G-Plans Review: Does It Really Work?

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Today, the top trends are weight loss for looking good about yourself but not for the struggle with a specific body shape that may suit you or not. Every body type is different from others, so what plans suits you is not necessary it will suit all the other persons; there are several variations in body types like ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs, these type of body are because by genetic sequence and are not possible to change body type. Read Now G-Plans Review: Does It Really Work?

Moreover, the principal thing that might we have considered is why you want to lose weight?

How do you find the best plans for faster and consistent weight loss? How Much Weight Loss is Concerning? Rather than doing any non-specific way, the reduction of weight loss. Weight loss is not connected with a smaller number on the scale that does not equate to health; a smaller and thinner body is not a sign of good health. Nobody in the world is perfect, so overcome the fear of being perfect. apart from everything, perfect is boring. As  VENUS WILLIAMS says,

“Just believe in yourself. Even if you don’t, pretend that you do and, at some point, you will.”

During the covid pandemic era, the worst fact is that 73.6% of Americans are overweight and countless people are searching for help that boosts the reduction and they will look slimmer and fit. There are a large number of options that are available in the market for weight loss plains but the problem is that all of these are looking the same and create a conflict with all other information-related weight plans that are present in the market.

As I am in the health and fitness industry since years ago and I have seen it all ground realities. Different diets that are offering instant results and actually work according to their claim but it takes time for a person who would like most. All of the information that is found on the internet are garbage when taking a look at authentic weight loss material. when I research and analyze new content or any new supplements available in the market, I am always skeptical about the evaluation of its ingredient and approval from the FDA or any other authentic brands.

When I was introduced to G-Plans, I was skeptical when I checked and analyzed them. although I find it metabolic body type weight loss plans when deep dive into this plan.

G-Plans is a custom-made dietitian programming that is actually designed by artificial intelligence. the actual programming of this system is designed by understanding the body type and your intake of calories that are required for the best weight loss without any risk of side effects.

This G-Plans Review includes:

  • About G-plane
  • G-Plans Working 
  • Pros and cons
  • Paid program
  • Is it safe or not?
  • FAQs
  • Bottom line

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About G-plane:

G-plane is a health-related company that is designed a special app that is actually based on Artificial intelligence which is work for the purpose of weight loss by creating wellness and nutrition products patterned for the special one by one according to each person for good health and to attain desired weight loss.

Dr. Goglia is a Ph.D. scholar of nutritional science and also a certified nutritionist for 30 years and Dr. Philip Goglia is a co-founder and chief medical officer in the organization of this co-work.

Dr.goglia is the best and most famous nutritionist and speaker for different TV shows on the topic of weight loss and worked with different celebrities like Kim and Khloe Kardashian.

After all of these efforts, they designed an app that you can use on your mobile phone which provides a free of cost fantastic nutrition guide with calorie count and workout journal and also you get free meal plans from their free male planner.

G-Plans Working: 

G-plans are made based on Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology that generates a customer-friendly tracking meal program. The AI results are based on inputs that are given by the user and provide information according to the requirements. LA Weight Loss Program works on the same mechanism and assists you with losing weight by keeping track of your diet.

Furthermore,  if you want some specific weight loss plan that is specially designed according to your body type, then you can buy a paid program. There is some sort of quiz program that asks you questions such as body weight, details about the calories intake, exercise routine, and many more that gives information about your routine and provides you result of metabolic quiz and you can choose any of plane that you think it will support you in reducing weight loss. There are three plans of programming that is offered by the app:

  • Pro Plan: Receive a completely customized meal plan that is based on the metabolic quiz and is provided for one month.

In this pro plane, you will get the meal plane and G-plane AI app within the range of $40.

  • Managed Plans: this plan include the customized meal plan and weekly 1-on-1 nutrition coaching from one of the live nutritionist coach. You can ask any query about enhancing the rate of weight loss and ask him to guide you right food that boosts the weight reduction loss and that can work for you.

The cost of Managed plans is 40$ per month with an extra 10$ at the start of your call with your nutritionist. and also the rate of the call can exceed this amount.

