DoFasting Review: Our Expert Take on the Supplement

When it comes to using a supplement for weight loss, many people do not realize that a supplement alone will not be useful for them. They have to incorporate a mix of methods to reach their weight loss goals. Unfortunately, most people are not ready for the commitment or have not done their research properly. To make the issue go away, DoFasting has come up with an approach that can help such people. In this DoFasting review, we will talk about this approach in detail and determine if it really is worth all the hype that is being generated around it.

What is DoFasting?

DoFasting is actually an app that you can download on your phone. Made by Fasting Solutions UAB, the app is not the only thing that helps you in weight loss when you download DoFasting. The app actually uses a three-in-one method to help you lose weight.

It combines healthy nutrition and workout with supplementation to make sure you reach your weight goal. The supplements that the company offers are apparently made by Max Nutrition UAB, but there is little transparency in this regard, so we cannot be completely sure.

Anyway, the company claims that their product is aimed at helping you achieve a number of health benefits, such as those discussed below:


  • Weight Loss: The main benefit of DoFasting is obviously weight loss. It combines a couple of weight loss methods to help you get in shape. So, you are not only doing one thing to lose weight. Instead, you are eating right, taking the company’s supplement, and working out regularly. Together, these things help you reach your goals quickly.
  • Insulin Resistance: The manufacturers of DoFasting supplement claim that it will help in reducing insulin resistance. To explain this, we will have to go into detail about insulin resistance. It is basically a condition in which the body is producing insulin but your cells are not responding to the hormone. As a result that, the blood glucose levels go up as insulin is not being used to process the sugars. Insulin resistance is one of the precursors of diabetes.
  • Inflammation Reduction: If you have ever learned about the pathology of most common diseases, you would notice that inflammation is always one of the underlying causes or symptoms. That is because your body should not be inflamed for long periods. The body gets inflamed when inflammatory markers are released. They are released in response to damage to the body. So, when the body does not need inflammatory markers yet they are still being released, the issue can lead to other diseases.
  • LDL Reduction: Low-density cholesterol or bad cholesterol is not good for the body since it can clog your arteries and create heart problems. The company being DoFasting claims that their App and another diet can actually help lower the levels of LDL in your body, keeping you safe from hypertension and other cardiac issues.

How Does DoFasting App Work?

How Does DoFasting App Work?
How Does DoFasting App Work?

Now that you both sides of the story about DoFasting, we can go ahead and talk about the working of the app and how it benefits you in your weight loss journey.

When you download the app, you have to start by taking a one-minute quiz. When you answer the questions, the app will create a fasting plan for your needs.

The quiz asks you about different things, like basic measurements, gender, age, and the desired weight you want to be. The app will also ask you about your lifestyle, such as the kind of meals you eat and how often you eat. You will also have to answer questions about your work habits and activity level.

It is all basic stuff, so you will not have a hard time answering the questions. After asking all these questions, the quiz will give you a personal summary of what the app recommends for your daily water intake, physical activity, and meal intake. The app will also tell you the amount of time you need to lose weight and how safe it is for you to fast, depending on your lifestyle.

In beginner-level fasting, you have to eat for 12 hours and fast for the remaining 12. At the intermediate fasting level, you may have an eating window of 8 hours with fasting for 16 hours. Meanwhile, the expert level is for advanced users since it may require you to fast for 24 hours.

You can choose the fasting window and then go through the app to check different things, such as the water tracker, fasting timer, food tracker, target weight, and fasting days. All this information will be updated as you go along so that you can keep track of how much weight you have lost and how long you need to fast.

Workout Section

The app also has a workout section where you will find 10 to 20-minute long workout videos according to the amount of weight you want to lose and your fitness level. You do not need gym equipment for these workouts, so it is quite beneficial for people who do not want to hit the gym or spend money on buying equipment.

