Oats Overnight Review: Pros, Cons, Ingredients & Cost

Are overnight oats good for your health?

All of these queries are in mind when we move toward the grocery store while purchasing breakfast ingredients, these questions are answered in the whole of the discussion. according to Andrew Luck, what he considers breakfast and how to justify the actual requirement of breakfast are given below:

“To me, breakfast is my most important meal. It’s often the meal you play a game on. I make sure I have oatmeal, milk, and fruit. It’s the fuel you use to hopefully do your best, so eating right is a big part of being a professional athlete. I wish I paid more attention to it earlier in my life”

Andrew Luck

Breakfast is the main meal of the day as we listen to our elders “always Eat the breakfast like a king” it means taking all portions of the meal that gives you energy and kick boost at the start of the day.

For me, breakfast is a key and important meal of my whole day. I always make sure to take milk, oatmeal, and fruits that give fuel and energy. but I am in love with oatmeal at breakfast time which makes my day fresh and healthy. Different types of oatmeal are available in the market like pumpkin oatmeal, and creamy banana oatmeal. l prepared my oatmeal before sleep and it’s ready when I get up from sleep with a tasty and yummy breakfast and it is time-saving, especially in the morning. The oats overnight make life easy by including all of the key ingredients and shortening the grocery list which makes my life easy. Oats Overnight Review is here for helping you and guide you if you are thinking of ordering these oatmeals with all of the benefits and disadvantages of the oats overnight company and products.

What is oat overnight?

What is oat overnight?
What is oat overnight?

Oats overnight is the best solution according to the modern lifestyle that prepares easily in a short time by soaking oatmeal in milk rather than cooking it on flame.

Oats Overnight is a healthy way that compensates for all types of diet and all products of oats overnight company are third-party tested. This product is really a blessing for those individuals who are struggling with weight loss because it contains a good amount of protein that reduces the appetite and cravings. You can also make your own Yummy Oatmeal Cups.

Ingredients evaluation:

Gluten-free rolled oats:

Oats are whole-grain cereals that are worth human utilization in both forms oatmeal and rolled oats. These are good sources of fibers in the form of beta-glucan that are high in vitamins and minerals.

Oats are related to many health benefits of overnight oats which help in reducing weight loss, reducing cravings and appetite due to the good amount of fiber, decreasing inflammation, improving the digestive system, and lowering the cholesterol level.

Oats are refined in factories through machines and the quality of oats that are used in oats overnight is attested to be gluten-free, hence it should be safe for those people who are sensitive to gluten consumption.

The concentration of whey protein:

This type of protein is obtained from cow’s milk and this type of Protein is considered to be high quality and is easily digestible.

But the major drawback is that whey protein is not safe for those who are sensitive or intolerant to dairy products.

Fava bean protein isolate:

The fava protein is comparable with pea protein or whey protein and has a large number of nutrients that will assist in improving health. The regular use of these proteins helps to reduce weight loss, improve immunity, and lower cholesterol levels.

Pea protein isolates:

Pea protein isolates:
Pea protein isolates

This type of protein is derived from yellow peas and free from dairy and soya and is perfect for those individuals who are sensitive to dairy-related protein.it is a high-quality protein that contains essential nutrients.

Flex, hemp, and chia seeds:

These acids are a good source of protein, especially fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, and also many other fats that are beneficial not harmful, especially in the case of heart disease, and improve skin health.

They are essays that are blendable with any recipe.

Maple sugar:

Maple sugar is considered a natural source of sweating agents and is achieved from the sap of the maple tree by the process of boiling.

It is also used in the replacement of table sugar which contains the sucrose similar to the table sugar with the highest nutritional value.

Himalayan pink salt:

Himalayan pink salt contains more minerals than casually used white salt.it has a lower amount of sodium than table sugar which can help in reducing the blood pressure level and maintaining body fluid.

And also it helps to reduce weight loss because a high intake of salt affects your body and increases the weight on the weighing scale.

Monk fruit:

Monk fruit is considered to be a natural source of sugar that is a plant-based sweetener and doesn’t add any calories when taking it through the oatmeals. There are no side effects that are still reported about the monk fruit.


Acesulfame potassium is a calorie-free sugar. ACE-K contains the carcinogen methylene, and its regular use of it causes a headache, depression, and kidney effects in some case studies.


