an excellent value for money in any PC case, then consider Phanteks Eclipse P400A without any hesitation. Despite its low price tag, Phanteks Eclipse P400A offers you the amenities that you can expect from any high-end gamic PC case. It comes packed with 3 RGB fans and a mesh front panel for giving optimal airflow to the Best RX 6800 Gaming PC Build.

The safety glass sideboard exhibits the parts inside while a full set-up of residue channels keeps everything clean. Front board connectors incorporate 2 USB 3.0 attachments and the typical earphone and amplifier jack. Manufacture quality is excellent with a PSU cover, sliding Hard plate, and great links the executives’ highlights like strap ties and link channels coordinated into the plan.

A solitary extra 120MM fan in the top back position will go about as fumes while safeguarding the three fan tasteful of the front of the case. This case is a delight to work in and take a gander at and gives the wind current to keep all that running cool and calm.

7. Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro 650W 80+ Gold [PSU]

As per MamaFacts calculation, the total peak power that our Best RX 6800 Gaming PC Build can draw is around 450W. So to meet this requirement, we have selected Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro 650W 80+ Gold.

Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro 650W 80+ Gold is one of the best PSUs that you can buy in this price tag. It comes in a semi-modular design that allows ATX and EPS cables to connect permanently. You can also connect additional wires on the go as required.

Best RX 6800 Gaming PC Build will only be making use of two additional PCIe cables. This is only to keep cable management of Best RX 6800 Gaming PC Build neat and clean.

650W limit permits headroom for transient burdens and future development with all the more impressive GPU or extra drives and embellishments. It has a tranquil activity with a top-notch fan. The PSU utilizes Japanese capacitors and boats with a 7-year guarantee so you can be confident it will last the lifetime of this PC.

We’ve been utilizing this Power flexibly in the Premiumbuilds test seat. We have been dazzled with its versatility and steady activity, so we have no delay suggesting it for this fabricate.

Are you a mega video gaming fan? Do you LOVE playing games? Indeed, you do! Presently we’ve set up you are an in-your-face gamer, we should focus on you are truly here! Most importantly, you should be looking for a form gaming PC approach. In which case, you are unquestionably keen on maximizing your gaming experience. Kid! Who isn’t?

8. 1440P Monitor Recommendation

The RX 6800 is no doubt a high-performance GPU, and it needs a monitor that can truly match with its Power. For Best RX 6800 Gaming PC Build, MamaFacts suggests you go for Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ. This is a 165Hz 1440p IPS panel that uses Freesync technology.

The high goal of this screen permits sharp pictures and more detail, genuinely expanding the intensity of the GPU for staggering visual devotion. Then, it’s ready to stay up with a GPU and CPU that dominate in creating relentless ongoing interaction. The IPS board guarantees short reaction times and no movement obscure, the ideal mix for genuine gamers. The board’s shading exactness and quality are all around respected in surveys. In case you intend to take advantage of this most recent round of GPU’s you genuinely need a screen that shows their maximum capacity and the Asus VG27AQ fulfills the guideline.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to Build a Gaming Computer – For Game Lovers Only

For one thing, you have to consider a couple of genuinely important things: from the motherboard to the design card, just as the RAM, processor, cooling unit, and even the mains gracefully. In this way, that arranged, how about we begin!

On the off chance that you have recently possessed, or own a standard PC, you likely know the essentials, concerning RAM, motherboards, and processors. In any case, how about we ensure you are entirely mindful of how significant every one of these things truly is. To make the entire form a gaming PC experience beneficial, the point is to get some Xtreme illustrations, and execution, out of your PC, and into your ongoing interaction.

Let’s Start

The whole thing starts with a suitable motherboard. Ideally, it needs to give plenty of space for RAM, and at least a couple of slots for the graphics cards. Also, you need to check that you’ve got a top of the line processor. Preferably, one of the multi-core processors, which can handle virtually anything you throw at them. For anyone who is running Windows 10, you should make sure your RAM, jam, and pack in as much of it as there is room for! For instance, 16 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM will suffice, with flying colors. Even so, for anyone who wants the absolute best gaming experience; and to get the absolute max from their custom-made, gaming computer building project; look for, and opt for, the DDR5 RAM, whenever you can.

Are you done with the first step? Here’s the next one

Next, it’s onto the main impetus behind any excellent quality, specially crafted, gaming PC; the video illustrations card. Get the correct one, and these delights will open up a gateway to the universe of Xtreme gaming. This will guarantee you will appreciate the absolute best of the best games on discharge. You will discover there is an extensive range of high-end graphics cards available. However, you’ll see more NVidia GeForce cards in a hardcore gaming computer, than anything else. If you are very serious about what’s vital, of all gaming computer tasks, this is not the one to skip over. So, do yourself a massive favor, and purchase the best you can.

