Code Red Diet Review : Everything You Need To Know

In the past few years, we have all seen an influx in the number of weight loss supplements in the market. Part of the reason the trend has gotten such hype is that people are too busy to hit the gym and that’s why they search for easier options to lose weight. However, every once in a while, you come across a weight loss program that makes you wonder if there is any authenticity behind it. We’re talking about Code Red Diet and the popularity it has received recently.

Is the program worth it? Can Code Red Diet help you get in shape? We’ll take a look at this weight loss program in this review.

What Is Code Red Diet?

Code Red Diet is a weight loss program supposedly created and taught by fitness experts who help you lose weight in 90 days. The curators of Code Red Diet claim that it is the solution for people who are fed up with the excess of information they get about losing weight.

Plus, it’s suitable for people who don’t want to do extreme exercises. According to them, these are the people who will find Code Red Diet to be helpful:

  • People who want a simple weight loss mechanism
  • People who do not have the time to go to the gym for hours
  • Individuals who are sick and tired of wasting their money on useless gimmicks and baseless supplements

When you sign up for Code Red Diet, you will get to attend virtual events with Cristy from Code Red who will help you lose weight. Along with recommending fitness plans, she will also tell you the lifestyle changes you need to make to accelerate weight loss.

Moreover, you can buy the Code Red Diet book, which contains a bulk of information about losing weight in a simple and hassle-free manner.

How Does Code Red Diet Work?

How Does Code Red Diet Work?
How Does Code Red Diet Work?

The Code Red Diet is a lifestyle that eliminates foods that do not serve your purpose on a weight loss journey. Cristy advises avoiding fruits, even natural sugar. This is because it promotes insulin. 

Fruits are “genetically engineered to be larger and sweeter than nature, so they contain more sugar than is needed for a weight loss diet.” Cristy also advises against potatoes because they “have a lot of carbohydrates that can interfere with fat burning if you raise your insulin levels too high.” 

Healthy fats and proteins should be eaten with vegetables to create a calorie deficiency and the nutritious foods needed during the weight loss phase. In this diet (and for a healthy and well-functioning body), consuming at least 1 liter of water per day is also essential.

The Code Red Diet is similar to the Ketogenic Diet in that it is high in protein and low in carbohydrates while spinning around the body while burning fat. Follow the guidelines and make permanent lifestyle changes to help you maintain your weight.

Code Red Diet Challenge

The Code Red Diet challenge is a feat for you to lose 10 pounds. You can take up the challenge on the company’s website as different sessions begin on different dates.

At $47, you get four weeks of weight loss support from the Code Red Diet experts who will help you lose 10 pounds. Thus, if you want to get in shape for a special occasion, you can join the Red Diet challenge a month before the event.

What Does Code Red Diet Contain?

What Does Code Red Diet Contain?
What Does Code Red Diet Contain?

The Code Red Diet program teaches you different ways in which you can lose weight and get into shape. They offer the following things.

Simple Meal Plans

First off, the Code Red Diet program includes simple meal plans that you can follow to lose weight. The curators say that you will not have to give up all your favorite ingredients or foods and Code Red Diet will help you lose weight effectively without a lot of effort.

Sleep Hacking Tips

Did you know that sleeping well also plays a role in helping you lose weight? That’s why you need to get designated hours of sleep every night. The curators of Code Red Diet give you sleep hacking tips and suggest you the number of hours you need to sleep to facilitate weight loss.

Code Red Diet Rules

In the Code Red Diet rules, you will learn about the different rules you have to follow during the period of the program. Don’t worry; the program does not include any crazy “diet”, there are rules that make it what it is. 

The Red Diet contains 10 important rules that you must follow:

  • Do not drink soda  
  • Vegetables in all meals (as far as our knowledge and beliefs) 
  • 78 hours of sleep every night 
  • Limit of 23 cups of coffee per day 
  • This does not include mocha or latte (that is, none) 
  • Only 23 meals a day (no snacks) 
  • No meals after 6:30 pm 
  • Drink at least 1 gallon of water daily 
  • No bread 
  • Do not use candies or alcohol 

Please note that these rules are enforced during the weight loss phase. Once that goal is achieved, you can change the rules a bit.  Another part of the rule is to always weigh with a dry weight. That is, weigh in the morning after using the toilet. Also, please take off your clothes. Keep track of your weight and monitor changes.

