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Delete Amazon Prime Video Watch History

You cannot like everything on any streaming services provider website. Whether it is a movie you ended up hating or a TV show someone watched on your Amazon Prime Video account. You always want to delete a few items from your Amazon Watch list.

This is sure that removing any content from your personal Amazon Prime Video account won’t show anything similar in your recommendations. This is how the algorithm of most streaming services providers work.

Removing a video from your Amazon Prime Video account is as easy as clearing a web browser’s history. You only need to perform a few clicks here and there to get rid of unwanted content from your watch list. But unlike many other streaming platforms, Amazon Prime Video does not provide you with the functionality to delete the entire list at once. It would help if you manually had a scroll through and individually remove a recommendation. Or you can do it by checking the box stating “I prefer not to use this for recommendations.”

Why do you need to delete your Prime Video watch history?

It’s always good to know that streaming services are tracking our likings and adding them to our watch history. In most cases, we forget what movie we were watching a while back, but our watch history can help us to recall. Seasons, movies and shows also added to our watch list or watch history also helps every one to get the recommendations as per their likings.

But everything isn’t optimistic about this; sometimes we need to delete our history to get rid of unwanted movies. We may have clicked a movie seeing its poster but ended up closing it after a few moments of watching.

Possibly a relative utilized your account to watch shows that you will feel humiliated about being added to your profile’s watch history.

If you have experienced these circumstances, it is anything but difficult to erase your watch history on your Amazon Prime Video. The principle bit of leeway of eliminating titles from your survey history is the progressions it will make on your suggestions list. Presently, it will possibly show proposals that you favor when motion pictures that you loved show up in your history.

How to delete your Prime Video watch history under 5 minutes?

Delete Amazon Prime Video Watch History

  1. First of all, open the Amazon Website on Your MAC or PC. Login your account to the site if you have not already.
  2. Now go for the three bars in the upper left-hand corner right in front of the Amazon Prime Video logo. You will get into a menu here.
  3. Open “Prime Video” over and again followed by “Prime Video.”

Delete Amazon Prime Video Watch History

  1. Get into the Menu in the upper-right corner
  2. From the drop-down, select the Settings
  3. Here you will find the Watch History Tab, click on it.
  4. Open the View History Page by clicking on the grey button
  5. Here you need to scroll through the list and select “Remove this from watched videos” very next to the movie or TV show you hide. The other way around is to check the box next to “prefer not to use this for recommendations.”

If you find this method difficult to imply or want something better and comfortable working, then you can try an alternative approach.

Alternative Method to Delete Amazon Prime Video Watch History

This is a relatively easy and straightforward method to get over unwanted videos or recommendations. You only need to perform two steps and boom you are free from nasty suggestions that you don’t want to pop up in your watch history.

  • Firstly, go for the small “Edit” button. You will find this button on the main Amazon Prime Video Page. Right after clicking on the Edit button, it will cause an “X” to appear on the top of each show or movie in your watch history.
  • Now scroll through your watch list and remove content one by one that you do not want to see in your watch list recommendations. Do not forget to click on the Done button when you are finished.

How can You delete your recent searches in Amazon Prime Video?

This question is also circulating in many forums for a while, but nobody has given the right answer so far as well as practical. That’s why we have done proper research and gather as many references as possible to answer this question practically. So to delete your recent researches in Amazon Prime Video, all you need to do is going to the Prime app on mobile goto mystUff from the below options of the screen and select settings on the top (wheel symbol). You can select the clear video search history option, and it will clear all the videos which you have watched to date as well as remove the unwanted recommendations.

Can someone see my watch history in an Amazon Prime video?

The only way I know is if you have either shared the watch history or have made it public, which I doubt you can make this thing public. Unless Amazon has offered this feature, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

The other way can be sinister: Hackers can hack into your account and see your watch history that way, but if you have a strong password and robust encryption technologies working in your favor, I do not see any reason why this would happen.

Other than this, I am not aware of any other means that your watch history can be made available to a third party as well as other people you are sharing your account with.

How do you view your Amazon Prime video history?

Well, it depends on your membership country. For the US, I have seen information on how to view your history, while for the UK, it is not available.

There is no option of viewing history for India as well. I had a chat with customer service regarding this, but they couldn’t do anything about it as well as no answers.

Why Amazon Prime Is a Good Choice?

Do you like watching movies at home? With Amazon Prime streaming video, you can do that and not have to pay for the movies as well as shows you love. Over 40,000 choices that you can watch on television, on your laptop, or Fire TV, this is a fantastic deal in itself.

Having Prime, you do not have to pay that $2.99 or $4.99 for each movie you want to watch. That is a good deal if you are a movie lover as well as watch a few movies each week. If let’s say you rent 5 movies a week at $4.99 each film, that in itself. For that month is going to cost you $24.95. Multiply that by 12, and well. You are paying about $299 for the year in movies, while Amazon Prime costs only $99 for the year.

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