How many times do we eat a day when we are starting the ketogenic diet (keto)?

3 Important things

There are many times when we find out about the ketogenic diet and we're like, "Wow!" When we start to read about the keto diet, we find out that it is a good way to lose weight and improve your health. And of course, we go to forums, pages for the keto community, and so on. And we have a lot of doubts... It sounds like these people are talking about "fasts."

They eat twice a day.

"How am I going to do that in the first place?" you ask yourself.

Don't freak out. Begin with the first...

Key #1: Do the same number of meals as you do now when you start keto.

It's better to go on the keto diet and eat 5 times a day if you already eat that many times a day. If you eat four times a day, then 4. If you eat 6 things, then 6.

It's really not worth it. Do you know what your main goal is in this first phase of keto? Regulate how hungry you feel. That's all. Focus your attention on this goal, and don't look at anything else. The rest will follow.

Key #2: Notice how after a few days on a well-planned keto diet, you no longer need snacks between your main meals.

After a few days or weeks on keto, you will start having too many snacks and snacks between meals. If you do things right, you'll eat so many nutrients and be so full that you won't even know you need them. In the next main meal you will do very well. Your main goal now is to eat only three meals a day, and to do it naturally.

Key #3: After a few weeks on a well-planned keto diet, intermittent fasting will start to play a role (within a natural progression).

Next, you will start to notice that on some days, you even have some of these three intakes "left over" from the day before. It's likely that you won't eat breakfast or dinner because you aren't very hungry. If you want to start intermittent fasting 16/ 8, this is the time to think about it! This is good because it will be easy for you to do. Without trying to.

There are some common mistakes that people make when they start on the keto diet, and they want to know what to avoid so that it works for them, so this will help. Some of you may have already heard of them. Other people don't. And they may not let you go into ketosis or lose weight because they don't want you to.

I bet you already know that in a ketogenic diet, you have to drastically cut down on carbs and moderately eat protein to stay healthy. But what else do you need to think about in order to enjoy the benefits of nutritional ketosis?

Making mistakes when you start a keto diet is common, but you can avoid them and make everything easier and more effective, so that you start seeing the benefits from the very first minute you start the diet. It's on my list. I will show you how to do it.