Ingredients of Max Size Cream

Max Size Cream has a ton of different ingredients that help improve the size of your manhood while making you better in bed. Let’s take a look at them.

Butea Superba

The ingredient has been added to Max Size Cream for its sexual enhancement effects. It makes you last longer in bed and also boots your vigor so that you and your partner can have a jolly time in bed.

Aloe Vera

Max Size Cream also contains aloe vera, which is perfect for topical application. Along with improving lubrication, it also improves the sexual enhancement effect of the cream.


Peppermint has been added to Max Size Cream for its freshness. It makes your skin feel fresh while enhancing the aroma of the product.

Max Size Cream

Pros & Cons of Max Size Cream

Since Max Size Cream is a topical product, it’s different from all other male enhancement supplements. Here are some pros & Cons of the cream

  • Max Size Cream works for male sexual health without any side effects since it’s a topical supplement.
  • The product also contains freshening ingredients that improve your skin’s condition.
  • Along with enlarging your penis size, Max Size Cream also plays a role in keeping your sex game enhanced.
  • More importantly, Max Size Cream has a ton of refreshing ingredients, like aloe vera, that improves absorption.
  • You must keep the formula in a dry and cool place or it could be subjected to contamination.
  • Max Size Cream is not for men under 18.