Fabric Cuts

When we buy clothes in the store. Fabrics come in very large rolls with a certain width, for example 1.10, 1.50 or 2.40 meters wide.

When it is requested how much we want to buy a particular fabric, the seller deducts the required quantity in the width of the roll of fabric. Such as one meter, half meter, 3 meters etc. And the minimum amount that some stores sell is 25 centimeters or a quarter of a meter of fabric.

So if we ask them to cut the final amount of fabric for us, they will cut the requested 25 cm for the full width of the fabric roll.

If the width of the fabric roll we choose is one meter and ten centimeters (the width of the cotton fabric we usually use for patchwork), then we have a length of 25 cm x 110 cm. Get a bandage that won't help us much. Patchwork, as long as what we want to do is not long strips of fabric.

But what is a fat quarter?

In the United States, a place where a lot of work is done on grafting, another type of fabric was cut and made, because to make patchwork we always need different colors, tones and Multiple patterned fabrics are required.

In the United States, the unit for measuring fabric length is the yard, which is equal to 91.44 cm (less than one meter).

In order to make the most of the people, it was thought to buy a small quantity of cloth and cut the quarter yard (yard quarter) in different ways. Instead of cutting the entire length of the fabric roll (as in the previous scheme), splitting it into widths was a better option. I explain this to you with sketches below:

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If we have one yard of cloth, the roll of which is 110 cm wide. We will have a cloth about 92 cm by 110 cm.

If we divide this fabric in half, we have two parts of 46 cm by 110 cm.

If we cut these parts in half again, we will have four sections of 23 cm x 110 cm. That's a quarter of a yard. We get four long strips of fabric.

But here comes change. If we make this last cut towards the cross, we will cut 110 cm in half. We will also get 4 pieces of fabric. The difference is in the direction of the cut and thus we get 4 clothes of 46 cm by 55 cm.

This cut, which is equal to a quarter of the yard, is called FAT Quarter or FAT ROOM because it is wide and does not have a long strip of cloth.

Ideal outline of the cutting process to obtain fat quarters

With this final distribution of fabric a fat quarter or fat quarter (in English) is made, the fabric is used in different ways for other uses besides cutting long strips and the prints look very large.

It was so successful in the United States that it started selling pre-cut patchwork garments in Fat Quarters. From which they made packages of different fabrics with a combination of colors or different shades and it is very easy for consumers to buy a package that already includes different types of fabrics, cut very usefully because it Fat quarters or fat quarters.

Currently its commercialization has spread and it is easy to find fat quarters packages in many places and therefore, on the internet, of course we can find a large variety of pre-cut garments.

The textile industry has seen the opportunity to make a large variety of cuts in advance with different combinations of colors, patterns, shades, etc., as well as the number of different sizes and pieces in the package. And have different names, such as:

  • Jelly Rolls. These are 2.5 inch by 43 inch (fabric width) fabric strips with which you can easily perform patchwork technique which requires different patterned fabric strips, so you can use them. Save the cutting process and go straight to sewing. In the diagonal squares of the color tutorial, you can use jelly rolls which will make the process easier as well as come in beautiful combinations.
  • Layer cake. This is a cut that has a variety of fabrics that fit together very well in the shape of a 10 x 10 inch square. The advantage is that with this product we already have a collection of fabrics that are cut into squares of exactly the same size as the patterns, which helps us to create figures more easily and quickly. ۔
  • Charm packs. The best way to make a square triangle or square triangle by pre-cutting the fabric into 5 inch squares is what I will teach you in this tutorial of my blog, click here to learn this technique.

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With all of these, it's easy for us to grab these packages and get beautifully crafted pieces with a combination of fabrics and patterns for the same patchwork work.