If your motherboard can manage more than one graphics card, it’s well worth considering more. Just imagine how straightforward it will be for your computer to process the graphics, even with the most demanding video games. But don’t forget, if you are going to have multiple graphics cards, you need to make sure that the power supply can keep up with demand! The graphics are power-hungry monsters, that will try their utmost to suck the motor dry!

Let’s Get Some Chills to your PC

That brings us around to cooling, and there are a lot of options nowadays: from more giant, better fans, to more complicated, water cooling systems. No question and no fuss, water cooling is the best way to go especially if you tend to overclock your processor, which can occur when running some of the big beastie video cards. If you can get your hands on, get hardware that can be supported by a cooling water system. That way, your gaming computer is ready to rock just that little bit harder. Have no mercy.

Final Rundown

Well that, gamers, is a principle rundown of essential hardware. All of which is crucial to make the most of your games and the total gaming build computer experience. Building a dedicated gaming computer is all about putting together what’s necessary, for the kind of games you like. If they’re not going to be “Harvey Hardcore” games, then you don’t always need to spend more money on costly, top of the range hardware unless you have the temptation! If you are a dedicated graphics monster and to push limits, and are serious about building a gaming computer, one that can equal your appetite, don’t skimp.

Now you know what the most critical issue is when working out how to build a gaming computer — be prepared for the best by starting with the best!

Custom Gaming PCs – Where to Find Affordable Computer Builds

Gaming computers are usually much more potent than regular home use PCs. They are made for handling high graphical requirements and video needs and tend to be more expensive as the components are higher end and cost more. However, it is possible to have a custom gaming PC put together for you at an affordable price. It’s a good idea to do thorough research before choosing a company to build your computer.

Step 1:

Some of the most well-known PC retailers include Dell, HP, and Gateway. All of these companies offer well-built computers at typically affordable prices, especially if you can snag a deal. They also provide customization options, but rarely to the degree that gaming computer specialists will have. If you plan to use your computer for more than just gaming (video editing, photo viewing/editing, basic computing tasks, internet use, etc.), a generic PC from any of these retailers is a good bet. You can also find pre-built PCs at Best Buy, Fry’s, and pretty much any electronics store, online or locally.

Step 2:

However, if you want a custom-built gaming PC explicitly tailored to your gaming needs, it’s best if you can choose specific components. Companies like iBUYPOWER and Velocity Micro offer more customization options. Depending on whether you’re an FPS gamer or an MMO enthusiast, your computer requirements will probably vary. For example, if you don’t need intense graphic Power for games like Crysis, you can get by with a cheaper video card. Onboard (also known as integrated) graphics cards are not a good idea for gamers, though. This is because most games require at least a 1GB Nvidia or AMD graphics card. Plan to invest in a good video card.

Step 3:

In terms of budget, a good PC can run anywhere from $600-5000. If you are on a budget, getting a custom PC can be even better, as you can choose cheaper components as opposed to the ones already installed on a pre-built computer. Some retailers offer free shipping and no tax, like Amazon.com, but at the sacrifice of customization. If you don’t mind having your gaming PC already built, that’s an excellent place to start.

Whatever company you choose to get your computer from, make sure you do your research ahead of time and know what specific components you need to get the most out of your gaming experience. This way, you can make an educated and comfortable decision that will make the least impact on your wallet.

Are Gaming Computers That You Custom Build Right For You?

Have you ever become frustrated by your computer’s performance while playing a game on it? If so, you may want to take a look at custom-built gaming computers.

The main advantages of using custom-built rather than an off the rack model are improved performance, better value, and getting a computer that’s built to your specific needs. Gaming computers are a different breed than a regular PC. They have demands made on them that a conventional home computer can’t fill. They need to have better graphics and frequently better sound than the average computer. Gaming computers will also generally require more memory than the typical computer found in most people’s homes.

Several Different Approaches

There are several different ways to approach getting a custom-built computer. The most obvious way is to come to one of the companies that specialize in building computers. They can build to your exact needs. Like anything else, you need to be comfortable with who you’re dealing with. If you’re not up on all of the terminology being used, ask them to explain it to you.

Your 2nd Approach Must be

The next choice is to approach one of the large computer manufacturers like Hewlett-Packard or Dell and have them build it for you. Whether or not they can meet your exact needs is something that you’ll have to talk to them about. Part of the smaller custom builders’ pitch is that they can do what the larger companies can’t or won’t do. Make sure that whichever type of company that you work with has good customer support and that they’re easy to communicate with.

