Living Tree CBD: Is the Company Reliable? Read Official Review

CBD has become a major health product in recent years, with products popping up everywhere. Many people are now looking for reliable sources of CBD that can provide them with the best possible value for their money. This has led to everyone being interested in knowing whether Living Tree CBD is a viable option if they want to buy CBD oil online.

Living Tree CBD is an online store that sells CBD-rich oils sourced from hemp plants grown all over the world. The company does not make any medical claims about its products, but it has earned quite a bit of respect in various regions around the globe because of its strict quality control standards and practices.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the company and the effectiveness of its product.

What Is Living Tree CBD?

Living Tree CBD is a company that sells CBD-rich oils extracted from industrial hemp plants. The company states that its products are created in a lab setting, so they ensure maximum potency and purity in their CBD extracts.

It makes all of its products free of any artificial ingredients, but it does add some organic terpenes to enhance the smell and taste.

However, what really caught our attention was when we looked at the company’s website – it proudly stated that its products are sourced from organic hemp plants, which means they are non-GMO.

This is something that caught us by surprise because most online retailers sell oil sourced from industrial hemp plants (which tend to be high in THC).

But here you have an online store selling CBD-rich oil made exclusively from organic hemp plants, which is a big difference from the vast majority of CBD oil companies out there.

Living Tree CBD Products

Living Tree CBD makes the following CBD products; gels, gummies, oils, and tinctures. Let’s look at them in detail.

  • Gels: You can use CBD gels to treat your skin or joints. The best part about these gels is that they have a 100 percent natural formula free of any chemicals, unlike other similar brands.
  • Gummies: These gummies are rich in CBD and come in delicious flavors like cherry and orange-mango. They contain no sugar or artificial ingredients, but they do taste really good.
  • OilIt makes all its oil using a CO2 extraction process to ensure zero solvents remain in the final product. This is a big deal considering many popular companies use methods involving lots of plant material that can solvent residue when consumed.
  • Tincture: A tincture is an oil that you can use orally like a syrup, which has enough concentrated CBD to help treat your condition. You simply add the required number of drops into your beverage or directly into your mouth and then swallow. It’s simple to use and doesn’t involve any complex methods for taking it.

The company states that it added some organic terpenes to enhance the smell and taste of the oil. Terpenes are also added to CBD products to induce the entourage effect, which enhances the overall effectiveness of CBD.


Living Tree CBD products contain CBD, which has a number of benefits for the body, including pain relief, increased energy, and enhanced mental clarity.

You can use Living Tree CBD oil to help you perform better at school or at work while remaining alert and focused.

This is a big proponent of the Entourage Effect, which states that all cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, flowers, enzymes, and other natural compounds found in hemp plants work together for a more holistic effect on the body when consumed together.

The company also claims it uses eco-friendly production methods to extract its purest form of CBD from organic hemp plants without producing any negative impact on the environment.

Pros & Cons

  • You get access to a wide range of CBD products, including oils , gels, and tinctures.
  • Living Tree CBD claims it extracts its CBD oil using eco-friendly methods without harming the environment. This is a big benefit for consumers who are looking for health supplements that don’t harm the planet or other animals.
  • The company’s website has several customer testimonials about how their lives have been changed by Living Tree CBD supplements.
  • You can purchase Living Tree CBD products online and get them delivered anywhere in the US.
  • The company does not offer any discounts on product purchases or samples with bulk orders.
  • Since the Certificates of Analysis for the products are not available on the company’s website, you have to email them to get access to these documents.

Final Words:

Considering the positive customer reviews and the manufacturing practices followed by the company, we can say that Living Tree CBD is worth the hype. You can place your order for the products of your choice and benefit from CBD today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Living Tree CBD reliable?

The company uses safe practices to formulate CBD products. Many of the customer testimonials on Tree CBD’s website are positive, which suggests customers are generally satisfied with their CBD products.

Is Living Tree CBD safe to use?

Yes, all Living Tree CBD products contain pure CBD extracted using eco-friendly methods without harming the environment. It has several testimonials from happy customers who have had success using its products for pain relief, skin care, and other ailments.

How much do Living Tree CBD products cost?

The price range for the products is from $35 to $100, depending on the concentration and the type of product you want to buy. You can shop through a wide selection on the company’s website.

Are Tree CBD gummies available in different flavors?

Yes, you can buy Living Tree CBD gummies in different flavors, based on your preferences and taste palate.

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