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Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing Options

It is very frustrating when the game freezes in the middle of the gameplay due to bad graphics card behave. We cannot do anything to fix it instantly. The missing control panel option problem is so common that many users have been complaining about it. In this tech blog, you will find a few essential methods and techniques which are put together and will help to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing Options your computer.

As per our news, many Nvidia Graphics card users are facing Nvidia control panel issue that is not showing any control options. So if you are looking into this article, you are probably looking for a solution, and we have more than one solution for you to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing Options. Nvidia control panel is the only way that the user can adjust their graphic properties, but it’s no longer the case. It’s gone from the notification tray, start menu, and desktop context menu.

This may be causing problems for you but don’t worry, we have a set of a proven solution to fix this problem appropriately. As per our investigation and concerning the gaming community, many users are facing this issue mainly because of corrupted card drivers. In some cases, this is also happening because of an invalid registry key. Many users also reported that they started to experience this issue after updating the card drivers. There is not one or two but many problems that are causing this issue, and we have the solution for each. Keep reading this article to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing Options.

Methods and Techniques to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing Options

There are several techniques/methods that one can utilize to fix Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing Options. We are going to list each possible solution, and some of them will work like magic for you. From basic troubleshooting to more advanced methods, we are going to explore many problems to give this problem a kick in nuts and to get back the Nvidia control panel on your Desktop.

Technique/Method 1: Unhide Nvidia Control Panel

As per the latest news, many users have updated their Nvidia graphics software and facing this issue right after it. There might be a possibility that the new update caused this issue and hide the control panel from the settings which result in this issue. Here is the list of some straightforward steps to get back your missing Nvidia Control Panel:

  • Open Control Panel or Press Windows+R Key together. You will see a run box there. Type Control in it and hit the Enter key.

  • We now have access to the Control Panel, change this view setting to large icons and then open Nvidia Control Panel.

  • Nvidia Control Panel window will get show up, here Search for Desktop in the menu alternatives. At that point, select both Add desktop setting Menu and Show warning plate symbol choices starting from the drop menu.

  • Now, open your PC desktop to check either Nvidia Control Panel is showing or not.

Method / Technique 2: Restarting Nvidia Services to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing Options

If the above technique doesn’t tackle your concern, at that point, you need to restart the administrations of your NVIDIA Graphics card. You need to experience these fundamental advanced methods which help you in restarting the particular administrations of NVIDIA.

  • Get into Windows Run Box by pressing the Windows+R key together and type services MSC and press the Enter Key.

  • Another window creates the impression that shows all the administrations that are presently running on your PC. In this rundown of administrations cautiously search for the NVIDIA administrations. Now, select each Nvidia administration individually and restart them by tapping on the Restart button present on the left half of the window. If any Nvidia administration isn’t running at present, click the Start catch to run it.

  • Now Switch off your PC and turn it on again. Check either this method work for you to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing Options or not. If this doesn’t work for you, don’t worry, we have plenty of methods in pending.

Method/Technique 3: Get Solution from Nvidia Support

The above arrangements will work completely fine for the vast majority of the people who are finding an answer for Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing Options. Yet, a few people despite everything, revealed that they are confronting a similar issue once more. Along these lines, Here is a changeless answer for this issue from Nvidia Support. You need to follow these essential steps.

  • Get into My Computer and open the drive where your system files are located.
  • Now follow this folder path all along.
  • Program Files or Program Files (x86)>> NVIDIA Corporation>> Display.Nvcontainer
  • You will see a file named NVDisplay.The container in this folder.

  • Now copy this file after selecting it thoroughly.
  • Again open the startup folder by typing shell: startup ad press the Enter Key.

  • You will get into the startup folder, now paste the copied file here (NVDisplay.Container)

  • Presently go the properties of the NVDisplay.Container document that you stuck in the Startup envelope, to do this right-tap on the NVDisplay.Container record and select Properties choice.
  • In the Properties window, click on the Compatability tab. At that point, select the Run as authoritative/administrative, checkmark this alternative to give the administrator rights to the NVDisplay.Container document. At that point, click on alright to apply these settings.

  • After applying all the necessary steps, restart your computer and apply these changes. After that, you will able to see the NVIDIA Control Panel on all the missing places like the desktop context menu and notification tray.

