Open the creator panel's streaming settings to stop the creation of clips.

You need to go to "Stream Settings" to turn off "Clip Creation." Start Twitch on your computer and click on the user profile button in the top right corner of the screen.

From the drop-down menu, choose "Creator Dashboard."

Your browser will now open to your "Creator Dashboard." Click the "Settings" drop-down menu on the left side of the list of options.

From the "Settings" drop-down menu, choose "Stream."

Stop everyone from making clips.

If you don't want anyone, whether they are a follower, friend, moderator, viewer, etc., to be able to clip your streams, you need to turn off all clip creation. On the right, look through the "Broadcast" settings to find the "Clips" section.

To make it black and white, click the purple switch next to "Enable Clips." So, turning off the clips

This will stop people from making clips on your channel completely. It will also get rid of other settings for the clip.

Stop people from making clips in certain categories

This option is for you if you don't mind if people make clips on your streams, except in certain categories. First, make sure that the "Enable Clips" switch is in the purple position. This means that the function is turned on. If it's not working, click the button to turn it purple.

Now, type your category into the text box that says "Exclude Categories." Click to bring up a menu that lets you choose your category.

You can have as many or as few categories as you want. To get rid of a category, click the "X" in the box for that category.

If you made more than 4 categories, you can see them all by clicking the "See All" button at the bottom of the list of 3 categories.

You'll now see a box that says "Add Excluded Categories." You can add categories by typing them into the "Add a category to exclude" text box and then selecting the appropriate category from the "Add a category to include" drop-down menu.

Click the "Delete All" button if you want to get rid of all of your categories. If not, click the "X" button on each category box to get rid of it. When you're done, click the "Close" button.

Turn off clip creation for everyone but followers

This can be a safe and comfortable way to let people make clips. You can choose to let all of your followers make clips, or you can only let people who have been following you for a certain amount of time make clips.

Under "Clip Settings," click the drop-down box next to "Followers Only" and choose "Off." You can decide how long someone has to follow you before they can make a clip of your stream.

People who watch your channel will now have to follow you for a certain amount of time in order to make clips.

Subscribers only should not be able to make clips.

If you only want subscribers to be able to clip your streams, you can select the "Subscribers Only" option. This is an extra safety measure in and of itself. People who want to stream clips from your channel must subscribe to it.

Under "Clip Settings," click the switch next to "Subscribers Only" to make it purple.