How Does Prime EXT Work?

The working of this formula has a lot to do with the fact that it increases the nitric oxide content in the body. The neurotransmitter is important because it produces testosterone through a series of chemical reactions.

As a male, your body must have sufficient testosterone for you to feel sexually active and strong. Moreover, Prime EXT also increases the blood circulation to your penis. This is especially helpful in cases where men are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

While the manufacturers say that their formula will also increase your penis size, we have to say that this claim needs some more research. Currently, it’s not well-proved that something can improve the penis size.

Prime EXT

Ingredients of Prime EXT

Prime EXT has all the ingredients that you would expect to find in a male enhancement supplement. It does not contain fillers or additives so you do not have to worry about the side effects. Let’s take a deeper look at the ingredients of this formula.


It is an amino acid that is used for making some important proteins in the body. L-Arginine is present in poultry, dairy products, and fish. However, if you are not getting it through your diet, you can get it from the supplement.

It helps raise the nitric oxide levels in your body. Then, the body uses this neurotransmitter for different functions, including testosterone production.


It’s another amino acid that you can find in nuts, legumes, and meat. However, most people do not eat a proper diet so they have a shortage of amino acids in their bodies. Prime EXT helps equip your body with this ingredient so that you can please your partner.


Prime EXT also contains a range of antioxidants since they are important in eliminating free radicals. This supplement contains the following antioxidants.

  • Vitamin C: The vitamin is important for the health of your connective tissues. It also allows better communication between your brain and the body.
  • Vitamin E: The vitamin protects you from the effect of free radicals. As a result, it helps you feel healthy so that you can perform well in bed and have a fun time with your partner.
  • Polyphenols: These ingredients are helpful in preventing health conditions, such as sexual dysfunction and other problems.

Pros & Cons of Prime EXT

  • The supplement is useful for improving your sexual health so that you can make your time in bed the best.
  • Additionally, it does not cause any side effects that are something of a concern with Viagra. So, you can use this supplement without worrying about the risks.
  • The supplement plays a role in making you more active during sex, which is something your partner will appreciate.
  • If you want to improve your vigor and virility, the supplement will be of great use to you.
  • People under the age of 18 should not use this male enhancement supplement.
  • Although it contains all-natural ingredients, you should not use the supplement if you have a chronic illness.