Calibrate Weight Loss Program: Does it Work?

In your quest to lose weight, you must have come across a number of weight loss programs that promise an overnight solution. Some supplements even claim that you will lose a pound every week. However, all of these claims seem very unrealistic because they actually are. So, what is the truth? The truth is that you need to grind for a while before you can actually see any effect on your weight. The Calibrate Weight Loss Program is a one-year program aimed at helping you lose weight and become slim.

The manufacturers advertise it as a metabolic reset, which means the program will put your metabolism in a reset, making it more inclined towards increased weight loss. According to most followers, it seems like the Calibrate Weight Loss Program is an effective program that helps people lose weight.

In this guide, we discuss this program in detail while looking at its different specifications. In doing so, we help you determine if you really want to use this program for weight loss.

What is a Calibrate Weight Loss Program?

What is a Calibrate Weight Loss Program?
What is a Calibrate Weight Loss Program?

Calibrate Weight Loss Program is a weight loss program spanning over a year that helps you lose up to 10% of your body weight. Along with that, it improves the metabolic markers in your body in just six months.

The manufacturers claim that the supplement will help you lose weight in the first six months, and then you will see a gradual change in your weight in the next six months. The program addresses four pillars to ensure weight loss.

These are:

  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Emotional health
  • Food

As you can see, these things are already implicated in the causes of obesity, and your healthcare providers will always tell you to focus on your diet and exercise along with emotional health if you want to be healthy.

On top of that, you must get up to seven hours of undisturbed sleep every night if you want to have optimal weight.

The program incorporates these four pillars into its whole mechanism by offering you the following four options:

Four Options

  • First, it has medicines that are approved by the FDA and prescribed by qualified doctors.
  • Secondly, it has a customizable plan that will suit your specific lifestyle and weight loss goals.
  • It also has a one-on-one coaching session to help you get guidance from the company’s experts about your diet, exercise, and other factors
  • The program also brings a gradual change to your sleep, emotional health, exercise, and eating habits

All in all, the method through which the Calibrate Weight Loss Program works is not exclusively focused on changing the way you eat.

It is a well-curated program that also focuses on other aspects of your health, making sure that you lose weight in the set duration without putting your body at any kind of risk.

Additionally, the program was created by experts who have years of experience in their respective fields. They have created the program after doing a lot of research on the subject.

Who is Calibrate Weight Loss Program For?

Who is Calibrate Weight Loss Program For?
Who is Calibrate Weight Loss Program For?

Since the Calibrate Weight Loss Program has a number of features, it is not feasible for everyone. You can only participate in the program if:

  • You have insurance, whether it is provided by your employer or you have it commercially.
  • You are over the age of 18 and under the age of 64.
  • You have a BMI of 30 kg/m2. If you have a BMI of 27 kg/m2 along with a metabolic condition, then you are also eligible for the program.

However, another thing to keep in mind is that this program is not available all over the country yet. You can check the manufacturer’s website to determine if your state is on the list. The company hopes to bring the Calibrate Weight Loss Program to all states in the US soon.

How Does Calibrate Weight Loss Program Work?

The program is not like any other weight loss program where you simply get the instructions and get started. Instead, you have to get some lab work done. After that, a telehealth call will be conducted in which you will talk to one of the doctors at the company.

The labs will test for the following things and they are conducted at the beginning and end of Calibrate Weight Loss Program:

  • Long-term blood sugar
  • Lipid panel
  • Metabolic panel
  • Fasting insulin test
  • Thyroid stimulating hormone test
  • Test for C reactive protein

After checking the lab reports for all of these tests, the doctor will discuss the metabolic state of your body with you. They might also prescribe you medication, depending on what your lab results show.

After establishing the baseline, you will have a session with the coaches and go through different levels of coaching throughout the program.

