How to "Camera Not Working on Windows 10": Different Methods

Fixing a not working camera on Windows 10 is not rocket science. Even with a little bit of knowledge, you can fix it without any hassle. MamaFacts has given a few proven methods to fix the camera not working on Windows 10. So let's start discussing each method without ado.

Method No. 1: Check for updates

Windows 10 usually gets updated every week, so make sure to update it on the latest version to get your camera working.

To update your Windows

  • Click on the Start
  • Choose Settings
  • Go for Update and Security
  • Click on Windows Update
  • Now click on Check for Updates

Also, don't forget to check the optional updates section to make sure if there's a camera update is available or not. Once you install the updates, restart your PC and check if the camera is working or not.

Check for updates

Method No. 2: Reboot Your PC

It is often seen that by rebooting or restart a PC, you can solve many software related issues. You should give this option a try as well if your camera is not working on Windows 10.

Reboot Your PC

Method No.3: Test the Camera with a dedicated Camera Application

Sometimes, a dedicated app may face an issue running the camera. You can install any other camera application to ensure if the camera is working for that application or not.

Windows 10 comes equipped with many apps that can utilise the camera. Just click on the start and then go for Camera alongside the list of apps.

Method No. 4: Check if there's a Camera Button on Your PC

Many devices come with a dedicated camera button on them. Just switch it on check if the camera starts working or not. Eve modern keyboards are coming with a dedicated camera button; make sure to check that one too.

Method No. 5: Give Permission to the applications for using Camera

If you're attempting to open the camera using some other application, you need to ensure that authorisation for utilising the camera is given to that application. You need to provide the camera with access consent to all the applications for utilising the camera if the OS on your gadget has, as of late, been refreshed. Since in the fresher form of Windows 10, some applications don't have the authorisation to utilise the camera as a matter of course. You need to turn on the consents to permit other applications for utilising the camera on your PC.

Allow the camera to access the device

Make sure to check that if an app is allowed to access the camera or not. If not, give it access to all applications that can access the camera without any hassle.

After you permit the entrance, proceed to pick which Microsoft Store applications can get to your camera. Then, at that point, turn on the camera access for those applications.

In this list, just those applications will be shown, which are downloaded from the Microsoft Store. The applications introduced using the web, plate, the drive won't be displayed in this rundown. Go to Allow work area applications admittance to your camera and guarantee that the entrance is turned on for those applications.

Method No. 6: Make sure to check antivirus software

We have seen that modern antivirus software block the apps to access the camera. Check your antivirus software and find if it's blocking the apps to access the camera.

You can check the user manual of the software for further assitance.

Method No.7: Try scanning for hardware changes using a different USB port

Try using a different USB port if you are using an external camera with your PC.

Method No. 8

Older generation computers with older cameras are mostly not compatible with Windows 10. Make sure ensure if the camera is compatible with Windows 10 by

  • Checking Device Manger
  • Right Click on the Camera
  • Check Properties
  • Go for Drive Tab
  • Now Click it on Driver Details
  • Here Check the stream.sys file to check the compatibility of your camera with OS

Method No.9: Uninstall the latest updates

If your camera stopped working after updating your operating system, downgrade it to the last version.

  • Click on Device Manager
  • Go for Camera
  • Click on Properties
  • Go for Driver Tab
  • Roll Back Driver and Click on OK

Don't forget to restart your device after implementing steps to check whether the problem is fixed or not.

Method No. 10: Scan for Hardware Changes and Uninstall camera Driver

On the off chance that the above methods don't work, take a stab at uninstalling the camera driver and search for any hardware changes. To do this:

  • Go for Device Manger
  • Right Click on the Camera
  • Select Properties
  • Click on Driver Tab
  • Uninstall Device

Then, at that point, return to the Device Manager, select Scan for Hardware Changes on the activity menu. After the examining is finished, reinstall the refreshed drivers, restart your PC and check if the camera is working at this point.