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Welcome to MamaFacts. Are you also wondering where all the avatars showing on different Facebook accounts? Are you searching for a way to create a Facebook Avatar? Do you want to be part of this fantastic trend on social media? If yes, then we have got you covered.

In today’s article, we will show the trick to create a Facebook Avatar with a step by step guide. So buckle up your seats. This is going to be a fantastic ride.

But first things first…

What Is An Avatar?

To use an Avatar is has become comparatively easy now because Facebook users found out and rolled out the feature itself.

As it comes built-in standard with the app, it can be used anywhere on Facebook like comment section, places, FB Messenger, profile picture, or wherever you want.

How to create a Facebook Avatar?

Creating a Facebook avatar is relatively easy. All you need to do the following steps that we have laid down for you. These steps to create a Facebook avatar will work on both Android and iOS devices.

So let’s start digging around it without wasting any further time.

  • Open Your Facebook Application.
  • After opening it, sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines options in the top-right corner. Here you find the Settings.
  • Go for “See More”
  • Tap on”Avatars” Next
  • Get started after choosing Next.
  • Here you can find a range of Avatars with options like body type, skin tone, hair, clothes, etc. Choose from the given options. Submit your selected options when done.
  • Now Facebook will handle all the hassle. It will automatically create several versions of your avatar with multiple different reactions-star-eyed, sad, laughing, etc.

If you feel something missing in your avatar lately, you can always get back to these steps to get yourself a fresh-looking avatar.

Learn How To Create An Avatar [Manually]

These days internet users already want their identities to be known, and their individualities showed on blogs, forums, and chat boards. Gone are the days when people hide their identities behind computers. They would instead show their real faces or create an avatar of themselves. An avatar is what you call an animated picture shown on the Internet to identify a person.

Why this hassle?

Creating an avatar is very popular nowadays, especially with the abundance of avatar generators that allow you to make an animated picture or a cartoon version of you for free. The task is enjoyable and exciting.

You can create an avatar and use it on forums, message boards, and social networking sites like Digg, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and more. One can either fetch an image automatically from Google with the tools or upload your very own image. You can even decorate your image; there is a wide selection of borders, colors, and fonts to choose from.

Using Avatar Genrators

Many popular avatar generators can be found on the Internet, and they allow you to go wild in creating an animated character. Visit these websites and follow the instructions that you will find there. A blank character will become visible, and you will need to set it at default. Tap on a button and experiment with many tabs to have a pick of eyebrows, hairstyles, or clothing. One-click can offer you dozens of choices, so you get so much fun creating an avatar.

Some avatar generators allow you to create an avatar without using any ActiveX controls, Flash, downloads, or toolbars. On some websites, you only need to click on the “create” tab on its homepage. You will get to select your gender, eye color, or skin color. As you continue clicking the “next” button, more customization options appear, such as hair and eyewear, following your taste. You will notice your picture changes each time you select until you get satisfied with your “project.” You can save it then to your computer.

Designing a Cartoon Avatar

Designing a cartoon avatar means using your imagination to express your personality. Many web-based and free avatar generators on the net can help you create animations from 3D animations to cartoon portraits. Today there are many avatar makers available online. There is also a Flash-based avatar maker where you will be asked first to select your “body” (female, male). Then do the customization with different facial features, accessories, and clothes. When you’re done creating an avatar, you can save it as a jpg image, an icon, print it out, or share it with friends and family on various social networking sites. You don’t have to register for this site to create an avatar.

Enhance Your Internet Presence With an Avatar

An avatar is known to most people as a little internet picture that you see on forums. The avatar might not typically be a real picture of the user. The original term “avatar” came from the Hindu meaning, which refers to a manifestation of God on earth; you might have seen or heard the term avatar in a video game or movie before. Now it’s mainly used to enhance one’s internet presence.

How to Get an Avatar?

If you are not interested in having an online avatar showing off a picture of you, you might want to consider making your avatar. While many internet sites have pots of default avatars, these are not unique to you and can be used by many other people on the Internet. A way to create an avatar, if you are computer savvy, is to utilize an image creation and manipulation program such as Photoshop.

Photoshop is a fantastic way to create an avatar because you can use existing images from the Internet to make up your avatar, which will be unique to you. If you do not possess Photoshop, consider using one of the many avatar generator programs, which can be found via a quick Google search.

It should be noted that different websites have different sized avatars, so you might have to make multiple avatars in various sizes to get a high-quality image on every single website.

What Should Your Avatar Consist Of?


This depends on what you are trying to achieve through your avatar. If you are just a conventional internet user with no other motives, then make an avatar with whatever matches your tastes on any given day.

If you are trying to promote some business, then it’s advised that you have an avatar consisting of a company logo.

Some people prefer to have a picture of themselves, though, and that’s OK because it does let people know that you are a real person. It also creates a feeling of trust when you post and chat with other people because they know that you are not just an internet “troll.”

Why is an Avatar Important?

One of the most important reasons is the ability to advertise one’s business or services. Advertising is a significant part of any business, and an internet avatar on multiple different internet boards can get your name around quickly and efficiently.

Another reason is that some people prefer to be anonymous. The reasons for this are sometimes just down to personal preference, or they turn out to be more sinister, but an internet avatar helps to hide one’s identity.

Although this is loosely related to the advertisement, some people like to be unique on the Internet. In a sea of nameless faces, it’s essential to separate yourself from the pack so your opinions can be read and attributed to you.

Whatever your reasons, though, an avatar is a perfect way to separate yourself from the internet pack and make yourself heard above the rabble, so consider making and creating an internet avatar today!

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Avatars

1. Male Designs

If you look at almost any website, you’ll realize there are nearly always more male avatars than female avatars. This is only an average, but it undoubtedly comes from the fact men were the gender which first took to the wonders of the Internet.

2. Women Use Avatars More

Men often have the stigma of being computer geeks. It might come as a shock to realize its women who prefer to use avatars. And on the other hand, websites targeted towards a female audience will nearly always install an avatar generator. Many suspect this data comes from the fact that women are also more likely to become sexual harassment victims while online.

3. Baby Avatars

Due to the emphasis on mothers and childbirth in the Muslim world, many Islamic countries have avatar designs that include babies within the picture. In the West, more than one figure is practically unheard of.

4. Jesus Avatar

Believers in Docetism say Jesus wasn’t a man. Instead, they say he was merely a hand of God without any proper human form. The form he appeared in was only an avatar. Believers in this doctrine tend to take the Bible’s teachings on principle rather than as a literal interpretation.

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