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14 Multiple Alternative Uses for Old Bed Sheets

You probably have some old bed sheets lying around, but you just do not know what to do with them. You may even have some newer sheets that you do not want to get rid of, but do not want just to leave sitting in the closet. There are plenty of uses for full bed sheets that you probably have never considered, so there truly is no need to throw them away.

1. Exciting uses for old bed sheets

If you recently replaced your sheets and are looking for the perfect use for your old ones, try making them into curtains. This works exceptionally well if you did not change the colour scheme of the room since presumably, your old sheets matched your room. You probably in need of a sewing machine to do this well, and you need to know how to measure, cut and hem material. Look for patterns online. The process is really quite simple. You can even make curtains out of new sheets that you like and save some money on the cost of expensive matching curtains. Dog bed covers make good uses for full bed sheets. Making a dog bed cover also requires a little sewing; you have to put elastic into the sheet so that you can pull it on and off of the dog bed with ease.

2. Other uses around the home

The ideas for alternative uses for your old sheets are endless. If you really like the pattern and it matches your kitchen, you can sew them into tablecloths. For an amusing look, you can use two different sheets to create a reversible tablecloth. If all of these ideas and hacks sound like too much effort, do not worry. There are plenty of things you can do with sheets that require no sewing whatsoever.

You can use them as drop cloths when you paint. Throw them over your car seats when the kids are muddy and need a ride home. You could even cut two eye holes in a sheet and use it as a ghost costume, though a very unoriginal one at that. Solid-coloured bed sheets can also form the base of many different children’s craft projects, including painted murals or dress-up clothes.

We are unable to find genuinely no reason just to throw away your old bed sheets. If you find a pattern you like at the store, you can do any of these things with new sheets, too. Bed sheets can do far more than just protect your bed.

3. Fort Building for Kids

A stash of old bed sheets can help your kids to do creative things. Challenging your kids to use old bed sheets for making the best blanket fort is a fun thing to do. Allow your little ones to use your old bedsheets for puppet shows to make it a fun hobby.

4. Garden Protection

Old bed sheets can really help to protect your garden in harsh weathers. Any old bed sheet of yours will do the job to protect your plants from the cold. Isn’t this sound amazing?

5. Auto Emergencies

Keep an extra bed sheet in your vehicle for crises! If you need to replace a punctured tire, you can use it out on the ground. It is a great idea to keep yourself clean while you work. You can likewise utilize it to ingest those unavoidable spills that possibly appear to happen when you don’t have any napkins convenient.

6. Crafting Tunic/Smock

Use an old sheet as a tunic to keep clean your stuff while crafting. All you need to do is to cut a hole in the middle of the sheet and wear it if you are up to messier crafts. This would help you greatly to keep your clothes clean.

7. Picnic Blanket or Tablecloth

Picnicking is enjoyable. It gives magnificent chances of reproducing bond and sentiment of adoration among people. You can pick an intriguing setting and set out with companions or families to an inaccessible area.

When setting out on a picnic, you require taking many things such as food, beverages, sports items, fishing rod, snacks and so on. A willow picnic basket or a picnic backpack will be an ideal choice for you in this regard. But have you ever thought an old piece of a bed sheet could help you to make your picnic even more enjoyable?

You can use your old bed sheets to use as picnic blankets. It can also be used as a barrier between the ground and you where outdoor concerts and sporting events are happening.

One can also use these sheets as a table cloth to cover picnic tables from the mess.

8. Reusable Shopping Bag

Ever since the introduction of the reusable woven polypropylene (PP) shopping bag, it has become clear that this type of shopping bag is a giant step forward in producing environmentally sound shopping bags. It is not just ecologically sound because of its durability but also on the manufacturing end of the equation. With the use of wholesale reusable shopping bags, everybody wins.

Paper and plastic packs have become a helpful propensity that is destroying our condition and squandering valuable assets. Why not do the change to reusable sacks? Old bedding sets or bed sheets are a great way to do your own reusable shopping bags. You can find various methods over the internet to turn your bed sheets into reusable shopping bags.

9. Cleaning Rags

Cleaning rags made from old bed sheets are great for cleaning various things. Due to the highly absorbent nature of well-laundered clothing rags, they are perfect for the following five ways.

Old sheets rags are by far the best rag that you can use.

Each rag bought is reclaimed from old or unused clothing, and they are fantastic for this reason alone. When laundering a material, the softness of fabric increases, as does the absorbency. This is evident when we are wearing our clothes. Every time a piece of clothing is donated it either ends up being sold or being used to make rags. But why you need to pay when you can convert your old bed sheet into a cleaning rag?

All you need to cut an old bed sheet into smaller pieces and then you can use them as cleaning rags. It would be great if you keep a stash of old bed sheets around the house. Just use these bed sheets as cleaning rags to clean the surfaces up.

10. Bath Mat

Cotton shower mats are getting more and mainstream on account of house and material architects. A traditional home plan pattern comprises of incorporating mats and sheets as a component of the restroom plan, which as a rule brings a dash of shading and surface in coordinate with the shower sheets for washroom – they come in pretty much every shading and size.

But these modern bath mats costs are a fortune. If you have any old bed sheet lying around the house, this is the perfect thing that you can use as a bath mat.

11. Quilt Backing

The time has come to purchase backing fabric for your quilt. You will need to decide as to whether you want your backing to be the same type of fabric that you used in your quilt top or whether you want your support to be one solid piece of material or you want to reuse one of your old bed sheet for this purpose.

If you have some fancy and cute colour bed sheets and still in reasonably good condition, you can use these to give your quilt a new fancy backing without breaking the bank.

12. Heating Pad

Use a piece of fabric from your old bed sheet to get yourself a heating pad. Just cut the cloth in your desired shaped, sew it from every side. Now all you need to fill it with dry rice or dry beans and stitch the last opening and boom you have made yourself a heating pad out of your old bed sheet.

13. Sleeping Bag Liner

Utilize an old sheet to make a hiking bed liner. Camping cot liners are slender texture packs that are incredible take to inns, inns, or different spots where you may need an additional layer among yourself and the bed. (They’re additionally useful for keeping within your hiking bed clean, in case you’re a camper.) To make your own hiking bed liner, simply fold your old bed sheet down the middle, sew the long edge shut, just as one of the shorter advantages.

14. Curtains

Regardless of whether you are cordoning off segments of a tattoo parlour, medical care office, photography studio, research facility, homeroom or a home, drape following has become an effectively available device. Choice and establishment of draperies and window ornament following isn’t advanced science. You can use your old fancy bed sheets to make yourself any type of curtain you want.

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