Brief Explanation of Metroid Dread Trailer

In the trailer, you will find how the Galactic Federation is sending out the unit of Seven E.M.M.I robots and how they are explaining the news about it. But later in the trailer, you can see the units being vanished. That's the sole reason why Samus is being sent to the planet ZDR to investigate the missing units. The entire Matroid Dread game is based on finding the missing E.M.M.I units and tackle the difficulties in between, which makes this game even more enjoyable.

The first uncovered trailer for Metroid Dread displayed at E3 2021 showed Samus being followed and pursued by an E.M.M.I., so it seems something turns out badly with their programming in the game.

Nintendo has also published a new report along with the new trailer on its Metroid Blog. It gives a more detailed look at the breakdown of Samus's powers.

Samus and Metroid Dread

Samus showed as quite a powerful character in the Metroid Dread Trailer, gifted with some special abilities. In the trailer, we can see how she can aim her arm in all directions to use her cannon's beam attack. Likewise to Samus Returns on the 3DS, as opposed to in eight ways as in most opposite side-looking over Metroid games.

The game's development group likewise clarifies that while Samus Returns expected players to stop to utilize Samus' free pointing, the twin-stick nature of the Switch's controls implies she would now be able to point toward any path while running and bouncing.