Meals Section

As for the meals section, this is where you will find information about the meals you can take, based on your personal preferences. You will also see the right meals to eat at the right time of the day.

The app also has an articles section where you can get more information about the kind of meals you can eat and how they align with your physical fitness journey.

Challenge Mode

Another thing that we noticed on the app is the challenge mode, where you can meet your fasting goals much quicker. For example, if you want to take the 14-day challenge, it will show you an intermitted fasting pattern that you have to follow.

If you tend to slack and want to be more accountable, you can start the challenge mode. It will encourage you to complete your fasting period without any cheating.

What Can You Eat?

When you use the DoFasting method to lose weight, you have to follow the instructions given by the company. They also have guidelines on what you can eat and how much of it you can eat.

The foods section on the app has a database of recipes you can make during the eating window of the non-fasting period. These foods range from pasta, steaks, and soups to smoothies and salads.

However, if it is not possible for you to always gather the ingredients, there is no need to worry. You can eat other foods too. But if you want to adopt healthy eating habits, it would be better to stick to this diet.

The app does not force you to stop eating anything. You can eat pretty much anything as long as you are eating in your non-fasting window. Keep in mind that you should not eat out of this window as it will mess up your intermitted fasting routine and delay the results.

For instance, if you are following a 16:8 fasting pattern, it would mean that you have an eating window of eight hours as you have to fast for 16 hours. Now, you can eat a healthy diet during those eight hours. But if you eat outside of that eight-hour window, you will have problems.

The app also encourages you to eat your daily calorie intake. You should not take more than the calories that are needed for your health, according to your gender, age, and physical activity.

The Science behind DoFasting

The Science behind DoFasting
The Science behind DoFasting

Although there is no particular study done on DoFasting’s method of losing weight, there are many research articles written about the benefits of intermitted fasting. In fact, some health professionals are also fond of it and would recommend it to others.

In a 2020 review, it was seen that intermitted fasting could be beneficial for weight loss in obese individuals. It can help you lose up to 13% of your body weight. The research has also found that intermitted fasting is helpful because it restricts the number of calories you are taking into your body.

Another 2019 study has shown that intermitted fasting plays a role in improving blood sugar levels. The study particularly showed that if you eat for six hours and have an 18 hour fast, you are likely to have better blood glucose levels as compared to if you were following a 12:12 fasting pattern.

Considering all these factors, it is understandable why intermitted fasting would also be good for cardiovascular health. Keep in mind that cardiovascular problems are caused due to obesity and high blood glucose levels. So, when these things are in control, heart health is also preserved.

DoFasting Review: What about the Supplements?

We have explained how the DoFasting app works, but what about the supplements? Are they also effective? DoFasting offers three supplements. We will discuss them in detail below.

BHB Ketone

The BHB Ketone supplement is for boosting energy. It contains calcium beta-hydroxybutyrate and magnesium hydroxybutyrate. BHB is a natural ketone that your body produces too.

Ketone supplements tend to increase the levels of BHB in the body so that ketosis can begin and you can lose weight. To use this supplement, you have to do the following:

  • Mix a sachet of BHB Ketone in 14 ounces of water.
  • Drink it half an hour before lunch or breakfast. You can choose the meal yourself.
  • The supplement comes in raspberry and peach flavors, so you can choose the one that is best for your palate.

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

It is likely that you have heard about apple cider vinegar as a natural ingredient for weight loss. In a 2009 study, it was found that taking 15ml to 30ml of apple cider vinegar every day can help reduce a kg to two kgs of your weight in 12 weeks.

The DoFasting apple cider vinegar gummies are easy to take and you just have to pop one whenever you have a chance to do so.

Essential Fiber Complex Box

The final DoFasting supplement is the Fiber Complex Box, which contains cellulose and glucomannan. It is a soluble fiber source that helps in weight loss because it makes you feel full faster.

Thus, when you feel full quickly, you do not eat as much as you normally would.

