Working Mechanism of Athletic Greens

A scoop of the Athletic Greens combination should be dissolved in 8 ounces of water before taking AG1. The manufacturer advises taking it on an empty stomach first in the morning. You may combine it with juice, milk, or a smoothie instead of water if you want. Only combining Athletic Greens with hot or highly acidic drinks is discouraged by the manufacturer since it may compromise the integrity and effectiveness of certain constituents.

While the manufacturer advises taking one scoop daily, it also says that two scoops can be used for brief periods of intense stress or exercise. The product must be refrigerated and used within 90 days after the packaging is opened.

The Supplement

The number of components that go into AG1 is among its most intriguing features. There are 75 ingredients total, with the following standing out:

Minerals and vitamins, including biotin, folate, vitamin B12, vitamin A, C, and E.

Organic spirulina, lecithin, organic apple powder, inulin, organic wheat grass juice powder, organic alfalfa powder, organic chlorella powder, and other ingredients make up a raw superfood complex.

Alkaline pea protein isolate, citrus bioflavonoids extract, Rhodiola, milk thistle seed extract, ashwagandha root extract, and other extracts and botanicals are among them.

Enzymes for digestion and a super mushroom complex

non-dairy probiotics

The business warns that some new users can have a little stomach ache while rare. Most people report that this goes away after a few days of regular use. It could take some individuals a little while to take one full scoop of Athletic Greens.

Experience with the Product

A bag of AG1 quickly came after making an order on the Athletic Greens website. One scoop of AG1 should be taken with 8 ounces of water, according to a note in the package and an email I also got, so I followed that advice.

But I could not drink it because of how bad it tasted and felt on my tongue (keep in mind, though, the taste is subjective). The next day, I chose to include the powder into a smoothie that had frozen strawberries, one small individual container of Greek yogurt, and one-third cup of 100% pomegranate juice.

I could readily drink the smoothie despite its unappealing hue and the gritty texture from the scoop of powder.

I attended my customary Orange Theory class three to five times a week throughout the two weeks, but I didn't feel any different or necessarily have more energy than usual. While I'm in pretty good health, it's important to keep in mind that you can still have an interaction with standard medications, like birth control pills. As a registered dietitian, I was also concerned about the variety of ingredients in the supplement because some interact with my medications.


So, is here where you grab your money and buy this superfood powder? We found a tonne of facts when doing research on this dietary supplement.

We like the components in this product because, in our opinion, they are well-researched and valuable for the product the firm is selling. We agree with the remarks on flavor and quality. Additional advantages of athletic greens include:

  • Price
  • Scientific study
  • Top-notch ingredients

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This article also proves that Athletic Greens do not hurt your stomach but even if it does, consult your doctor immediately. .

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