And In Last

The last most commonly followed approach is to build it yourself. While this may seem to be a scary idea, there’s a ton of information available about how to do it. Some websites are solely dedicated to teaching you how to build your own. You’ll also get experience and knowledge about computers that you can’t get in any other way. If you plan it right, you’ll end up with a computer that you’re knowledgeable about and that you can modify as you want to. Another advantage is that the individual parts in a custom build will be under warranty. If a part fails during the warranty time, you just replace the part. A ready-built computer will have a warranty as well. But suppose the factory-made computer fails after it’s out of warranty? Most people will just replace the computer. That may not be the best approach.

For serious gamers, custom-built gaming computers may be the best choice.

Why Build a Computer?

In today’s world, having a computer is now a common fact. However, with that common fact always comes the issue of money. Many computer brands today advertise how excellent their company-made computers are, but those advertisements blind us, the consumers, from what that company-made computer is worth.

Is it worth the price tag?

Well, let me tell you the answer to that question: NO. Many popular computer brands do not tell us everything that is in the computer, from the power supply to the desktop memory. Without this information, we have no idea if the money is worth the computer. That’s precisely what computer companies want us to ignore.

There are also companies out there where they let you pick the components on your own, and they build the computer for you. This seems to be a good idea for a few seconds, but notice this: they don’t tell you how much money it costs for the computer company to buy those components. For all you know, they may be ripping you off big time.

Then, you ask,

What should I do to get a computer if you say that buying computers isn’t worth the money?

Well, I have an answer for all of you: build one.

So, let’s say you are out on the market for a new gaming computer because Your old Core i3 computer just doesn’t cut it anymore. So you come across a company that sells custom computers for you if you pick out the components on your own, or you come across a company that picks parts for you AND builds it for you. And then you go to a forum, and someone else tells you to get away from that company and build one on your own. Which path is better?

Simply put, building a computer on your beats out every aspect of buying a computer. Here’s why:

1. Money

Did you think they’re going to buy your components, build it, and put a “small” extra fee? That sounds nice, but that’s not being realistic. Let me just save you from the misery now: NO. For one, you don’t know the exact price they bought the parts for. If you don’t know, let me tell you now: some companies put extra money on each product, so they get the most out of your wallet.

Then comes the fee for building the computer. Well, let me just tell you, it takes me maybe 2 hours max to build my computer, and they still charge a fee. That’s the way it goes. They’re trying to get the most money they can take out of your wallet without being noticed. That’s the fault that many people are currently in.

Then comes the customer service. They may say “free 24/7 customer service” in a persuasive and friendly voice, but do not be tricked; it’s not FREE. They won’t charge you when you call them, but it’s included in the final price you pay for the computer. There goes another $xx from your wallet.

However, if you build your computer, you know the price of every one of your components, and you will be your customer service. No extra fee, no calling customer service, nothing different. Just you and your computer. And if you ever have a question, you can always go onto numerous computer forums with friendly members who are still there to help you.

2. Knowledge

Now, this is where I think the most weight is. Let’s say that you still, upon reading my first list, bought a computer from a famous computer company, and this was your first-ever custom-built computer. Hooray, your computer came in a nice case, with everything you wanted in it, and you start playing games at the settings you wanted to play them. 2 weeks later, the computer dies on you. What now? You call customer service of course! Let me tell you. They probably won’t know how to fix it for you right there. If you’re lucky, they’ll have you send it back to them and MAKE YOU PAY THE SHIPPING, and then if you’re even luckier, ship you another computer in a time frame of a month.

That’s some nice ideal events there, but I’m going to tell you now, it probably won’t happen.

Now, imagine if you bought all of the components on your own, and you built it on your own. You know every single component of your computer inside and out, and if your computer dies on you, you won’t have to call customer service or ship the computer back. You’re your customer service; by buying the components, you researched your parts and gained much knowledge about all the parts. You’ll know how to pick out the bad part and send only that one back. You don’t need to wait months; if you researched your products, you bought the products that perform well and have good service when your part breaks. So, you just send back your part, and wallah, a brand new one comes right back, you install it on your computer, and it works like a charm again. You’re ready to continue on your gaming adventures.

3. Fun

Don’t think this needs much explanation.

If you just want to buy a custom-built computer, you just go on the Internet, find your brand, and they ship one to you. I don’t think there’s much fun in that.

Final Verdict

That’s all for today’s Best RX 6800 Gaming PC Build. In this article, we have not only built the Best RX 6800 Gaming PC Build but also tried to answer your most awaited questions regarding gaming PCs, and gaming PCs build. Keep following MamaFacts to discover great topics and news.

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