What is the plot of Naruto Shippuden?

Naruto is a narrative about a young boy from Hidden Leaf Town who has observed pain since birth and aspires to gain distinction in his own village by swearing to become the village leader. He has a nice relationship with another boy named Sasuke, who, unlike him, is a genius who wants to avenge his clan's loss by killing his elder brother.

When Sasuke left the Hidden Leaf village to become stronger, the first arc ended, and Naruto vowed to bring him back. At this point, he learns that an evil organisation known as Akatsuki is hunting him down owing to an evil spirit imprisoned within him. 'Naruto' comes to an end here, as he leaves to train in order to become stronger.

The storey of Naruto Shippuden begins with this group kidnapping the leader of one of the five main villages in order to steal one of the nine spirits that reside in the world.

As the storey progresses, Sasuke murders his brother, only to discover that he was a spy who remained loyal to the leaf village. Sasuke, feeling deceived, decides to destroy the community.

The Nine-Tailed Fox, a demonic beast, once invaded the Leaf Village. 

The Leaf's strongest ninja defeated this Fox and trapped him within a baby named Naruto. Naruto is detested by his whole local area since he has a beast inside him, hence he swears that one day he would become Hokage of the town (Hokage is the most grounded ninja of the town, as well as their chief). Naruto is about this.

Sasuke, Naruto's best buddy, flees the village under the protection of Leaf's biggest foe, Orochimaru, during Naruto. As a result, Naruto Shippuden is about Naruto's efforts to return his 

comrade to the community.

Where is Naruto Shippuden Aired?

Because the broadcaster or channel firm must purchase the right to transmit from the original production house, it differs from nation to country. Both sides have conditions and agreements in place. When compared to a country with a small population and a small television audience, the right cost more in a country with a huge population and a high number of admirers.

And the company that offers the most money wins. There's also a matter of time. For this many months, the channel can only broadcast this many episodes. Naruto was the first broadcast on Cartoon Network, and afterwards on Toonami, a subsidiary of Cartoon Network. It used to be on Disney, and Animex Asia televised it in 2013 and 2014.

Top Websites to Watch Naruto Shippuden Dubbed Free

We've compiled a list of the finest websites for finding and streaming the dubbed version of Naruto Shippuden. These sites are also free, so you may enjoy plenty of entertainment without spending any money.


Zoro is a free website to watch anime in both dubbed and undubbed forms. It is not even necessary to have a user account to stream here. 

By simply clicking on the link mentioned above, you can easily watch Naruto Shippuden dubbed version.

WCO Stream

WCO Stream is yet another website where you can view anime for free and dubbed versions. The majority of the dubbings are done in English so that they can be understood and seen by people all around the world. To stream through this website, click on the link below.


Naruto spot is a well-known website for watching Naruto Shippuden online. The episodes are available to view online with subtitles. 

You can see the dubbed version by going to the link mentioned above.

WCO Forever

This website is well-liked by people due to its extensive material. You may view dubbed versions of animes for free, and they are in HD resolution. Click the link below to see the dubbed version of Naruto Shippuden.


GogoAnime is a pure anime site. This site has NarutoShippuden and other popular anime shoes. All shows are available both in English and Japanese. You can also watch anime with various subtitles. Visit the website by clicking the link below:

Mobile and PC Apps to Watch Naruto Shippuden Dubbed Free


Stremio is a streaming app available for both mobile devices and Laptops. You can search the anime with its title. Then you will have to install the plugins. And you are good to go, let the stream buffer for a few minutes and then you can watch the episode even in offline mode. You can download the app from eh link below:

Anime Amaze

This software is available on the Android Play Store. You must go to your PlayStore and search for "Anime Amaze." You'll use your email address to log in. This programme is only 14 MB in size and has already been downloaded by over 500k people. Naruto and Shippuden Dubbed Versions can be found here. 

This software is monetized using AdSense, thus you will encounter advertising here, which can be annoying. Notwithstanding, if you need to see it for nothing, you should disregard the promotions. Other anime shows in DUB and SUB are likewise accessible free of charge here. All named episodes of Naruto and Shippuden can be viewed as here.


This is the second free app that allows you to watch anime. This app is available on the Google Play Store. Whose rating is likewise good, and it is used by over 500k individuals. You may easily view the dubbed versions of Naruto and Shippuden on this page.

Other Streaming Platforms to Watch Naruto Shippuden Dubbed(Paid)


You may handily watch Naruto Shippuden English named assuming you have a Netflix membership. Naruto in Dubbed is accessible in Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, and Switzerland. 

You can observe each of the 21 seasons in the event that you are from Switzerland, Belgium, or France. The logos of Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil are on the whole accessible in 5 Seasons. For Canada and Germany, there are ten seasons accessible.

Up until this point, no data on when the show would be free to the American crowd has been uncovered. Notwithstanding, fortunately, you can utilize the previously mentioned free lawful applications.



Hulu is popular among many people. Naruto Shippuden in English Dubbed is available here, but not all episodes are dubbed. Only 140 people will be able to see the dubbed episodes.