How to Make A Reversing TikTok Video?

Changing the video path, i.e., gambling it backward, isn't tough to gain on TikTok. There may be a devoted feature you could use to opposite your video right away and without leaving the app.

To spark off this feature, you want to click on the Effects button at the lowest of the display screen, after which you pick the Time consequences category. The opposite alternative may be located on this menu, and it will extrude the path of the whole clip.

After clicking Reverse and seeing your updated video, all you have to do now is save the report, and it's ready to share with the world. The entire approach takes only a few seconds and requires no technical knowledge, so anybody can use this simple effect to make intriguing videos that play with the concept of time and resonate with web audiences.

On TikTok, How can you pay for someone else's video in reverse?

TikTok lets video authors opposite their films if they need; however, visitors can't simply watch the films they see online backward. They are constrained to honest viewing, even though it is viable to leap ahead to any part of the clip.

The simplest way to address this problem includes outdoor playback gear. If you need to observe a positive video in the opposite, you can attempt to download it on your smartphone and use an extraordinary video player. For example, iPhone proprietors can choose a third-celebration app like Reverse Vid from the App Store, permitting them to use opposite playback. Once the app is established, and the video is saved on the smartphone, there may not be anything stopping the consumer from looking it backward at the cellular display screen.

Using Reverse impact in TikTok

  • Launch the TikTok app in your cellular tool.
  • Tap at the "+" icon in the app; both file a clean video or pick the video you want to put into effect the opposite impact.
  • Play the video as soon as in your app.
  • Once it's performed, pick the "Effects" alternative to be had at the lowest of the app, and you'll be proven an alternative of the "Reverse "faucet on it.
  • The video may be performed in your tool backward.
  • Tap at the keep button to keep a report with the opposite impact and percentage of the video in your profile.

This is the perfect approach with the assistance of which you could opposite different TikTok films and bask in the feelings shared with the aid of using your followers.

Using Bee Cut video editor.

There are other video editor applications available; however, Bee Cut is one of the more enjoyable video editors available, with a timeline, preview, and media features. The app doesn't limit you to the TikTok app because of the preceding approach; you could watch the video you want to edit on a larger display screen.

It has different capabilities with a view to permit you to decorate the video and make it unique, capabilities like overlay, filters, elements, etc. You can also be capable of trim the video and set the timeline of the video you want. The steps to opposite the video withinside the editor are referred to underneath.

Download the app in your tool. You can pick the ratio you want to peer the video in.

Import a video from the "Media" panel into the editor once it has been launched, then drag it onto the timeline.

When you double-click on the video, a new window will appear in which you will be shown the opposing option. Choose your option and then click "OK."

The opposite impact may be carried out in the video on the right away foundation during the video right away.

To decorate the video and make it appear fantastic, you could use different capabilities withinside the editor.

Once you've got rendered the video in step with your liking, you need to faucet on Export and pick the layout you want to keep the report. Tap on Export as soon as again, and the report may be stored on the vacation spot folder you've selected.

You can pick the video from the vacation spot folder and add it to your TikTok account, permitting you to percentage the opposite films together with your TikTok followers.

Bee Cut video editor

Using Online Software Kapwing

Kapwing is an online software program you don't ought to download; you could immediately go to the internet site instead of downloading it in your tool. It is extensively used as there are many features like video making, including filters, reversing video, etc. To use this online software program, you must comply with the underneath steps.

  • Go to Kapwing's opposite video page.
  • On the page, you'll load the video clip you want to put into effect the Reverse impact or the opposite capabilities to be had at the site. You can add the video immediately out of your pc or cellular tool at the site.
  • Once the video is uploaded, you'll be proven the Reverse velocity alternative; you could pick the favored velocity. You'll be proven the choice to trim and watermark in the video.
  • Edit it in step with your requirement and faucet at the "Create" button.
  • The video may be stored, after which you could percentage it in your TikTok account.


Is It Possible to Reverse Video and Audio at The Same Time?

In a few cases, reversing the audio movement may want to make the video even more excellent and magnificent. However, unfortunately, TikTok doesn't immediately assist with this possibility. However, more excellent superior modifying software program fits come up with the choice to have each video and audio run backward in unison.

 For example, you could use Wondershare Filmora for this cause and achieve the assignment in numerous clean steps.

First, you want to install the challenge to a 9:sixteen issue ratio because the video may be shared on TikTok. And then you could import the video pictures to Filmora.

  • To opposite the video and audio simultaneously, right-click on the clip within the timeline, and pick Speed and Duration. In the Custom Speed window, take a look at the Reverse Speed alternative and click on OK to keep the changes.
  • Play the clip, and you may discover the video and audio are reversed at an equal time.
  • If you don't need to reverse the audio, you can split the audio and video first, then reverse the video independently.
  • You're ready to export the video and re-import the reversed clip into TikTok once you've completed those procedures.