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Minecraft Stuttering

You can begin the game immediately if you need to. Indeed, we are discussing Minecraft. The most straightforward yet most fun game grew up until this point. The game is incredibly straight forward to begin playing. Sites have heaps of tips that people will have the option to grasp when players become stuck.

About all troubles ought to be replied by burrowing around on locales. Fansites are incredible, and you should get included. But websites aren’t got all the things for you. People who are facing Minecraft Stuttering aren’t able to find the possible solutions to get rid of it in one place. But don’t worry, we have put this article together after doing significant research.

If you have a good gaming PC but still facing the Minecraft Stutters, then you are not alone. Many people reported this issue even their PC is capable of running games like Battlefield, Fallout 4, and many AA or AAA gaming titles at 60 FPS settings. Keep reading this article to find possible solutions to overcome this issue.

What is a Minecraft Stutter?

When you are getting average FPS around 150, however, get random drops to 90 FPS, which causes a small stutter. Even some people reported that their Frame Rate drops down to 2 or 3 sometimes, which is not only annoying but also makes the game unable to play. Minecraft is known for its ultra-buttery gaming experience. If you can’t even achieve this smooth gaming experience, then what is left behind? Nothing. There are also several reasons which sometimes depend on the bad copy of the game or occasionally bad hardware of a PC. We have got covered several problems and their solutions. Happy Reading!

How do You Prevent Minecraft Stuttering?

There are several methods and techniques that you can apply to get rid of this issue. We have collected one of the finest from different forums to get you to the stutter-free experience of Minecraft.

Method 1: Reinstall Minecraft

Sometimes a bad or corrupted file causes this entire issue. First, uninstall the current version of the game from your PC and then reinstall the latest version of it. This might get your problem fixed.

Method 2: Check Your Frame Rate Sync

Check your max framerate. Check if it’s set to sync is set on unlimited frame rates settings. sync is the reason to make it stick at 60 or 90 FPS depending on your computer and its internals.

Unlimited FPS settings should help you stay around 150. It could be a few background apps, mainly web browsing applications too (which take a lot of RAM). The most frequently used way to get access to such applications is by using Task Manager. You can see in person which app is taking how much space while running.

You can also use the free Software name Razer Cortex for this purpose.

Method 3: Try Using Razer Cortex

Try using Razer Cortex. It temporarily closes all background software or any other applications allowing your game to utilize every possible RAM and CPU space. It also allows the game to get 100% of GPU usage access so you can enjoy playing Minecraft without any stutters. The best part about this software is it will enable you to choose which software or applications will not close in the settings.

Method 4: Try Task Manager

Try changing the priority of the game and change it to high in task manager. It might resolve Minecraft Stuttering.

To do this, you need to open Task Manager First. Now Right-click on the Java Platform and to details. At last right-click the java.exe or javaw.eve and change the need to high. This makes your PC center running Minecraft and help slack.

Method 5: Try Updating Drivers

Minecraft itself, for the most part, stammers because of terrible drivers, it needn’t bother with drive access, so it scarcely is it. Like this, positively, something not exactly working with drivers. Minecraft, again because of Java, is known to work best with more seasoned drivers, on the grounds that fresher drivers center a lot around the more current games and leave some fundamental work area enhancements (which Java utilizes) behind. Update the drivers of your PC, particularly Graphics Card drivers and Video Drivers. It may assist you with getting over this issue.

Method 6: Lowering the Minecraft Chunks

Try lowering the value of Minecraft Chunks. It will allow fewer chunks to run simultaneously to get you better gameplay depending on the specs of your PC.

Method 7: Thread Optimization

Turn of Threaded Optimization in Nvidia Control Panel or Control Panel of the graphics card you are using.

Method 8: Leave Threaded Optimization on Auto

Leave Threaded Optimization on Auto. Instead, have a go at making a custom application setting inside the nvcp with this set to off for Minecraft for your situation. Leaving this off around the world, as a rule, gives a negative effect on execution in practically all advanced games that are using multi-strung tremendous burdens. Yet, if you’re playing Minecraft, at that point overlook this.

Method 9: Make sure Minecraft is using the Graphics Card Properly

Make sure Minecraft is using the video card either t’s integrated or appropriately dedicated. You can check this from game settings and can assign the game a graphics card of your choice if you have more than two graphics cards.

Method 10: Use to Allocate More RAM

Make sure your game getting enough horsepower from RAM, if not try to allocate more using any Minecraft launcher or tool.

Method 11: Try Uninstalling Optifine

Uninstalling Optifine was the most significant increment in FPS yet for many gamers and people. Individuals announced they are playing at extravagant everything and a 16 FPS and hitting that maximum 150 FPS mark without consistent stammering.


Individuals love Minecraft as a result of three basic things, possession, replayability, and convenience.

These may appear insane plans to consider however the facts demonstrate that the principle reasons individuals truly love Minecraft are a result of how it lets them have an aspect of a world that is theirs (possession). If you lost any of these, you will lots its charm. Sadly Minecraft Stuttering is the one thing that is taking its magic away. But not anymore, try one of the methods mentioned above and make your Minecraft Playing Experience like never before.


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