Highlights of Flight Simulators Next World Update

The studio also has provided some news and highlights from the World Update 6 release notes, which are republished again.

In July, Flight Simulator released a significant update to go with the game's Xbox Series X/S release. It gave a critical presentation lift to PC players, who likewise got admittance to the various new easy-to-understand includes initially intended to assist with making the game more friendly for console proprietors.

A Flight Simulator Top Gun development will be delivered in the not-so-distant future.



Across the title, several crashes have been fixed

The latest update comes with a Fixed ATC Radar. By doing this, ATC no longer asks you to change your altitude when it cannot be applied. The VFR Map currently shows data for scopes past 75 degrees - New ARINC cycle 2108 is presently accessible.


The latest update allows fixing crashes in autosave in bush trip missions, mainly when using a non-ASCII name.


To better match POH-Gyro Drift, S22 performance and fuel consumption have been modified now. It is modified to set when Aircraft Systems assistance presets are set to Easy, Medium and Hard.


Offscreen territory pre-reserving" illustrations settings have been added (Low, Medium, High and Ultra). Whenever set to Ultra, all the offscreen territory will be reserved at full quality, decreasing FPS drops and LOD popping while panning the camera yet may affect general execution. Maximum photogrammetry draw distance has been additionally expanded. Subsequently, the photogrammetry of downtown structure regions will be apparent farther away - Cities around evening time are presently more noticeable on the World guide.


When quitting the sim in VR, the title no longer crashes. Now you get various briefs, debriefs with proper tutorials adequately displayed. Now players are allowed to complete all the objectives in the VR.


Fixed gathering showing issue in the landscape proofreader - Projected Mesh not delivered while moving the camera or adding new ones in the Scenery manager (we power the stacking of LOD 0) - Improved some text delivering for XML measures - Plane investigate screens currently accurately figure and show GPH/gallon each hour fuel utilization (DebugAircraftEngines and DebugAircraftTracking)