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Apple finally announced that it would eventually hold an iPhone 12 Launch Event on October 13th called “Hi, Speed.” The company is all set to get its hands on 5g for the latest iPhone 12 model.

iPhone 12 Launch Event

But like always, people can cherish themselves with a whole of different announcements like any previous iPhone launch event and the same for this iPhone 12 launch event. The iPhone 12 is expected to be Apple’s first-ever smartphone with 5G technology.

iPhone 12 Launch Event in Details

Apple likes to give teasers and hints to people as to what to expect on specific points. As per previous experiences, sometimes these signs are less obvious, and sometimes these signs are pretty much straightforward.

The Hi, Speed iPhone 12 launch event refers to the next generation of 5G connectivity. iPhone 12 will be the very first iPhone with 5G enabled technology. Even no iPads or any other product from Apple has offered 5G connectivity so far. So Apple is most likely to welcome this new era of fast data connectivity with iPhone 12 launch event.

An upgrade to the current Apple A13 Bionic SOC, Apple has announced that iPhone 12 will be powered by an all-new A14 Bionic processor making iPhone 12 the most powerful iPhone ever made.

But still, it’s not clear which of the four models of the iPhone 12 will pack 5G connectivity.

Apple likewise needs liquid crystal polymer (LCP) and a flexible printed circuit (FPC) innovation installed in the iPhone 12 to uphold the 5G network framework.

Furthermore, some extra particulars may be utilized for the iPhone 12 arrangement, for example, a 7-component focal point framework, 4K 240fps video, and a Lightning USB-C link.

Colors of the New iPhone 12

One of the leaks given the iPhone 12 launch event concerns the iPhone 12 colors. The new design might additionally enhance bits of gossip about the midnight blue iPhone 12. The circle picture highlighted in the iPhone 12 launch event invitation could likewise be deciphered as a sound wave.

This could mean the reputed littler and more moderate Apple HomePod Mini speaker may be turning out. The organization is likewise expected to deliver AirPods Studio over-ear earphones.

Should You Buy the Apple iPhone 12?

The announcement that Apple will be releasing the new iPhone 12 in October this year and realizing that there are no iPhone design updates released in 2020 has left many asking whether they should buy the new iPhone 12 model.

Familiar Design Language

One of the most significant downsides to the new 12 Apple phone is that it looks the same as the current iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max using the same housing and dimensions. This worries many consumers as Apple is a product that they enjoy showing off to their friends, and none will know which model they have.

For those that are not concerned with the exterior looking the same but more interested in the upgrades that Apple has made to their flagship product, the decision to buy the iPhone 12 may be a little easier.

New Upgrades

The new upgrades have brought it in line with many other high specification devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Google Pixel 5. With some added new features such as the latest voice recognition software, it might just have the edge.

Matching the Galaxy S20 and Google Pixel5 in the camera department with three 12 megapixel lens and one TOF 3D sensor, Apple has further improved this by adjusting the sensor to let in 70% more light for high-quality pictures. The camera can now also record [email protected]/30/60fps, [email protected]/60/120/240fps, HDR, stereo sound rec, which again matches both of the competing models.


The newly launched A14 chip powering the iPhone 12 is matched by the S20 and Google Pixel with their own latest processors, but Apple has stated that this makes the new iPhone 12 twice as fast as the iPhone 11 makes it extremely fast.

The new voice features of the iPhone 12 are the one unique selling point that others do not have. Although the Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S2 utilize Google Android’s voice search, it has been mediocre.

Updated Version of Siri

‘Siri,’ as the updated software called, do not use Google for its returned information. But instead, a leading non-Google search engine that is more in tune with answering real questions. The user can ask almost any everyday question and have a voice answer them.

The general Apple consumer was hoping for more when Apple announced its latest launch event. And the rumors started with an iPhone 12 release with a fresh and updated design. However, they may have won over many a fan who would not buy any other smartphone type.

The iPhone 12 expected to be released on October 15th with pre-orders starting from October 22nd. It is available in 128GB, 256GB, and new 512GB memory formats and made available in new colors.

Why iPhones Beat The Competition

Apple inc. has reformed the innovation market by making probably the most well-known gadgets that keep buyers hurrying to the store. For example, The iPod, Apple Tv, iMac, Macbook, iPad, and the iPhone.

iPhones have gotten one of the most mainstream cell phones available. Apple works admirably in keeping their clients needing to get their hands on the following model that comes out.

Regardless of missing the mark in some products and equipment includes that some iPhone fans are dying to see. Apple keeps selling millions of units each time it delivers another model. Let’s investigate why that may be:


Apple works admirably with painting their design language as being creative and high caliber. They realize how to speak to their intended interest group and make their image one that you can perceive from any aspect of the world. The organization is enthusiastic about keeping their gadgets essential yet ground-breaking. And they ensure they let their shoppers realize that with each item they publicize.

They try making their gadgets as meager as could reasonably be expected. Making every single one of the archetypes of their gadgets more slender than the past one. Individuals give the iPhone a great deal of analysis about not being anything one of a kind. It’s just making up for lost time to different telephones with further developed highlights. However, one thing you can’t contend about is Apple’s design being sufficiently extraordinary to sell items dependent on its name alone. The name has a specific eminence that a shopper will become tied up with regardless of their selling.


One thing that genuinely makes Apple stand apart from the remainder of the group is their items’ plan. Even though their cellphones are sensitive and not generally worked for mishaps like dropping or sitting on, they work admirably with making it gorgeous sight. The phone is thin and has a pleasant glass finish. It just has one catch that utilized for exploring through the gadget. The latest model has served as a finger filtering highlight for locking and opening the telephone, discussing increasing present expectations.

Operating System:

In the wake of investing some energy with Android and Windows gadgets, I need to state that iOS effectively understands the three working frameworks. Not exclusively are the symbols vast and striking. Yet, it requires some investment in figuring out how to explore through the cellphone. And discovering the entirety of the significant elements of the gadget. Different gadgets can sometimes have sub-menus that are excessively intricate and confounding to the average buyer.


Apple’s application store has the most significant measure of uses than some other application stores available. There truly is the importance behind the truism “there’s an application for that” there’s in a real sense an application for anything you can consider, and the best part about it is a ton of it is free! The application store has a huge assortment of free applications, including games, books, instructive applications, and some more. One thing you can’t deny is apple’s ability to open their entryways and allow anybody to turn into a designer and permit them admittance to make magnificent new applications.


These are just a couple of reasons why the iPhone keeps on being one of the essential gadgets in the cellphone market. Apple keeps developing its cell phone and continues coming out with progressive highlights to keep the iPhone on the market’s head. Shoppers will keep on outdoors in from of their stores days before the arrival of their foreseen gadget, keeping Apple one of the most discussions about the organization of our decade.

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