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There is no doubt that Amazon Fire Stick devices are hugely popular in the world. Often you are on the couch with your favourite drink and some snacks, and you start TV, hoping to watch your favourite TV shows. But from nowhere, your Amazon TV stick refuses to get past the Amazon logo while booting up.

There is no denying that it could spoil your entire mood and takes in you a rabbit hole wondering why this is happening and how to Fix Fire TV Stick Stuck Amazon Logo.

Amazon Fire Stick is a great way to stream anything you want on a smart TV. It is an excellent source of relaxation on weekends. But they are getting this Fire TV Stick Stuck Amazon logo making it worse. Many users have reported so far that they are unable to past the Amazon boot up or logo screen.

There could be many reasons behind this issue if this happens to you. It can be due to an inadequate power supply. Some users started facing this issue after a recent update, and some are facing this issue without even these two reasons. But whatever the reason is, let’s discuss some practical solutions to Fix Fire TV Stick Stuck Amazon Logo.

It could be fixed in a moment or take hours, contingent upon how you continue. Fortunately, we experienced a comparable trial and will cover the best arrangements in this post, alongside six (6) methods you can do to fix the issue.

Why is your Fire Stick stuck on Amazon logo screen?

There are a few reasons why your Fire Stick may stall out on Amazon logo screen.

It’s conceivable that your device is booting gradually because of an ongoing update, or because there’s an issue with the input power gracefully.

Power Supply issues are very familiar, particularly in case you’re not utilizing the first force connector. Another reason for this issue can be the overheating of the gadget.

Ultimately, a terrible update or your settings can cause this issue, so you may need to reset your gadget to processing plant settings to fix it.

Since you know the foundations for this issue, how about we perceive how we can fix it.

Fix Fire TV or Fire TV Stick Stuck on Amazon Logo Screen

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Solution/Method No.1: Wait for a While

Yeah, this may be sound crazy, but waiting sometimes can Fix Fire TV Stick Stuck Amazon Logo or gets past the logo screen. You wither need to wait for five or ten or minutes some cases 30 minutes. It may be an hour. But, it sometimes gets through this issue by merely waiting so you can start enjoying your favourite movies and TV shows again.

Solution/Method No. 2 – Make Sure You Have Sufficient Power Supply

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The power supply is the most crucial component of your Amazon Fire TV Stick or Amazon Fire TV as it is powered all the other devices in your Amazon Fire TV/ while the power supply is usually a very sturdy component, there might be a few times when you may have to replace it or check it.

The Fire TV Stick needs to have a sufficient power supply to start up and function properly. Shortage of adequate electric power could cause this issue of freezing Amazon Fire TV on Amazon Logo while booting up or not even starting up at all. So if waiting on freezing screen does not work for, try checking the power supply. To stream your favourite shows, your FIRE TV stick needs sufficient power.

If you are running your Amazon Fire TV Stick on a power adapter, try changing directly to a power outlet. Not using the original cable from Amazon can also lead to this issue. So try to switch your cable with an original cable to Fix Fire TV Stick Stuck Amazon Logo issue.

Solution/Method No.3: Check If Your Device is Overheating

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Most Common Issues in Amazon Fire TV Sticks: When Amazon Fire TV Sticks were introduced; they were very exclusive, expensive, heavy, and underpowered. With the advancement in technology, modern Amazon Fire TV Sticks have been introduced with many advanced features like portability, lightweight and ability to stream as most powerful streaming devices do today. Despite having all these advanced features, and the facility of portability, there are several issues that users are facing while using their Amazon Fire TV Sticks.

Overheating of Amazon Fire TV is a common issue that users face. Overheating problem occurs typically due to a faulty cooling material which stops working. Or because the airflow into the Amazon Fire TV  blocked. Amazon Fire TV is kept cool with the use of small heat-absorbing pads that bring cold air into the Amazon Fire TV from the surrounding environment to cool off the Amazon Fire TV internal components.

Suppose these fans stop working or stop bringing air in the Amazon Fire TV. In that case, different Amazon Fire TV components like ports or CPU might become overheat, which will result in Amazon Fire TV shuts down intermittently or stuck on Amazon logo. If airflow into the system blocked somehow, this can also result in the Amazon Fire TV overheating. The main reason for this blockage is placing the Amazon Fire TV on a soft surface like adjusted area. If your Amazon Fire TV is heating up due to the above reason. It is advisable to place your Amazon Fire TV, open surface when you use it. Using an Amazon Fire TV in an open area is the best way to prevent it from overheating. Other quick fixes for overheating issue are:

  1. Leave your Amazon Fire TV Stick for rest for over 30 minutes.
  2. Turn off Your Smart TV and unplug all of your devices.
  3. Let it rest for a while to cool down properly.
  4. Plug your Fire Stick back into the TV to check either this issue fixed for you or not.

If issues still exist, don’t worry we still have plenty of methods to work on to fix Fire TV Stick Stuck Amazon Logo.

Solution/Method No.4: Connect to a Different HDMI Port

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HDMI is the standard interface for the new high definition televisions and home theatre systems coming out today. A single HDMI cable made up of a total of 19 separate wires combined into one. It has a data transfer rate of 5 Gbps, which is a huge increase from previous types of cables. The quality of the line and this high data transfer rate allow HDMI cables to transfer a digital signal instead of an analogue one.

Anyone who has bought a TV, game console, or media player within the last few years has heard of HDMI, but many people are unclear on exactly what it is. While the name “HDMI”, which is short for High Definition Multimedia Interface, probably makes it sound overly complicated. It’s straightforward when you get right down to it. And all the modern devices utilizing this port for extraordinary data transfer rates for audio-video inputs and outputs.

There could be a problem with your current HDMI port that you are using to connect your Amazon Fire TV Stick to your smart TV. Try switching ports to a different one can help.

It is significant that if numerous HDMI gadgets associated with your TV. That can make obstruction and disturbance the Fire TV Stick. Notwithstanding causing the Fire TV Stick to continue restarting, having different HDMI gadgets snared to your TV could likewise make the gadget stall out during boot-up.

Unplug all other HDMI gadgets snared to your TV. Power on your Fire TV Stick to check if it boots past the Amazon Logo screen. On the off chance that it doesn’t, continue to the following choice underneath.


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This is to affirm which of the gadget is misbehaving — your TV or Fire TV Stick? Take a stab at utilizing the Fire TV Stick on another TV to check whether it will boot past the Amazon logo screen. If it does, you should watch that the HDMI port of the past TV is viable with your streaming stick. You should contact the client assistance of your TV’s maker.

Then again, you ought to likewise utilize another Fire TV Stick on a similar TV. If you have one or get one from a companion. If the new Fire TV Stick boots past the Amazon logo, at that point the old Fire TV Stick is defective. For this situation, you can either reset the gadget to production line default or return it to the point of procurement for fix or substitution.

Solution/Method No. 6: Method #5 – Reset Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

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If none of the above methods has worked for you. Then resetting your Amazon Fire TV Stick is the only choice you left with to Fix Fire TV Stick Stuck Amazon Logo. Here’s how you reset Amazon Fire TV Stick to factory settings under two minutes.

  1. Press both the Back Button and the Right Button simultaneously on your remote.
  2. Hold for at least 10 seconds and continue to press.
  3. Now, follow the instructions it says on your screen.

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  1. Thanks for helping me out. I have tried several methods but all in the veins. I have tried 3rd method from your list and it worked for me like a charm. You are doing a really great work Mark.


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