What is Deliver Quietly Feature?

Apple's iOS 12 operating system has a new function called Deliver Quietly. Notifications will still arrive when Deliver Quietly is enabled, but not all of them will appear on your iPhone's lock screen.

The app's notifications will instead appear in the iPhone Notification Center. On the Home screen, you'll also see a notification badge in the upper right-hand corner of the app icon.

When you receive a notice from an app set to Deliver Quietly, no notification banners will appear, and your iPhone will not vibrate or ring.

This way, you'll receive all of the notifications without worrying about them making any noise. Which iPhones are compatible with Deliver Quietly?

Deliver Quietly is compatible with any iPhone running iOS 12. Every iPhone model since the 5s is included. This capability is also supported by iOS 12 on iPods and iPads.

The Deliver Quietly Notifications Feature can be Enabled or Disabled.

  • Tap 'Manage' after swiping left on a notification from an app you wish to quiet.
  • Select 'Deliver Quietly' from the following selection.
  • Follow these instructions to quiet all of the applications you want.

How to Enable Message Notifications and Turn Off Deliver Quietly on iPhone

With iOS 15, Deliver Quietly is no longer an option, but you may still enable iMessage notifications that have been disabled. Push notifications display on your Lock screen when you get iMessages. If you're looking for a way to disable Deliver Quietly on your iPhone, remember that if you have iOS 15, there's no longer anything with that name on your device, but you can still enable notifications.

1st Method

  • Begin by looking for a notification from the app you want to disable in the notification center (swipe down from the top of your screen).
  • Left-swipe
  • Go to Notifications > Manage. Deliver Prominently
  • If you want, repeat for all the applications that have the functionality enabled.

2nd Method

  • Open the iPhone's Settings app.
  • Select the Notifications option.
  • Open the app you want to turn off silent delivery for.
  • Toggle on Allow Sound and Notifications (should turn from grey to green)
  • If you wish, repeat for anything that has the functionality enabled.

On the newer iOS 15, Method 1 varies somewhat. You've presumably already updated, so here's what you should do:

  • To access [the app in question], go to Settings > Notifications > [the app in issue].
  • Sound, Badges, Lockscreen, and Banners should all be enabled.

How can You enable the iPhone's Deliver Quietly feature?

Are you receiving obnoxious notifications and wish to re-enable silent Delivery?

  • Open the app for which you want to disable silent delivery.
  • Allow Sound and Notifications is toggled on (should turn from grey to green)
  • Left-swipe
  • Select Manage.
  • Deliver discreetly by tapping

On iOS 15, the procedure is slightly different:

  • Go to Notifications > Settings.
  • Select the app in question by clicking on it.
  • Toggle the sound
  • Lockscreen and Banners should also be unchecked.

What is the procedure for enabling Do Not Disturb mode?

You'll be able to turn off all of your apps at once, and any incoming calls will be sent to voicemail.

Here's how to make Do Not Disturb work for you:

  • In the Settings app, turn on Do Not Disturb.
  • DND can also be set to turn on at specific periods during the day.
  • Go to Focus > Settings.
  • Select Do Not Interrupt
  • Turn on the Scheduled option.
  • Choose the time of day you'd like it to go off.