  • Maintenance plan: This weight loss plan is especially for those who get the desired results from the built-in Artificial Intelligence and want to maintain it.  This plane provides you with specific plans exact according to your body specifications by giving access to the G-plans and then you can sign up for further guidance. The cost of this plan tracking tool is $40 per month.

Even though, the micro and macronutrient content varies according from person to person and metabolic type. the most important specification that is agreed upon in the case of diets is to avoid processed carbohydrates and added sugar.

As a whole, AI features that are added in the G-plans make a more strong app that is good enough for managing and helping you in the way of weight loss.

Rather than the free signup that provides a free counter, meal planner, and nutrition calculations that are taken through foods. there are three types of meal plans that are paid and offer an increase in the reduction of weight loss.

Pros and cons of G-plane:


  • Design plans that are specific and customized for each individual
  • The AI nutrition support provides help which manages weight loss in a very effective way
  • Recommend to avoid the recommended sugars
  • Less intake of processed food
  • This smart app is compatible with google fit


  • There is lack of evidence about the accuracy of the metabolic type diets
  • It is expensive
  • There are no workout recommendations

Pro plan:

This customized nutrition plan offered a 7-day meal plan that is designed according to metabolic type and weight loss goals.

The program includes a customized meal plan for breakfast, dinner, and lunch and also offered customized plans that are designed according to your recipes with a built-in exchange program.

The exchange program helps you to set the meal in your budget with changes in ingredients that might give you more benefits and good results for weight loss.

Different studies show that the exchange program of the meal might help you intake the ingredients that contain more benefits to assist you in reducing your obesity level.

The pro plan program also includes:

  • Composition and fat percentage tracking of the body 
  • For tracking the nutrient and calories use the Barcode scanner
  • Macro and micronutrient data and calories for all meals.

The meal plan can be designed according to the person if those are vegetarian, or non-vegetarian, then set the meal plan according to their lifestyles.

Managed plan:

Managed plans are that people who are stuck at some point and they need extra care and coaching to get out yourself from this condition of stuckness and get the desired set goals.

In this plan, you can achieve the customized meal plan along with a direct call with your nutritionist for better quiz=de and results.

In the managed plan you can get:

  • Get access for the permission of uncountable email with your nutritionist for the further guideline
  • The meal plan is based on the efficiency and activity of the metabolic quiz.
  • With the recommendation of workout for more fitness
  • Also evaluate the sleep timing, energy, and stress of the mind

The more good specifications of this plan are designed also for those individuals who are suffering from some medical problems like

  • In the patient with cardiovascular disease
  • Some people are suffering from different types of allergy
  • PCOS


It is made for the support of the person who wants to maintain the weight and not reduce the weight.

This plan is working with the help of built-in AI features that provides you food list which you to enter into your diet that will help you to sustain the weight.

The amazing feature of this plan is a barcode scanner that is used for the input of food items, calories, and macronutrient data for all meal plans such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Working of G-plains:

There are 3 main working factors that help in managing weight loss in the G-plans review:

  1. Metabolic type diet
  2. Meal tracking
  3. Accountability

Metabolic type diet:

The major drawback of G-plan’s customized diet is that is designed according to the metabolic type and unfortunately, there is limited research about the metabolic type diet and quiz that is used for finding your metabolic type.

The research on metabolic type shows that this plan designs each person’s diet plans but there is very little evidence that supports the fact people fall into three categories that are explained by the metabolic type diet.

Calibrate Weight Loss Program follows the metabolic type diets to improve your metabolism for weight loss.

But the important point and major advantage of a metabolic type diet are mostly focused on the low processed food and less intake of processed carbohydrates and added sugars. the weight loss journey may speed up if you reduce the use of processed food and added sugar.

Different quizzes are asked during the 60-second of metabolic type test:

  • Sleep duration and patterned
  • Craving level
  • Type of body shape such as lean, pear-shaped, squared, inverted triangles e.t.c.
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Muscle strength and energy
  • Mood swings
  • Health details and disease history 
  • Allergies
  • Goals of weight loss
  • Body composition
  • Family life 
  • Cooking routine

While more research is needed in the case of metabolic type quizzes and also there is an effective quiz but more need to add further valuable questions.