Tracking Sheets

You will also get access to tracking sheets for the month in which you can track everything from your meals to the workout routine. Is Code Red Diet Worth It?

If you look at the pricing for Code Red Diet, you’d realize that it’s much more expensive than any other weight loss program or supplement. Here are the packages offered by this Diet:

  • 1st Place: In this package, you will get a Home Study Program for $997. Plus, you will have access to a 90-day membership program with the coaches and their Facebook group.
  • 2nd Place: In this second place, you will get a Custom Program that is written specifically for you. You can work at your own pace at home in a 90-day membership plan for $300.
  • 3rd Place: Finally, you can get a Custom Program for $200. In this program, the weight loss mechanism will be written specifically for you. You will get access to the Red Diet coaches and their Facebook group.

Now, looking at these prices, it’s hard to imagine someone paying that much for a weight loss program.

Alternative to Code Red Diet

If you don’t want to follow a weight loss program and would rather use a supplement, you should opt for Shark Tank Keto. The supplement gained popularity from the TV show of the same name. If you want to lose weight in an easy way, you should opt for this supplement. Here is the following reliable list.

How Does Shark Tank Keto Work Better Than Code Red Diet?

How Does Shark Tank Keto Work Better Than Code Red Diet?
How Does Shark Tank Keto Work Better Than Code Red Diet?

Contrary to Code Red Diet, Shark Tank Keto is actually a supplement in itself so it will do the hard work while you reap the weight loss benefits. The supplement has been curated by experts after long research.

Additionally, the manufacturers of the supplement have only selected the best and most potent ingredients for weight loss so that the consumers get instant and effective results. Once you use the supplement, it will help you shed pounds off your body in no time.

Ingredients in Shark Tank Keto vs Code Red Diet

Since Shark Tank Keto became so popular, everyone wanted to know the ingredients present in it. Fortunately, the manufacturers were very transparent about what they had put in the supplement.

Exogenous Ketones

These ketones are known for their ability to put your body into ketosis. Owing to this, they are responsible for the quick fat loss that takes place once you start using the formula.

As they lower the carb content by raising the fat content, they tell your body that it should change its metabolic route and use fats.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is another potent ingredient that has a ton of benefits. On the one hand, it helps your body lose fat. On the other, it cleanses your body from the inside, ridding it of toxins so that you can stay healthier and feel better.


At the moment, there might not be extensive research about this but there is enough evidence to show that caffeine could be helpful in weight loss. That’s why the manufacturers of Shark Tank Keto have added it to their supplement.


The code red diet is rapidly gaining popularity due to its efficiency. It is for people who are sick of receiving a ton of information about different diets and workout regimens. Cristy Nickle, often known as “Code Red,” a health coach well known in the fitness industry, created the Code Red Diet.

Similar to the keto diet, the code red diet is high in fat and low in carbohydrates, with a focus on plant based foods.

To achieve the desired weight loss transformation, certain rules must be strictly followed. The restrictions can be slightly relaxed if the weight loss objective has been reached. It is a low carb, high fat diet, just like the keto diet. The Code Red Diet is a way of life that involves cutting out foods from your diet that are not helpful for your effort to lose weight.

Even with their natural sweetness, Chris suggests avoiding fruits because they cause insulin to surge. A 14 day detox and weight loss program called the Code Red diet claims to help you lose up to 10 pounds. The diet is divided into three phases, detoxification, weight loss, and maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On Code Red, how much weight can you lose?

It makes the promise that it may help you lose 10 pounds each month without using any diet products, regimens, or exercise. A number of instructions need to be followed to attain the desired results. The restrictions can be slightly relaxed if the weight loss objective has been reached.

On a code red, are eggs allowed?

But to get you going, here are a few quick recipes that have been approved by code red: guacamole, himalayan pink salt, bacon, and fried eggs. Butter sautéed steak and asparagus stalks with Himalayan pink salt.

Does Code Red energize you?

Code Red energy drink has a wonderful flavor and will keep you energized all day. It is pure paradise for the palate and the spirit. It gives you an extra dose of confidence because it is full of energetic components.

Why is the Code Red Diet Beneficial

It is very interesting to note that water and sleep are well integrated into this diet plan and short-term results are seen. It also reduces the amount of water in a person. In the absence of carbohydrates, the body receives energy from stored glycogen. Glycogen content is 4 grams per gram of water, so if you have enough water, your body can produce more energy. Instead of consuming carbohydrates, glycogen will let you maintain your regular activities.

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