Here are a few of the health and weight-loss benefits of this drink.

Black coffee has no calories. A calorie deficit, when you eat less than you burn, is linked to weight loss. Eat less food than usual to help you lose weight. This way of doing it is very common.

It's a great drink to drink if you want to lose weight because it only has 5 calories per serving (about 236 millilitres). Isn't that only true if you drink it straight?

There are no calories in coffee alone. When milk and sugar are added, "coffee quickly becomes high in sugar and fat," Shaw says.

Caffeine helps you burn more calories. People talk about metabolism when they talk about how their bodies break down nutrients and use calories from food during the course of the day. You can only boost your basal metabolic rate (BMR) with caffeine, a chemical in coffee. This means that when you're at rest, your body is more likely to burn calories. However, not too much.

Burn more calories at rest or during physical activity

Participants who consumed many scoops of coffee over the course of two months had more metabolites, a metabolic product, according to a small 2018 study. If your metabolism is faster or higher, you might be able to burn more calories while at rest or when you exercise, which could help you lose weight.

"Even though there is more and more evidence that drinking coffee can help you burn more calories, it's important to remember that we all break down food and drinks at different speeds. When someone drinks coffee, their metabolic rate goes up faster than when they don't drink it "Shaw is very specific in how he talks about his subject matter.

Coffee can also be unhealthy and lead to weight gain

Some people don't feel hungry as much when they drink coffee. The type of food you eat, how much exercise you do, and the hormones in your body all affect how hungry you are. There isn't enough evidence to show that caffeine makes people less hungry, but studies have shown that it can make ghrelin, the hunger hormone, less active.

People who took part in a small 2014 study said that drinking coffee every day for four weeks made them feel full and cut down on how much food they ate.

"Caffeine also makes the peptide YY (PYY) satiety hormone work better. PYY will make you feel fuller and less hungry "Then Shaw adds:

Other than that, coffee might be bad for you.

Coffee has a lot of weight-loss benefits, but there are also some negatives, says the nutritionist. The following are some of the things you should know about coffee before adding it to your food.

The best way to lose weight is to drink coffee.

Shaw says you should drink no more than four cups of coffee a day, which is about 400 mg of caffeine, to get the health benefits of coffee and lose weight.

People who drink four cups of coffee a day get better alertness and better fat metabolism without having to worry about sleep or hunger, he says. She says that if you drink a cup every two hours, you will feel the effects last for a long time.

If you like your coffee strong, drink less of it each day to stay under 400 mg of caffeine each day. Because there is more coffee in each cup of water, "strong" coffee has more of this chemical in it.