Why does Samsung TV Plus have problems with audio and how to fix them?

Many inconveniences can happen to you on your Smart TV by default and even without any reason. This is usually very normal in the applications of your television or smartphone , although the solutions are also varied. The most common problem is when the device with which you manage your device is damaged, but fixing the Smart TV remote control is very simple.

Another of the most common problems is related to audio, this can cause you to no longer have the way to watch programs on your platform. Next, we will tell you some solutions that you can do to fix what is preventing you from watching television. 

If the image of Samsung TV Plus does not match the sound

Sometimes, it may happen to you that while you are watching a projection, you realize that the audio that it emits is not synchronized with the same image . That way, you won't understand what happens in the movie, series or program you watch. But, the solution for this is very easy, you will achieve it by elaborating the following steps with your smart TV:

  • Turn on your device with the remote.
  • After having it on the main screen, you must enter its menu, to do this click on the Home option. This will have a basic house as an icon.
  • In these options you can see a list, click on the box that says Settings . Wait for the page to load completely.
  • When it appears, look for the sound icon, you must click on it.
  • Now you will find a new list, in this you must go down until you get the option that says expert configuration, press on it. To enter you can also touch the key on your remote that says enter.
  • Here you can see many boxes, scroll down all of them until you find the Audio Delay option . It ranks among one of the last.
  • Now here, you can see how far this function is positioned. Set the time you want.
  • Then you must wait for it to be used to go back to the channel you were watching and see if your problem is solved . If you are still experiencing audio/image mismatch, you can go through the same procedure again and set another time in the return settings.

When the sound is not heard clearly?

The noise that your TV has on some occasions may have an inappropriate quality, making you no longer want to listen to your programs because the noise bothers you. This problem can always happen to you, but its solution is very fast and effective, you will not have to reinstall Samsung TV Plus . In order to have sound quality on your television, you will have to follow the following steps:

  • Enter with your remote control to the HOME option. Here you will be pressing on the house, that is, the main menu.
  • When you are in these settings, you have to click on the icon with the gear that says settings.
  • After this said box, you must look for the audio control , when you locate it press on it. With just one touch it will enter.
  • Now look for the sound icon and click on it. Wait for him to come in.
  • Here you can see a series of modes in which the sound can be, choose one or if you want to reset it so that you have it as factory .
  • To achieve this, click on reset the audio and wait for the procedure to finish. In this way you will no longer have to do anything, the sound will be as when the TV or the application was new.

If the audio from Samsung TV Plus is non-existent

Your Smart TV has too many interesting options in its system, with which you must be very careful to click on boxes that may affect you. You may turn on things like mute on your device, making Samsung TV Plus audio non-existent . But don't worry, you can deactivate this whenever you want, to achieve it, you must follow these steps:

  • Enter the main menu of your Smart with the help of your control, to do this click on the house icon in the central part of the device.
  • After being in Home, you must look for the option that says configuration, press it and wait for you to enter.
  • When you are in these settings, locate the sound box, having it enter it.
  • Then here you can see a series of available mode. The one you have at this moment may be silent, if so, press the volume option and get audio.
  • If it keeps showing up without listening to the channels,  you will need to turn off your Smart Android device .
  • Then unplug it from the power, wait at least 20 seconds with it in sleep state.
  • Now turn it on and see if your issue is fixed.

How To Fix Samsung TV Plus Picture Issues?

Another difficulty that can affect watching your programs is that the photos on your device look bad , of low quality or even non-existent. But, this problem will not be an obstacle for you to continue watching your television programs, since we will give you the solution for this below. You just have to do the following procedure.

The image flickers or is intermittent

If you have a smart TV, it can happen to you several times that your projections start to turn off and learn in an inexplicable way. But don't worry, it's not that your TV is damaging, it could happen because you don't have a connection or because of the unstable encoder . The solution for this problem will be the following:

Check connection of the main antenna: 

The signal in an unstable way can cause your Android device to flicker, making it no longer let you see your programming. To achieve reactivation and see if that is the problem, you must look behind the TV and confirm that the HDMI cable is attached to the device. If this is not fixed, it may be due to a failed connection or lack of signal.

Change the DNS union: 

You can improve the image effectively by modifying this of your Smart TV, to achieve this you have to elaborate these steps:

  • Enter the settings of your TV with the help of the HOME button.
  • After being in these boxes, click on the settings option that will appear like this: Settings.
  • Now click on the network, you will find it as: Network.
  • Wait for new options to appear, in them click on network settings.
  • Now configure the connection, change it if necessary

If the image has very little brightness or clarity

Adding more projection capacity to your Smart TV is as easy as fixing the PC keyboard. If you make these improvements you will be preparing that you can observe the images of your programs with higher quality, having maximum enjoyment of your device. If you want to achieve it easily, you will only have to follow the steps that we will give you below:

  • Enter the HOME box. To do this, click on the house icon that your control has, if you do not have this device you can do it with the buttons that integrate your TV.
  • Being in the main menu, it locates among all the image and screen options. Wait for a new list to appear.
  • In it, click on Settings.
  • Then go to the settings icon advance. You can find this option among the function things.
  • Here you must click on Brightness.
  • With the switch, move it until you reach the warm you want.
  • Save the appropriate changes.

At the end of this procedure you will realize that the screen increased the brightness, but not as you wanted. To complete the process and have what you want now, follow these steps:

  • Enter the HOME box. You can do this with your remote or with the buttons on your TV.
  • Now go to the settings icon.
  • In it, click image and screen again.
  • This time, click on settings.
  • Then click on advanced settings.
  • Here you must click on brightness and go up to the point you want.
  • To have a quality projection, the TV and the image must be in the same face .

Samsung TV Plus has a line in the middle of the screen

Sometimes, it may happen to you that a line appears on your television, preventing you from watching your programs effectively. If this problem is happening to you with your Smart TV, you only have to follow the steps that we will give you below:

  • Turn on your TV and wait for it to start.
  • Then press the house icon with the help of your remote control, so you will be entering the main menu.
  • In it, click settings.
  • Then, among the options that you will have here, look for technical support.
  • Now find and press on software update .
  • Wait for the screen to load and click on modify at this time.
  • When the improvement is finished, you should enter to see if it solved the problem. This usually fixes all the difficulties of your TV.

Samsung TV Plus subtitles not appearing

There are many interesting functions in your Smart, with it you can even get the subtitles of your channel to appear somewhere on your device. But before this, you must activate them , in case they are deactivated they will be null. Follow the next steps so that you have them and help the vision of your programs:

  • Turn on your TV, rectify that it has the connection to the internet network.
  • Then enter the start menu of your Smart Android. To do this, press the HOME button with the control, pressing the house icon.
  • Now you have to click on settings.
  • Then go into settings and wait for a submenu to load.
  • In this look for the system option, you will find it among one of the first boxes of the list that you will have below.
  • Now click on the accessibility icon. If it does not appear, restart your Smart TV .
  • Here you must click on Subtitles.
  • Then it will direct you to another new screen, rectify that you want to enter this option.
  • To make the placement click on ON that you have in the activate box.
  • In the part that says disable you will have to say OFF.
  • Now turn off the device wait a few seconds and start it again.
  • Go into any program you want and see if the error is fixed.