Cut Calories

If you are going on a diet, you need to reduce the amount of calories in your daily diet. One of the basics of any weight loss method is that we burn more calories than we put in the body, so from now on it will be necessary to prepare a low calorie diet so that our body can metabolize them better. Coins

Avoid Carbohydrates And Fried Foods

Restricting the use of breads, rice or pasta that are incomplete is important to help us thin out the face, as it causes an increase in facial volume. Also, foods that are cooked with a lot of oil, because in addition to providing a lot of calories, they also produce fat on the cheeks.

Say Yes To Fiber

Beans, fruits, vegetables, whole grains or nuts are foods that we should include in our diet immediately. They are high in fiber, healthy, low in calories and provide energy to our body. At the same time, we should set aside products that are high in fat, such as industrial pastries or ultra-processed foods that make us fat.

Drink More Water

Whenever we talk about diet we remember the importance of being well hydrated and in this case it was not going to be any different. Water helps to remove toxins and accumulated fat from many parts of the body, including the face. But, other than that, it helps to keep the skin healthy and beautiful. In addition to water, you can drink a variety of liquids such as tea, infusions or natural juices.

Lose A Few Kilos

Any weight loss process involves losing some extra kilos. Although where we want to lose weight and the volume is on the face, losing weight will help us achieve our goal. The first symptoms will be appreciated on the chin and cheekbones: the first will lose its extra skin and the second will regain its shape.

Play Sports

Idleness is the biggest problem today when trying to lose weight. That's why it's important to spend three or four days a week exercising. Although in the beginning it will be in other parts of the body where we feel most of the time that we reduce the volume, the face will also be affected with time, so you have to stay in a constant mood and not be disappointed. If you do not have much time, some simple formulas are to walk or ride a motorbike or use the stairs both in the office and at home.

Use Massage

Not only the legs or the back are massaged. It is also an ideal place to massage the face, as it helps to reduce the volume. You can go to a professional or make them yourself at home, because they are very easy. Small pinches around the jaw and circular massage on the cheeks and chin help to exercise the whole face.

Use A Face Mask

We have products designed to get the best facial expressions. One of the most important is a face mask made from natural products that help to soften the face. As in the case of massage, the best way to apply a face mask is with a light pill movement, so that the ingredients are easily absorbed.

Makeup And Hairdressing Methods

People with very round faces also have a very effective means of make-up to brighten their face. This involves using two different shades of makeup and applying them to important parts of the face. In addition to not putting too much strain on the cheeks with makeup, there are hairstyles that also help in styling the facial features. In this case, it is best not to wear it too close to the face, as it gives a greater sense of volume.

Exercises For The Face

Yes, there are exercises that are specifically designed to thin out face. Here we are going to explain some of them which is very easy and interesting to do at any time. First, tilt your head back and stay in that position for ten seconds. Then you return to the starting position, rest for five seconds and repeat this sequence 10 times. The second is to keep the lips in a kissing position, but suck with the lips closed. Do this for fifteen seconds and repeat after resting.