Here are a large number of flavors in Oats Overnight ingredients like cinnamon, peanut butter, nutmeg, vanilla, cocoa, powder fruit, and natural ingredients.

Pros and cons of oats overnight:

  • It contains a high protein amount
  • Gluten-free
  • It can be used in both way cold or hot
  • Cheap in price
  • Variety of flavors
  • Healthy and natural ingredients
  • Some products are artificially sweetened
  • Availability is in specific areas like in the USA and Canada
  • Drinkable oats that not everybody like it

Evaluation of Nutrients:

The nutritional value of oats overnight is homogeneous with all other types and flavors, the only difference that makes each flavor different from the other is the quantity of protein.

First of all, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the ingredients before going into deep dive.

An overview of the benefits and downside of the ingredients are


  •     Having a good amount of fiber that is 5-7 grams per serving that helps in bowel movement that reduces constipation.
  •     Having a good amount of protein that is 20-22 grams per serving will keep hair healthy and reduce the craving for food which helps in the reduction of weight loss.
  •     Provide a good amount that is 15-40% of the RDA for Iron.


  •     Certain flavors contain added sugar that is above the range of 9 grams per serving.
  •     Some flavors are sensitive for those people who are sensitive to dairy and peanuts.
  •     Certain flavors have sweeteners that are not prepared by the monk fruit or any natural ingredient but are prepared artificially.

Let’s start a further discussion of Oats Overnight Review along with exploring ingredients’ quality and quantity with their nutritional value.

Details of Nutritional value:


All 10 flavors contain 270-300 calories but vary according to the flavor choice. This amount of calories is sufficient for a healthy start to the day to make you more energetic to start work.


The flavor that is non-dairy contains 20 grams of protein per overnight oats packet and the flavor that has whey protein contains 22 grams per packet. Intake of a good amount of protein lowers the craving level which helps to reduce the fat and appetite. Oats Overnight contains enough protein which is the major factor of this product that makes it different and prominent from other brands. and also help in weight loss either with walking for weight loss or through gym workouts.

Protein is also an important ingredient to induce weight loss. However, it is a must to know when to drink protein shakes for weight loss. 


The whole amount of fat that every flavor contains ranges between 5-7 grams per serving packet. These fats are unsaturated that attain through chia, flax, and hemp seeds. This sort of fat is beneficial to the healthy heart and has anti-inflammatory properties like the relief of pain.


The number of carbohydrates that one serving packet contains ranges from 37-40 grams. This amount of carbohydrate is considered to be a high-energy dose that can be enough for a good starter of the day and simply it is not a low-carb food.


It contains 5-7 grams of fiber in each serving. It is the best source of fiber to meet the suggested daily requirement of 20% fiber intake.

Added Sugar:

The amount of added sugar can vary from flavor to flavor, it may range from 0-9 grams per serving. The type of sugar that is added to each flavor varies according to taste. If the flavor is Green Apple Cinnamon, its amount of sugar is different from the Blueberry Cobbler. You will find sugar that is sweetened with monk fruit, maple sugar, and also artificially prepared sweeteners. in the oats overnight review the major factor that I want to discuss is added sugar, which gives me some doubt that these are prepared with artificial content.


Each flavor contains 15-40% of iron per serving packet which is basically plant-based iron.


Fulfill daily requirements of calcium that are 8-10% on the per serving packet according to the flavor.

Vitamin D:

The only flavor of Blueberry cobbler out of the 10, which has vitamin D and contains the 4% of your daily requirements per serving.


Each serving provides 4-10% of the potassium amount that must be a good option for the whole of the day but it varies according to the flavor.

Recipe for Oats Overnight:

I purchased Oats Overnight from Amazon with a different type of flavor that is dairy-free. The reason behind the selection of dairy-free flavor is that my stomach is sensitive to the whey protein that is found in milk, yogurt, and other dairy products and I wanted to choose one that is free from artificial sweeteners.

I like the oats in both forms that may be cold and hot oats and I have been a big fan of Oats overnight for the last 2 years. I like the thicker oats that are a mixture of different flavors like nuts, chia seeds, dry fruits, and their texture.

There is three main way to prepare these oats:

  •     For drinkable consistency, mix the 8 ounces of milk and refrigerate overnight for a cold one.
  •     Spoon able consistency, mix the 4 ounces of milk and refrigerate overnight for a cold one.
  •     Mix the 4 ounces of milk and keep it on the burner to bring the boil for hot oatmeals.