The overall conclusion is that it is really helpful in the reduction of weight loss.

Meal tracking:

According to different studies, self-observation and the tracking of foods, beverages, intake of fast food quantity, and fat are directly associated with weight loss.

Also, persistant dietary tracking is the best solution for faster and more consistent weight loss.

Further studies show that diet tracking makes it more engaging and manageable by using the mobile phone smart app which increases the rate of sustainability.

And also many people who have used the smart app for tracking their diet meals are slowly start demotivated by meal tracking.

If you are one of them who are motivated and enjoyed logging your food, then G-plan smart app and food database may give you healthy tracking options to analyze your food intake.

The lifestyle which is considered healthy is behind tracking the intake of calories and macronutrients, this is a healthy point that helps you at the start of your weight loss journey.


Accountability is the most important feature in the journey of weight loss and weight loss management that we discussed in the G-plans Review.

The most interesting feature of the G-plan is offering the accountability feature through their app and offer for people who have a membership.

When you get the subscription after the signup, then every member is capable of downloading the free recipe book, free access to the Facebook group, Dr. Goglia’s nutrition book, nutritional guiding videos, and many interesting blogs.

The free smart app helps bring about daily meal logging and encourages accountability.

If you want the higher accountability program, you can get this through managed plans.

The paid program gives more access to the online nutritionist call and unlimited free access to the email.

The G-plan program app features a high level of accountability and encourages weight loss.

G-plans supplement:

G-plans have a large number of products of nutrition that are designed by Dr. Goglia. and the purpose of the product of Dr. Goglia is a fast weight loss process when combined with the nutrition series. Also provides supplements that offer products for inflammation, brain, gut, and immune health.

The product is Non-GMO, free of pesticides, does not have artificial flavors or colors, and gluten-free.

The product that is offered by Dr.goglia is:

  • Heart support with turmeric formula
  • Complete Probio Max Probiotic Formula
  • Immune Boost with Vitamin C Formula
  • Rest Restore Sleep Aid
  • Total Soothe Anti-Anxiety
  • Vibrant Reds Polyphenol Formula
  • Natural Brain Boost Cognitive Enhancement
  • Whey Protein Weight loss shake
  • Green Tea Coffe Extract

The green tea coffee extract provides the promotion of weight loss as shown by different searches.

These products are a helpful addition to weight loss but not necessary for achieving weight loss.

But there is no strong evidence that without supplements weight is not possible and the result can be achieved through the exercise and diet that may be most effective for good health.

The product’s price ranges from $25-$65, this range is comparatively more reasonable and economic than other products that are available in the market.

Safety consideration:

All the features of the app are generally safe for most people and the individual who is suffered from an eating disorder should avoid weight loss by using the G-plan program.

Meal and calorie tracking may be activated and helpful for all people.

These G-plans are used for those who are the age of 18 years or adults.

The pregnant woman should avoid the weight loss programs such as G-plan.

Before going to use any weight loss program, like 1200 Calories Diet, consult with your doctor and take precautions.

Bottom line of G-Plans Review:

G-plans offer metabolic nutrition plans according to each individual with metabolic type diet and calorie tracking. the G-plans review helps to get the best option for weight loss.

The G-plans include an AI nutritionist that provides customized plans and recommendations for meals, snacks, and recipes according to your weight loss goals.

This smart app is easily used and a combination of calorie tracking and accountability that provides helps you to get weight loss.

The benefits that are provided by the G-plans are:

  • Low processed carbohydrates
  • Low processed foods
  • A lot of use of fruit and vegetables
  • The high amount of fiber carbohydrates
  • Avoid the use of processed added sugar

The G-plans offer a great program that helps in weight loss with the support of high meal planning and tracking of calories with the use of healthy recipes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many meals and snacks can be taken per day according to the G-plans recommendations?

G-plans recommend 6-7 meals a day or may you eat or take meals every 2-3.5 hours.

What do you get with G-plans?

With the G-plans you get the metabolic meal plan with three meals per day and you can track all of your routines that you are doing for weight loss like calorie count.

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