Method/Technique 4: Update Nvidia Graphic Card Drivers

There are still chances that your problem hasn’t solved yet. In this time, one can quickly determine that this is due to missing drivers or incompatible drivers’ issues. All you need to do perform now to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing Options is updating your Nvidia Graphics Card drivers. To do this in the right and better way, follow the below-given steps one by one:

  • To start this, press Windows+X keys at the same time. Here you will find the Device Manager option, click on it.


  • In this Device Manager list, you will see all the devices that are currently running on your system or PC. Go for the Display Adapters in this menu and open it to find Nvidia Graphics Card. Right, Click on the Nvidia Graphics card to updating its drivers now.


  • This will open another window. Here, from the two choices, pick Search Automatically for refreshed driver programming. Presently your framework will naturally look for the best driver that is accessible for your Graphic card and afterward Install it consequently.


  • On the off chance that refreshing the driver didn’t resolve the issue. At that point, you need to uninstall the Graphic card driver and reinstall it once more. This will fix your concern.

Method/Technique 5: Re-install Nvidia Graphics Card driver

  • Press Windows+Xkeys at the same time and then look for the Device manager option and open it.

  • This will open a Device Manager window. In this window, you need to search for Display Adapters and extend it. Presently Right-click on the Graphic card driver and select Uninstall from the choices. This will totally eliminate the Graphic card drivers from your framework.


  • After the uninstallation, you need to visit the Nvidia Drivers page to introduce a new duplicate of the new refreshed driver that matches your Graphic Card. Thus, cautiously select the item type and item arrangement to download the viable variant of drivers for your Graphic card. Once downloaded, install it on your framework.

  • Now Restart your computer to implement the updation, and you will find the Missing Nvidia Control Panel on your desktop context menu or notification tray.

Method/Technique 6: Manually Launch

Here is another answer for all the clients who are as yet confronting the Nvidia control panel missing issue over and over. They can fix this issue by physically propelling the Nvidia Control Panel. To dispatch the Nvidia control board physically, you need to follow all the means cautiously that are listed beneath.

  • Most importantly, you need to open My Computer and afterward go to Local Disk (C). In nearby drive (C) search for the folder named Program Files (X86) or Program Files opens it.
  • Here, you will discover a folder named NVIDIA Corporation, and when you open this folder, you will find a subfolder here with the name of Control Panel Client. When you open the Control Panel Client folder at that point, look for a document named nvcplui.
  • Presently by right-tapping on the record run nvcplui document as ahead. This will open the Nvidia control board window; presently, you can get to all the customization controls of your graphic card.
  • Select the nvcplui record, Right-click on it, and select Create a Desktop shortcut. You can now without much of a stretch open the Nvidia control board straightforwardly from the Desktop.


Method/Technique 7: Reinstalling Nvidia Control Panel to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing Options


Here is the next and last possible solution to fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing Options. Here you need to reinstall Nvidia Control Panel Application from Microsoft Store. You can perform it simply by following these steps.

  • Click on Windows Button or Open Setting then looks for the Settings option here.

  • Now Open Apps Option

  • Open Apps Features from the left side menu
  • Type Nvidia Control Panel in the search bar menu
  • Note: If you already have Nvidia Control Panel Installed on your PC, you need to uninstall it first.

All you need do right now is to click get a fresh copy of the Nvidia Control Panel from Microsoft Store and install it.


Recently, a video driver error issue has been flooding tech forums. The NVIDIA Graphics Drivers has been causing many people quite a bit of a headache. When that happens, our tech support forums light up light a Christmas tree. This also means solutions are readily available.

In this article, we already have discussed all the possible solutions to Fix Nvidia control panel Missing options. From the observations and user experience, we have concluded that methods 6 and 4 are the best possible solutions to overcome this problem. If you like to do things manually or on your own, then Method 7 is a way to go for you.

Have you at any point pondered improving your PC? Possibly get more execution? To the extent enhancements to an old PC go overhauling your designs card is one of the most simple and most cost-effective ways to achieve more performance. And fixing all the graphics related errors are the first thing to get the best out of your PC. If you have any other query or anything you are finding hard to understand, do let us know in the comments section below. We will resolve each of your queries and question as of our top priority as soon as possible.

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