Calibrate Weight Loss Program has four coaching levels

  • Learning: The Level 1 of this program is learning. It lasts from the first day to the end of the third month. In this level, you will put the principles of metabolic health into practice.
  • Practice: This is the second level that goes up to the sixth month. You will solidify your habits and build them up in these months.
  • Setting: The third level of coaching goes from the sixth month to the ninth month and you will be refining your habits during this period.
  • Sustaining: This is the last level of the coaching sessions and it will last till the end of the year. At this level, you will make sure that your habits are a part of who you are now and you will not have lasting success due to your consistency in following these habits.

In these 12 months of following the coaching sessions, you will meet with your coaching team twice a month to set goals. The company also has a curriculum from which you have to read at least one or two lessons every week.

How to Use it?

Using this knowledge, you will focus on those areas of health and wellness that require additional attention in your case. The Expert Council and Clinical Advisory Board at the company designed this curriculum.

Along with clinical medicine, the curriculum also has information about nutrition, public health, fitness, obesity management, and other topics. So, you will learn a lot from this curriculum, which will make it easier for you to care for your health.

Every quarter, there is a medical check-in to make sure you are progressing towards your goals. By the third month, the program expects the participants to have a 5% weight loss as compared to their starting weight.

After that, at six months, they are expected to reach 10% of the weight loss goal. At the end of the year, they are expected to have achieved 10% weight loss along with improvement in their lab reports and metabolic health.

As you can see from this, Calibrate Weight Loss Program is not only focused on helping you lose weight, but it also ensures that you have proper metabolic health and an overall well body.

Which Foods to Eat During a Calibrate Weight Loss Program?

As we have already discussed above, the Calibrate Weight Loss Program focuses on food, exercise, and other factors. The company does not sell meal plans. They expect you to follow the food philosophy that they recommend and explain to you.

The weight loss triangle from the company explains this food philosophy. It is an upside-down triangle with five food levels that go from healthy to harmful foods.

You have to make sure that you are consuming healthy foods and steering clear of the harmful ones. Here are the levels of food in the Calibrate Weight Loss Program triangle:

Green Foods

You can have unlimited green foods in your diet when you are following the Calibrate Weight Loss Program. It contains vegetables, legumes, nut butter, cottage cheese, spices, herbs, fowl, seafood, and other foods that are very healthy for your body and should be consumed in abundance.

Yellow-Green Foods

These are the foods that you should take up to two servings of every day. They have eggs, cheese, milk, and whole grains among other foods. You will also find dark chocolate in this part of the food pyramid.

Yellow Foods

You should have a single serving of these foods in your diet every single day. They contain protein powder, coconut oil, and some other foods.

Orange Foods

You should take two servings of these foods in your diet per week. They contain red meat, pork, whole grains, uncured meats, and some other foods along with alcohol.

Red Foods

You will find red foods at the ‘harmful’ side of the pyramid, which means that you should eat them as little as possible. They contain refined foods, such as ice cream, fried foods, fruit juices, energy drinks, vegetable oils, artificial sweeteners, etc.

When you join the program, your nutrition coach will tell you how the triangle works and how you can incorporate these foods into your daily diet.

They will also guide you on having a healthy relationship with foods, which is very important if you do not want to hurt your body in the process of weight loss.

The curriculum also has some information on how to make these foods a part of your diet. For instance, you will find a shipping list, smoothie guide, recipe examples, and other supplemental information in the curriculum, which will make it easier for you to stick to this diet.

How Does Calibrate Weight Loss Program Lead to Weight Loss?

The Calibrate Weight Loss Program does not only use one method for weight loss. Instead, it has different ways through which it causes weight loss in your body.

Weight Loss Medicines

As we already discussed earlier, when your lab reports come from the labs, the doctors at the company will check them, and see if you need any kind of medicine.

For instance, they might give you glucagon-like peptide receptor agonists, which are medicines that act on the hormones in your stomach to regulate the release of insulin in the body after you eat a meal.

Along with increasing the satiety in your body, this medication can also slow down the gastric emptying process and improves insulin sensitivity.

A 2016 review showed that these agonists are safe in terms of weight loss and they can be given to obese individuals without causing any risks, such as hypoglycemia.

Strategies for Behavioral Change

No matter how much you focus on the food you eat or the number of medications you take, if you do not change your behavior and approach towards your body, you will not be able to lose weight.