I have tried all three recipes but I don’t like the drinkable consistency because it was sippable and some ingredients are stuck at the bottom and must shake before taking in.

I preferred the recipe which makes using 4 ounces of milk it may be

Cold or hot.

My favorite flavor that I tried is the following that is given below:

It is not sweet like maple pancake but it contains a fine and good flavor of peanut butter with chocolate chunks and it is really enjoyable when you start to take it. In my opinion, it’s really a surprise when you start eating along with some crunchiness.

    Maple pancake:

Maple pancake had specific and natural ingredients that make it unique. It contained the natural maple fragrance and was more sweetened than the peanut butter cookie crunch. but its sweetener taste is a bit different from the maple syrup.

    Blueberry Cobbler:

A strong flavor of blueberry and also gives a cobbler taste after eating. The most interesting fact about this flavor is that it contains tiny Blueberries and you can easily chew them.


This flavor is seasonal and is available only through the website Oats Overnight. its taste is exactly according to its name and it is in a more runny texture than other flavors. If you are a big fan of gingerbread flavor, then this is for you!

After the use of these flavors, I am using this in the future because there is no worry about the calculation of nutrients that are considered to be included in breakfast, Oats overnight contain all essential nutrients, especially has a good amount of protein that is a very nice option for healthy breakfast and save a time that is used in the egg scrambling or deciding what types of proteins, fiber, carbohydrates that are going in the breakfast. Simply, Oats Overnight makes my life easy and gives me more energy to do my work.

Cost of The Product:

The price range of oats varies according to the meal that you are including in your order. The average cost range is 32$-78$. If you want a package that includes more than one flavor then you choose the party package which is a mixture of 8 popular flavors.

There are two major forms of packages, one dairy and one non-dairy, each one containing 4 flavors in one type

Also, you can get 10% off from the website by taking its subscription and saving its option.

Amazon contains a special offer of 34$ with 8 meal flavors in one bundle and gets the free oats overnight blender bottle.

Given below the list of prices that are offered with its subscription:

  •     8-meal pack: the cost of an 8-meal pack is 32$
  •     16 meal packs: the cost of 16 meal packs is 56$
  •     24 meal pack: the cost of a 24 meal pack is 78$

Oats overnight gives a 100% money-back guarantee to their client on the unopened order.

Oats overnight are reasonable in price if compared with other oats overnight brands( like Mush overnight, Brekkie) Their price per meal is between 3$.

Bottom Line:

Oats overnight are a powdered version of instant oats that have protein powder added to give each serving about 20 grams of protein. An adaptation of overnight oats is the product. Instead of heating up the oats, overnight soaking in milk to soften and thicken them is how overnight oatmeal is made.

Oats are a wonderful breakfast option because they are high in fiber, plant based protein, and carbohydrates, all of which help you feel full for the duration of the morning. Although soaking oats overnight provides additional protein, this doesn’t always make them healthier than a bowl of oats without it.

For those aiming to lose weight, eating more protein and fiber at breakfast may help to curb hunger later in the day. Oats overnight could be a more filling and healthy alternative to sweet morning cereals. Oats overnight are an excellent alternative for anyone searching for a satisfying and delectable breakfast. It will be a healthy and inexpensive breakfast option.

You may have decided to add oats overnight to your breakfast routine after reading our review, which we hope has shown you what this company is actually all about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are oats overnight good for your health?

Yes, it is a very safe option for health because it contains a strong amount of protein, fiber, carbohydrates, and iron and is prepared with plant-based ingredients.

Which oats are best for weight loss?

Quick oats are not the best option but plain old-fashioned rolled oats are the best option. When quick oats are mixed with milk then it gives a soft form that digest and absorbs easily in the body.

Is it safe for weight loss?

Yes, it is a safe option to use because it contains a low quantity of carbohydrates and a good amount of protein that helps you in reducing weight loss very sharply. You can also lose weight loss by following a ketogenic diet.

For what purpose oats overnight used?

Oats overnight is best for those who are concerned about their health and need to get going quickly in the morning. For those who lack the time to cook a healthy breakfast it is the perfect meal. It will help you lower your cholesterol level and save you from disease.

Are overnight oats healthy to eat every day?

It is completely fine to eat overnight oats every day. If you want, you can even eat them every morning. Overnight oats are safe for anyone without medical illness that impair digestion, despite the claims of some who claim they experience digestive problems after eating them.

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