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Clear Browsing Data Samsung Internet App

If you are using any Samsung smartphone or mainly a Samsung Galaxy Device, you may already encounter with the Samsung Internet Browsing Application. When you buy any of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones, you get this browser already installed on the Smartphone. This is the in-house developed Internet application browser by Samsung offering a smoother and more reliable browsing experience.

Many people love the Samsung Internet browser because of its fluency and faster-compiling results. But there are times when you do not want to let others know what you are searching for over the Internet. If you are facing a similar case, deleting the browsing data or browsing history or Clear Browsing Data Samsung Internet App on your Samsung Internet Application might be the solution.

But before discussing the solution, first, let’s discuss why it is essential to erase your Samsung Internet Application History completely.

Why would you want to erase your Samsung Internet App web browser history?

The appropriate response is… to shield prying eyes from seeing where you have been on the Internet. It resembles leaving bread pieces for others to perceive what you’ve been doing.

In most instances, this would not be a big issue, especially on a Smartphone. Leaving a trail for others to find the sites you have visited can lead to some Internet security risks.

If hackers access your Smartphone, they can see where you have been. This would include passwords and account information if you neglected to log off the site before you closed the browser window. Get in the habit of deleting cookies and remove search history often. Your Smartphone will run more efficiently, and your Internet security will be significantly improved.

Why do you need to Clear Cookies and Data from Samsung Internet Browser?

Before starting about clearing cookies and data, let’s discuss what the cookies are in a PC?

Surfing the Net or tweaking the settings on your Smartphone, you may have come across the term “cookies” before. Many of us go about our routine, while others are stomped as to what they are and how they fit into the workings of your Smartphone and Internet use.

In Smartphone terms, a cookie is a form of data that is transferred by a server to your Smartphone browser. It is the hope of whoever sent the cookie that your browser saves this information and at a later time, sends back a response to the server. This usually includes details regarding you and your Smartphone.

What kind of information do cookies contain?

Cookies contain the details of your Smartphone use, from your login name to registration details to user settings to even your shopping cart info can be included.

The details of your storage drive are kept hidden from cookie users. Cookies act as a way to speed up the logging in and navigation of a website by saving information that you have previously entered, such as name and IP address.

If you are against cookie infiltrating your Smartphone you can also set up firewall protection. Blocking your IP address is another way to avoid cookies on your Smartphone. So, why do websites use cookies if numerous people wish to block them? Cookies are helpful for search engines, which allows for customization on their web pages. Cookies are also responsible for the ability to log into your favorite sites automatically. Besides tracking visitors, all of the above reasons are pretty decent, don’t you think?

There are also a few additional details about the cookies that you should know. After a specified amount of time, cookies are often configured to run out. This means that they are saved into memory until the browser has been shut down. If they still possess a certain amount of time before expiring, they could be saved to your storage drive. This is one of the reasons that smartphone users aren’t too fond of cookies.

They don’t particularly care for the information gathering tactics, and they don’t like not knowing when personal details about themselves are sent over the World Wide Web. Even though many look down the idea upon, cookie really doesn’t cause any harm. You have already given the information that they are retrieving from your Smartphone.

Why do You need to Clear Cookies and Data from Samsung Internet Browser? Reasons

If you are concerned about cookies, you can always delete them. When you are finished browsing a website, you can delete the attached cookies and feel better than you have gained some shreds of your privacy back. You should also know that all browsers and popular websites utilize cookies. For some, they embrace them because they save time when it comes to logging in and remembering your password for every site you enter.

This can become quite a hassle when you have numerous sites created passwords made with a jumble of letters and numbers. The point is, cookies are actually harmless, and you can live life with or without them; it is up to you.

How to Clear Browsing Data Samsung Internet App?

Clear Browsing Data Samsung Internet App

Samsung Internet Browser allows you to clear cookies and to browse data straightforwardly. You only need to perform the following steps to get rid of unwanted cookies, data, and history. Let’s find how:

  1. Open your Samsung Internet Browser
  2. Tap the three-lined icon or Menu at the bottom right of the screen
  3. Navigate around the settings
  4. Tap Privacy & Security under the Advanced Option
  5. Tap Delete Browsing Data that you can find in Personal Data Option
  6. Here you will find what you want to delete from your browsing history or data. You can choose between three options, cache, browsing history, and cookies.
  7. Tap Delete


It is that simple and easy to clear the Browsing Data Samsung Internet App. Besides browsing history, you can also delete your cache and cookies to make your Smartphone more secure and even faster. Be more secure now while sharing your Smartphone with other people regarding privacy.

I hope you find this article worth reading. Keep sharing it with your friends and family members to help them to clean their Smartphones.

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