How do I delete photos from Google Photos for good?

As was already said, it's pretty easy to get rid of pictures from Google Photos. After you've saved your photos to your device or another cloud storage site, all you have to do now is delete them from your camera roll.

Make an extra copy of your pictures.

First of all, you should back up your Google images, unless you don't care about them. You can do this on your device or with another storage service.

Google lets you make large groups and even photo albums, so it's easy to back up anything. All of this will be put into a file so that it is easy to store. If you want to keep all of your photos, you'll need a backup service like Amazon Prime Photographs. All images should be saved to the device or an external hard drive, and another service should be used to make a backup.

Keep in mind that Google Photos is probably linked to your phone, so any photos you delete there will also be gone from your phone.

You must also turn off the "Backup and Sync" option on the mobile device. Because of this, the photos you take on your phone will no longer sync back to Google Photos.

Delete photos through the web browser.

Using a web browser, it's easy to get rid of photos from Google Photos. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Access Google Photos
  • tap albums located on the right side
  • Click on one of the albums
  • Hover over the first image until a white checkmark appears
  • Click on the check mark so it turns blue
  • Scroll down (users have reported that it can highlight 500 photos at a time)
  • Hold the Shift key and click on the last photo
  • Go to the top right corner and click on the trash can icon
  • Confirm delete

Once that's done, delete the folder called "Recently Deleted." If you don't, your photos will only be available in Google Photos for a short time before they are gone for good.

Deleting photos from the mobile app

Deleting photos from the mobile app takes a bit more time. To delete images and videos, try these steps:

  • open the Google Photos app on your mobile device
  • tap photos in the bottom left corner if it doesn't show your images
  • long press the first photo
  • individually tap each photo after this
  • Once everything is selected, tap the trash can icon button in the top right corner
  • Tap Move to Trash
  • You can do it per album or for the whole camera.

Deleting photos from mobile device

Even if you keep all of your photos in a safe place, you can free up space on your phone by deleting them from the phone itself but not from Google Photos. There are different ways to get it:

Option 1: Use your phone to go to Google Photos and delete a picture. To get to the menu, tap the icon with three dots at the top. Then, choose "Erase from device," which will delete the photo from your phone but not from Google Photos.

Option 2: Go to Settings in Google Photos and choose "Free up device storage." This will let you know that all of your photos have been backed up to Google Photos and that you can delete them all from your phone by tapping the delete button.

Option 3: This is the normal way to get rid of something. Just open the photo gallery and delete every picture. You can also use this method to get rid of multiples.

Whether you want to free up space on your phone or stop Google Photos from saving your photos in the cloud, any of the above solutions will work.

Even if your pictures show up on Google?

If you did what we said, you should have been able to get rid of the photos from Google Photos. But you might still see filled items, which means that Google has your content somewhere. If this happens to you, you might be pulling photos from your phone or from a related service like Google Drive. You can look at the pictures on Google Drive.

The folder for Mobile News is a great place to start. Even though you lost the content of your albums, there is still a folder with content that you may want to look into.

To get to the library, open the Google Photos app and tap "Library" in the bottom right corner. Tap "Mobile News" and follow the steps above to turn off notifications.

You could also look in the trash. After you delete the pictures, they will be thrown away after 60 days. You can permanently delete images before the 60 days are up by tapping the trash can and following the steps above.

Your phone's backup settings can tell you where your pictures are stored. If you backed them up to Drive, you'll also have to delete them. You may also want to delete the "Recently Deleted" folder in the app or web browser, as explained above.