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MamaFacts got some unique trick up in its sleeve. 

Make Stylish Curtain Rods from PVC Pipes

The curtain rods, available in different styles and patterns, are tailored to meet the needs of today’s modern, discriminating and value-conscious people. So ranging from small to enormous sizes, get some unique rods that will perfectly suit the purpose of decorating your home. The curtain rods enhance the graceful look of your home.

Recycling and using goods are good for the environment and can be a great addition to your home decoration. Yes, you heard it right. We can make Stylish Curtain Rods from PVC Pipes and reused fabric.

To be serious, keep reading Make Stylish Curtain Rods from PVC Pipes to find some fantastic hacks to convert your old PVC pipes into unique curtain rods.

And the best and most impressive part of this project is that it will only cost you around $20, so let’s start without wasting any further time. All you need to pay for spray paint and a few bucks worth of PVC pipe can also use an old PVC pipe lying around in your storage room.

MamaFacts knows what it’s doing:

This simple DIY project can yield out fantastic results. How had we got ourselves such a replacement of metal curtain rods? Let’s find the answers.

“We painted the PVC pipes black with black spray paint. We used spray paint that is specially designed for plastic. And we only had to pay for two unfinished finals for both ends of the curtain rods.”

That’s Fabulous:

You all should carry this thinking to your next DIY project that MamaFacts has you given.

Nobody wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars without any reason when they can get it cheap.

Yes, nobody neither did MamaFacts:

“We did not want to spend a whole lot of money on these walls and wanted the curtains to cover the space between windows completely. I would know I can Make Stylish Curtain Rods From PVC Pipes using 45 angle PVC couples and the super cheap curtain rod brackets.”

That’s how MamaFacts has it done:

Without any doubt, the results are flawless. We can craft an elegant yet straightforward workspace from nothing using our DIY project called Make Stylish Curtain Rods from PVC Pipes.

Elegantly outfitting your home’s a breeze if you realize what you’re doing and where to look!

Other than the undeniable natural advantages, reusing can spare you a fortune!

That’s how you can Make Stylish Curtain Rods from PVC Pipes without spending a lot of fortune. If you aren’t satisfied yet and want to get your hands on more innovative ideas of stylish curtain rods, we have got you covered.

Innovative Curtain Rods Ideas 

Curtain Rods are a device that is usually used to suspend curtains above windows or wherever the curtains might be used. They can be made using various materials such as wood, plastic, metal, etc. They come in a variety of styles and designs and are available from numerous companies. The installation of curtain rods is effortless and does not need a specialist to install. The prices vary according to the size and quality of the rods. They can also be made at home by using everyday household items. The following are a few ideas of making them at home:

1. Inspired By Nature

Some rods can be made by using a tree branch. This branch should be a sturdy one and fit for small curtain hangers to fit in. If the rod is for the bathroom curtain, then a light branch would also do because bathroom curtains are lightweight. On the other hand, if the rod is for most other rooms in the house, it should be a durable one because here, the curtains tend to be heavier.

A length of bamboo can also make an excellent and robust rod. Curtain rings or clips work well with bamboo and help keep the curtain in its place. Look around for inspiration in nature. As we already mentioned that you could also Make Stylish Curtain Rods from PVC Pipes.

2. Using Sporting Equipment

Sporting equipment such as hockey sticks and golf clubs can work well as the rod. These types of rods look good in a room that has a sports theme. To make your children’s room more attractive and unique, you can give it a sports theme. For this, you can make the rods out of old, unused gear. You can also use two tennis racquets. Curtain rings and hangers can move to and fro quite easily when hockey sticks or a golf club is used as a rod.

3. Decorate Them

If you have the regular rods, then you can give them a new look by decorating them. While finding stuff for decorating the rod, keep in mind the room’s theme and try to find some decorative material to match it. See if some used items in the house or garage you can use for decorating the rod or perhaps a thrift shop or dollar store. An old set of glass door knobs can do the job. Any small object that goes with the theme of the room can act as a finial. Decorate and to Make Stylish Curtain Rods from PVC Pipes can also be considered.

The above ways of making rods are inexpensive and straightforward. Instead of spending money on buying new rods, you can choose to make one of your own at home. Also, the materials used in making the rods at home are available at home, and you need not buy any. Creative and innovative rods make the room look new and fresh. The atmosphere it creates is fantastic, and most importantly, money is saved in buying new rods. They do not sacrifice in style and visual appearance of the room.

How to Choose the Right Curtain Accessories

Displayed by itself, the humble curtain would fail to live up to most expectations. But adorn it with the right curtain accessories, and curtains can light up your home interior decor like none other. Here are some curtain accessories that are a must-have for your interior home decor plans.


In formal and modern living rooms, dining rooms or ornate rooms, drapes, or custom curtains with valances add a sophistication touch. Curtains valances are fabric coverings that are usually used as a framing for the window. Alternatively, they may also be used creatively to hide the curtain track or rod. Tastefully done valances add style and elegance to the old settings of the windows.

You can use Valances creatively to draw attention away from not so perfect windows when they are either too narrow, too small, or set at odd angles. Valance is a short curtain or drape in itself, may be used on its own, or along with curtains, drapes or blinds.

Drape’s valance utilized as an independent window treatment when you need to allow in regular light and when protection isn’t an issue. When used alone without blinds and curtains, valances cause a little space to appear luxurious and more prominent than it is, making it more open and vaporous.


There are several materials and sub materials of which you can make valances. As a rule of thumb, they should be of the same cloth as the curtains themselves, but some specialists like silk curtain valances would go with any curtains. You can also Make Stylish Curtain Rods from PVC Pipes, as we mentioned earlier.

Tiebacks and Tassels

When you attach a single short to a set of two curtains, tiebacks will be great to keep the curtains open. Connecting fringes or a cord to a valance is a creative way to accentuate them, and tassels can match material and design.



Equipment or hardware for window treatment is accessible in a wide assortment of styles. Some blind bars intended to be secured by the draperies, while others are best shown noticeably because of their profoundly brightening nature.

If the bar intended to be highlighted, you could hang the drapes from enlivening rings sewn into the top board. Considering both the drapery and the pole simultaneously will spare you the mistake of having pieces that don’t supplement one another.


Curtain finials are the decorative ends on the curtain rod. Finials can be delicate plastic pieces to hefty fancy ornate ones. You can found this in wooden, wrought-iron, glass, or plastic make. The most standard and popular shapes are the hooks, the dagger, the onion (or ball), and the swirl.

You additionally must be sure the finials will fit where you are hanging the drape. Think about the state of your window and the embellishment around it. Sometimes there isn’t space for enormous, extravagant finials, nor is it generally fitting for the style of blind you have picked.


Use these tips to complement your curtains purchase with the right curtain accessories, so they stand out from the crowd and give your room that extra unique look. And don’t forget to share this “Make Stylish Curtain Rods from PVC Pipes” with your friends and family to give them this amazing hack.

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