Introduction to Plant Based Whole Food Diet: What Is It?

The name gives a lot away since you can already tell that this diet is plant-based. But what does that exactly mean? Basically, it means that you can only eat foods that come from plants. These include beans, veggies, lentils, and fruits. While all these foods are extremely healthy for you, they do not contain all the nutrients that you need in your daily life.

The proponents of Plant Based Whole Food Diet say that the benefit of this diet is that it will help you lose weight. How will it do that?

Well, the thing is when you eat a lot of plants, you will not be ingesting many carbs or fats since they are not abundantly present in plants. As a result of that, you will not put on more weight because carbs and fats are mainly responsible for making you obese.

On the other hand, you will be eating foods that are rich in fiber. Along with helping speed up your metabolism and enhancing your digestion, plant-based foods are also highly nutritious so they are good for your body.

Is Plant Based Whole Food Diet Any Good?

Now, let’s come to the main question: is Plant Based Whole Food Diet good for weight loss? That’s what most people tend to use it for so it is important to know whether it even works or not.

According to its principle, you are taking in more minerals, vitamins, and fibers so your body’s metabolism will work faster. As a result of that, the following will happen:

  • When your metabolic rate is fast, it burns existing carbs and fats at a higher rate.
  • Thus, these reserves are removed from the body quickly.
  • Along with that, a faster metabolism means that everything you ingest is quickly used up by the body so it does not go to reserve where it has the potential of becoming stubborn fats.

So, judging from this, we can say that a Plant Based Whole Food Diet might help you lose weight. But we also have to consider whether the Plant Based Whole Food Diet is healthy or not.

Is Plant Based Whole Food Diet Healthy?

From one perspective, yes, the diet is very healthy for your body since you are eating plants and veggies. But you have to keep in mind that these are not the only nutrients you need for living healthily. Fats and carbs are also equally important. If you skip them from your daily diet, you will not be doing your body a favor.

Instead, you will be stripping your body of some really important nutrients. So, it’s imperative to understand that while fruits and veggies are healthy for you, they are not the only foods that you should be eating.

Alternative to Plant Based Whole Food Diet

So, if you should not use the Plant Based Whole Food Diet to lose weight, what else can you use? Fortunately, there are many keto diet supplements in the market right now that you can use for weight loss.

A keto diet supplement will be of great help to you since it will put your body in ketosis and allow you to experience quick weight loss without putting in much effort. On top of that, these supplements are quite safe and do not harm your body’s natural internal mechanism or balance.

Keto Diet Supplement

How Does A Keto Diet Supplement Work?

The working of a keto diet supplement depends upon the exogenous ketones present in it. These are responsible for kick starting ketosis as a result of which you experience fat loss quickly.

Apart from that, some other ingredients are also present in every keto diet supplement:

  • Greens Extract: It is useful for making up for the loss of minerals and vitamins in the body.
  • Caffeine: It makes you more energetic and accelerates the weight loss process inside your body.
  • Forskolin: It complements the effect of exogenous ketones and allows you to experience instant weight loss in no time.

Pros & Cons of A Keto Diet Supplement

  • Since the supplement works according to a mechanism that is already common in the body, it does not bring any drastic changes to your internal system.
  • It lets you lose weight instantly.
  • It does not cause many side effects as opposed to severe diets like the Plant Based Whole Food Diet.
  • Such supplements are only available online.