Calibrate Weight Loss Program allows this to happen in the following ways:

  • It gives you a manageable weight loss plan, which is losing 10% of your body weight in a period of a year.
  • You also get to talk to healthcare providers who understand how the body works.
  • You have coaching sessions with experts who teach you how to stick to your good eating habits and have a healthy relationship with food and your body.

In a 2016 study, it was seen that people who set a weight loss goal for themselves had better results at the end of the 12-month period as compared to people who did not have a weight loss goal.

Judging from this, it is easy to see why the Calibrate Weight Loss Program is so effective in weight loss. It gives you a weight loss goal that you eventually reach at the end of the year.

Coaching Sessions

Unlike many other programs that only tell you the habits you have to cultivate or change, the Calibrate Weight Loss Program also teaches you how to stick to these habits. For this, you have to meet with your coaching expert every two weeks.

At the end of the day, you will realize how professional input helped you stay committed to your weight loss goals because it is often hard to do it yourself without any external help.

Cost of Calibrate Weight Loss Program

Now, let us come to this main question which many people would have about this program. How much does it cost? The program costs $129 a month, and you can pay it as a single amount of $1,150 at the beginning of the year.

Along with that, there are some additional costs, such as the medications that you might have to buy for the program.

In any case, the experts at the company will consult with your health insurance provider to make sure the cost is less than $25. However, you should still be prepared to see a varying cost.

Considering all of this, it is easy to see that the program is quite expensive. Along with the cost of the program, you will also have to pay for the foods you eat, the fitness supplies you might have to purchase, and the medication.

So, you should only get a Calibrate Weight Loss Program if you are sure that you will stick to it till the end.

Pros & Cons of Calibrate Weight Loss Program

  • It is easy to follow since it is based on the expertise of people who have been working in their respective fields for years.
  • The program is not only focused on cutting calories but also has other aspects, such as behavioral changes and better sleep patterns.
  • The program has strong accountability, which will make it easier for you to stick to the plan.
  • Since the company has a medical and coaching team, you always have someone to talk to if you are feeling confused.
  • It is not available in all parts of the US.
  • It has some restrictions, so you need to be eligible for it if you want to join.

Final Verdict: Is Calibrate Weight Loss Program Worth It?

The new diet plan is designed to boost your metabolism for long lasting effects. It is a diet program that works to reduce weight. Calibrate calculates that a combination of medically prescribed medications, one on one video consultations with a health coach, and dietary and lifestyle changes can help you lose weight.

Calibrate offers a personalized weight loss solution to people who meet its demanding list of eligibility conditions. As a result, no foods are left out of your diet. The four stages of the 12 week metabolic reset program are learning, practicing, setting, and sustaining. The four pillars of metabolic health—food, sleep, exercise, and emotional health—are discussed in detail at each level.

You must be between the ages of 18 and 64, reside in the United States, have employer provided insurance, and be eligible for calibration. Additionally, you have to be overweight. Calibrate utilizes a flexible technique. It does not limit or restrict any specific food or dietary groups, in contrast to many other diet regimens. According to the websites, the program can accommodate practically any dietary constraints, including vegan, kosher, and gluten free diets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to follow a Calibrate Weight Loss Program?

The people who have made this program have done their best to make sure it is easy to follow for everyone. That is why they have regular coaching, education, and other aspects at play. However, you should be committed to doing all these things if you want the program to work.

What meals do you have while using Calibrate?

You might have avocado and eggs for breakfast or berries and yogurt. You may make a slow cooker meal or grain bowl with roasted vegetables and chicken for lunch or dinner. Here are some dishes from Stephanie Middleberg, RD, a calibrated food expert.

Does calibration actually function?

According to the company, thousands of users of Calibrate have reduced at least 10% of their body weight. If you have tried to lose weight on other programs without success and want to drop a clinically significant amount of weight, Calibre is worth the investment.

What are the three calibrated benefits?

Calibration is done to ensure accurate measurements. Increased profitability, safety, and innovation, as well as better adherence to environmental and other requirements, are all advantages of calibrating.

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