A Little Dig Down into the Video

The video starts with Ruibal saying, "oh boy, here we go again." This dialog is a known meme of GTA games around the world. And then he starts jumping and jogging awkwardly, just like a PS2-era character. He then finds himself scoter and heads towards the club's stadium.

When he reaches there, Ruibal moves towards the pitch side and meets his teammate, Guido Rodriguez ho, an Argentinian.

The pair then, at that point, presents a new signing Pezzella with his Real Betis shirt, as a 'Mission Passed' message is shown.

Albeit the video has been procuring acclaim via web-based media on its excellent entertainment of the Grand Theft Auto HUD and guide, others are bringing up that Real Betis isn't the primary club to do this spoof.

Clean group Wisła Płock tweeted a comparable video three months prior, which they named GTA: Wisła Płock.