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Honor Watch GS Pro is a newly launched smartwatch from Huawei with built-in fitness tracking functions. This is the very first time when Honor is launching a smartwatch.

As we all know, Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei that is enough to ensure the sleek and stylish nature of Honor Watch GS Pro. It is nothing less than a heaven for people who are looking to get their hands on hiking and outdoor smartwatches.

The Honor Watch GS Pro comes with a design that is built to last. It comes packed with advanced features like navigation, a barometric altimeter, and huge battery life. The battery of the Honor smartwatch is enough to last a few days of hiking.

Honor Watch GS Pro

Price of Honor Watch GS Pro

At a starting price of around 249.99 Euros is set to compete with outdoor watches like Garmin Instinct solar and Traverse.

As this Honor smartwatch is not as outdoor-oriented as some other brands like Garmin Fenix 6 and Polar Grit X, but still it could be an excellent option for those people who are looking for a complete package in a smartwatch.

So let’s start reviewing Honor Watch GS Pro in detail without wasting any further time.

Honor Watch GS Pro: Design and screen

GS Pro is a hardcore smartwatch and design to survive even under harsh conditions. It comes with a military certification to further confirm its durability credentials. This smart yet durable watch can function in humidity for 240 hours and salt fog, 96 hours.

It comes with a case bulk similar to a Fenix 6 but weighs less than it. Even it is lighter than both the earlier watches we mentioned, but still, it can feel large and cumbersome to wear at times, making it the best for both worlds.

You can get it either in a white or black case with a textured high-quality plastic case. It has an attractive stainless steel bezel ring around the touchscreen display. By looks, one can quickly get that it is an outdoor watch and that’s the whole philosophy of the design of this watch.

If you are looking for a rugged watch with a premium touch, Honor Watch GS Pro is can be an excellent option for you.

Honor Watch GS Pro: Outdoor Features

So let’s come to the central part, the outdoor features of GS Pro. Besides its rugged build, it is packed with a series of advanced features and class-leading sensors to make it a perfect watch for the outdoors.

First of all, let’s discuss its compass. To use a compass for the very time, you will need to calibrate it. Thanks to its barometric altimeter, you can check the air pressure at any height you want. It would be great to get severe weather warnings if the atmosphere sees pressure drops faster than usual. It also allows you to run on power saver mode, which is a great option to save battery life while on long hikes.

The feature that we find most useful in this watch is its navigation. Although it doesn’t allow you to view big color maps or upload routes, you can track the start and end of your traveling leaving milestones wherever you want. When you wish to return, follow the milestones that you have set earlier. Isn’t this easy?

Honor Watch GS Pro: Sports and Fitness Tracking

As this watch is from Huwai mainly, you will be getting a lot of Sports and fitness tracking features that you can get from any high-end Huawei smartwatch.

Alongside sleep monitoring, this watch has got you covered for 24/7 activity tracking. Honor Watch GS Pro comes with a whopping 100 sports modes includes skiing, swimming, running, and many more. Recently introduced to Honor and Huawei watches, it retains the running courses as well.

Other than that, the app of GS pro allows you to get your hands on training plans for different ranges of running. To make your life even more comfortable, you can turn on its automatic workout-tracking feature which is great to save you from the manual hassle.

Optical Heart Rate Sensor of GS Pro

This wouldn’t be wrong to say that Huawei’s TruScreen 3.5 optical heart rate is one of the best heart rate sensors out there for smartwatches. This sensor can be leaned on for training in perfect heart rate zones. The SpO2 sensor of GS Pro allows you to monitor the oxygen level of your blood. You can keep records of your heartbeat ratings and oxygen ratings in the app of this smartwatch. The best part is every function works reliably.

Dedicated Watch Widget of GS Pro

This watch widget is nothing less than a blessing to have. It shows off daily progress alongside the most recent night’s sleep data on your smartphone’s home screen. So this widget is the best thing to keep you motivated for a healthy life.

Daily Steps Counter of GS Pro

This is not the vital part of Honor Watch GS Pro. It is a little downside as compared to other smartwatches like Garmin. The step counter of GS pro also doesn’t allow you to see from what activities it has generated the step counts. But other than that, it has everything you need in a step counter. It alerts you in case of inactivity to keep you moving all day long for a healthy life. You can adjust your steps goal in the app as well.

The other software issue we have encountered with GS Pro is its sleep tracking pattern. We haven’t got it to work despite enabling it. This issue is fixable in a firmware update. So let’s hope Huawei launches it as soon as possible.

Continuous Heart Rate Tracking of GS Pro

Yeah, this smartwatch comes with continuous heart rate monitoring. It keeps tracking the heart rate for high and low reading and resting heart. To view your data, you need to get into the watch’s application.


Running is the most vital part of Honor Watch GS Pro. It is amazingly fast and doesn’t take much time to get a hook with a GPS signal. It allows you to see metrics like distance, average pace, time, and heart rate while running. To make your running experience entertaining, it gives you the music controls and navigation features right on the smartwatch screen. What else you need while running?

A Handful of Running Settings

GS Pro comes packed with a bunch of settings that offer time or distance-based goals for your running sessions. This watch also allows you to turn on a smart companion feature to keep you running at a specific pace.

Here we would suggest you turn off the voice feedback feature because it gets annoying sometimes.

The metrics of Honor Watch GS Pro were identical to Garmin Fenix 6 when we took it to 0.3 miles running. Other metrics like average pace were also quite similar, which makes this watch the best of both worlds.


Honor Watch GS Pro is designed to survive both in open water and a pool. Comes packed with a bundle of metrics, it gives you the review when you are out of the water.

We tested it in certain water conditions and got results similar to high-end dedicated outdoor watches. Screen visibility of this watch is also okay under the water. You can easily record matrics like distance, length, average pace, etc.

Here we would suggest you increase text size while using GS Pro for swimming. This would help you to improve your experience.

Smartwatch Features of Honor Watch GS Pro

Besides focusing on outdoors, running, and swimming features, this watch is also a great smartwatch. Here is a list of features that comes under the umbrella of GS Pro.

  • Works with both Android and iPhone
  • Changeable Watch Faces
  • Notification Access
  • Weather Forecast Updates
  • Take Calls
  • Built-in Music Player
  • Seamless Charging Operation
  • Can last up to 25 Days on a Single Charge
  • Comes with a Low Power Mode
  • It takes two hours to charge from 0% fully
  • Great Display
  • 790mAh
  • A handful of Tracking Modes


  • Look and Feel Bulky
  • Navigation support is basic
  • Issues in the software for tracking activities

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that the Honor Watch GS Pro is one of the best smartwatches that money can buy right now. If you are someone who loves extended battery life, then this watch is the right fit for you. There are a few bugs in the software, but Honor claims that that will be fixed in a recent update.

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