About G-plane:

G-plane is a health-related company that is designed a special app that is actually based on Artificial intelligence which is work for the purpose of weight loss by creating wellness and nutrition products patterned for the special one by one according to each person for good health and to attain desired weight loss.

Dr. Goglia is a Ph.D. scholar of nutritional science and also a certified nutritionist for 30 years and Dr. Philip Goglia is a co-founder and chief medical officer in the organization of this co-work.

Dr.goglia is the best and most famous nutritionist and speaker for different TV shows on the topic of weight loss and worked with different celebrities like Kim and Khloe Kardashian.

After all of these efforts, they designed an app that you can use on your mobile phone which provides a free of cost fantastic nutrition guide with calorie count and workout journal and also you get free meal plans from their free male planner.

G-Plans Review

G-Plans Working: 

G-plans are made based on Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology that generates a customer-friendly tracking meal program. The AI results are based on inputs that are given by the user and provide information according to the requirements. LA Weight Loss Program works on the same mechanism and assists you with losing weight by keeping track of your diet.

Furthermore,  if you want some specific weight loss plan that is specially designed according to your body type, then you can buy a paid program. There is some sort of quiz program that asks you questions such as body weight, details about the calories intake, exercise routine, and many more that gives information about your routine and provides you result of metabolic quiz and you can choose any of plane that you think it will support you in reducing weight loss. There are three plans of programming that is offered by the app:

  • Pro Plan: Receive a completely customized meal plan that is based on the metabolic quiz and is provided for one month.

In this pro plane, you will get the meal plane and G-plane AI app within the range of $40.

  • Managed Plans: this plan include the customized meal plan and weekly 1-on-1 nutrition coaching from one of the live nutritionist coach. You can ask any query about enhancing the rate of weight loss and ask him to guide you right food that boosts the weight reduction loss and that can work for you.

The cost of Managed plans is 40$ per month with an extra 10$ at the start of your call with your nutritionist. and also the rate of the call can exceed this amount.

  • Maintenance plan: This weight loss plan is especially for those who get the desired results from the built-in Artificial Intelligence and want to maintain it.  This plane provides you with specific plans exact according to your body specifications by giving access to the G-plans and then you can sign up for further guidance. The cost of this plan tracking tool is $40 per month.

Even though, the micro and macronutrient content varies according from person to person and metabolic type. the most important specification that is agreed upon in the case of diets is to avoid processed carbohydrates and added sugar.

As a whole, AI features that are added in the G-plans make a more strong app that is good enough for managing and helping you in the way of weight loss.

Rather than the free signup that provides a free counter, meal planner, and nutrition calculations that are taken through foods. there are three types of meal plans that are paid and offer an increase in the reduction of weight loss.

Pros and cons of G-plane:

  • Design plans that are specific and customized for each individual
  • The AI nutrition support provides help which manages weight loss in a very effective way
  • Recommend to avoid the recommended sugars
  • Less intake of processed food
  • This smart app is compatible with google fit
  • There is lack of evidence about the accuracy of the metabolic type diets
  • It is expensive
  • There are no workout recommendations