On the other hand, cellulose is also good for weight loss since it provides you dietary fiber. It is useful in weight management and could also be great against constipation. You just have to mix a packet of the Fiber Complex in water and drink it every day.

Overall, all three supplements serve a purpose and there has been researching that supports the effectiveness of the ingredients present in these supplements. However, DoFasting is not very transparent about the supplements’ manufacturing, so we cannot really be sure if these supplements have been tested by labs.

Pros & Cons of DoFasting

  • Along with supplements, the approach also takes nutrition and physical activity into account.
  • It gives everyone a personal summary depending on their particular information.
  • You can adjust your weight loss goals and fasting schedule to make it the easiest for you to follow.
  • You can use it as a mobile app or on a browser.
  • It is more expensive than some other options.
  • You do not get any professional support from a health expert.
  • The company is not very transparent about its supplements’ manufacturing process.

Side Effects of DoFasting

Side Effects of DoFasting
Side Effects of DoFasting

When doing this DoFasting review, we wanted to make sure we cover the expected side effects of using the company’s method of losing weight. First off, it is important to remember that intermitted fasting should not be done for too long.

You are not supposed to starve yourself. Also, your body will take some time – generally two weeks to three weeks – to get used to intermittent fasting. During this time, you will have food cravings and may experience headaches.

Do not fast for too long. If your body can not handle the hunger, there is no need to push it beyond the breaking point. In some cases, the major symptoms of intermitted fasting may include gastrointestinal stress, mood swings, extreme weakness, and dizziness.

If you are experiencing any of these side effects, stop fasting and talk to your doctor about the safest way to fast intermittently.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the BHB Ketone supplement from the company has 810mg of sodium in it, which can be quite high for people who have been instructed by their doctors to lower their sodium intake.

An excessive amount of sodium in your diet can lead to bone fracturing and hypertension.

As for the Essential Fiber Complex, if you take too much of it, you might experience diarrhea. This is why you should stick to the DoFasting dosages. Do not take more of any supplement than you have been recommended.

Comparison to Alternatives

As compared to the alternatives, DoFasting is a good option for people who might still be beginners and are on a weight loss plan for the first time in their lives. What makes this method better than others is that it has different categories, such as expert, intermediate, and beginner.

Another thing to keep in mind is that DoFasting could be more expensive than other subscriptions.

Bottom Line

Getting to the weight you want is not always easy. There are numerous things that can hinder weight loss and make you feel hopeless. Many people experiment with intermittent fasting to lose extra pounds in order to maximize outcomes during the dieting period. A timer that tells you when to fast and when to eat is included in the intermittent fasting app Dofasting, which costs $33 for a 3 month membership.

Research suggests that dofasting is an effective method for weight loss. Its supplements are best for losing extra pounds. Its 3 in 1 weight loss strategy is practical. This diet helps to reduce inflammatory risk, blood sugar, insulin resistance, and body weight. Dofasting stands out from the majority of other health and fitness apps. 

The emphasis is on intermittent fasting, and you may build your own fasting regimens or choose from a number of the most popular fasting techniques at the touch of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DoFasting a trustworthy business?

The 266 reviews on DoFasting have an average rating of 4 stars, which suggests that most consumers are typically happy with their purchases. The most commonly mentioned benefits of dofasting among happy customers are food tracking, weight loss, and eating schedule.

How much does the BHB Ketones for Energy cost?

The supplement costs $88 for a bottle that lasts for a month. But you can buy a six-month supply for $349.92.

How does DoFasting work?

Dofasting marks itself as an app for weight loss that specializes in intermittent fasting. The app guides you in selecting the type of fasting schedule you want to adhere to before displaying a countdown for when to eat and when to fast.

Can you take workout supplements while fasting?

Pre workout supplements with performance improving components typically don’t have calories, so they won’t end your fast. Branched chain amino acids are an exception to this rule; they do include calories and can break a fast by raising insulin levels.

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