How is Estrogen Used?

Estrogen comes in oral pill form. It is usually taken once a day with or without food. Sometimes it is taken every day and other times, after a revolving schedule which changes the periods where the medicine is taken every day with the periods where it is not taken. When estrogen is used to treat the symptoms of cancer, it is usually taken 3 times a day. Take around the same time every day. Follow the instructions on the medicine label carefully, and if you do not understand something, ask your doctor or pharmacist. Use the medicine as directed. Do not use more or less than the dose prescribed by your doctor.

Your doctor may start you on a low estrogen dose and gradually increase it if your symptoms are still distressing, or reduce it if your symptoms are controlled. Talk to your doctor about how estrogen works for you.

Do you Have High Estrogen? 

This can result in you having a greater accumulation of body fat, as well as experiencing ailments or conditions such as osteoporosis, thyroid disorders, etc. It is important to have a balanced level of hormones in order to have a healthy life without risks, so in this One How To article we are going to tell you how to lower estrogen through life practices that you can easily carry out and that are highly effective.

Steps to follow:

Step 1

Estrogens are hormones that we have in our body and that are known because they are the ones that allow women to become pregnant. The hormone is made by the ovaries and controls reproduction; without estrogen there would be no reproductive possibility. The function of estrogens is as follows:

  • They prevent the development of vascular and/or brain diseases.
  • It helps metabolize fats in our body as well as cholesterol.
  • Get women to have a more regular menstruation.
  • Therefore, it is a fundamental hormone for life but, as with all hormones in our body, when it is unbalanced, other health factors are affected.

Excess estrogen in the body can lead to considerable weight gain by not being able to process fats, as well as the risk of suffering from thyroid-related diseases, osteoporosis and even an increased risk of suffer cancer.

Step 2

So, if you want to lower estrogen you should know that diet is a very important factor to achieve it. Including fiber in your eating habits will reduce the estrogen in your body, since the liver sends this hormone and it passes to the intestines during digestion; With fiber, it is possible to improve intestinal transit and, thus, be able to eliminate them more quickly.

Also, whole grains like oatmeal block harmful estrogens and are perfect for keeping your stomach feeling full for longer, so you won't overeat and therefore won't tend to gain weight.

Step 3

Polyphenols are also perfect food components that can help us lower estrogen levels. Among them, flax seeds stand out, which are also rich in lignans, a component that helps counteract the effects of estrogen and regulate its production. But there are other seeds that are also suitable for this purpose, such as chia seeds or sesame seeds.

Step 4

You can also lower estrogen by including broccoli in your diet, as it is a purifying food that prevents the formation of toxins thanks to its richness in flavonoids, sulforaphanes, and indoles. This protective function also manages to directly control the production of estrogens, since it contains vitamin B1 and E, which increases testosterone and produces antioxidants.

Step 5

Red fruits are also ideal for lowering estrogen since they are rich in beta-carotene, a substance that helps the body manufacture vitamin A. The carotenoid compounds in these fruits help reduce the growth of breast cells that may suffer from a tumor. And what are estrogen receptors? Therefore, including foods rich in beta-carotene in your daily life reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Step 6

In addition to including these ingredients that we have just detailed, it is equally important that you reduce the consumption of some ingredients or substances that can produce higher levels of estrogen, such as the following:

  • Alcohol: When alcoholic beverages are drunk, the function of the liver, which is the organ responsible for metabolizing estrogen, is reduced. Therefore, if we damage the liver, we also make it not work properly and estrogens are not metabolized and, therefore, increase in our body.
  • Dairy: the estrogens that are acquired through food come, for the most part, from products derived from animal milk. Instead of opting for this type of food, choose plant-based dairy products such as almond milk or rice milk, for example.
  • Soy: is made up of compounds known as "isoflavones" and that act in the same way as estrogen. So if you have high levels of this hormone, consuming soy will increase the effects of the hormone.