Introduction to Signal Tech PS4 WiFi Booster: What Is It?

The Signal Tech PS4 WiFi Booster is a device that you can set up in any part of the house to make a hotspot for using the internet without any kind of speed issues.

If you have ever suffered from internet speed problems while you were playing your favorite games or watching something on Netflix, you would know what a nuisance it is.

So, you would want to purchase something that can rid you of this problem. PS4 WiFi Booster is exactly the thing that will help you get out of this situation.

Features of PS4 WiFi Booster

Since the Signal Tech PS4 WiFi Booster has been making the rounds in the online space, we wanted to take a closer look at it and decide if it worth your money.

So, here’s a look at its features.

No Interference

Possibly the best thing about this PS4 WiFi Booster is that it allows you to use the internet without any kind of interference. It does not matter which part of the house you are in.

If you have set up this WiFi booster, you can do anything from watching movies online to online shopping and playing games.

No one likes their game to get stuck while they are in the middle of an important adventure or almost about to go to the next level.

That’s why having this device at home will make your gaming experience a hundred times better.

High Speed

The PS4 WiFi Booster offers a speed of up to 300Mbps, which is just what you need to enjoy gaming to the fullest. High-end games require a fast internet connection and it’s something that everyone does not have access to.

Instead, you can simply get a PS4 WiFi Booster for your home and play games at fast speeds with a stable connection.

Since the booster offers a stable connection, you will not have any issues in the middle of the game.

Easy to Set Up

Another notable feature of the Signal Tech PS4 WiFi Booster is that it is easy to set up. As soon as you bring it home, you can put the booster on your wall and get started. You just have to look for the WiFi repeater signal.

Once you see it, all you have to do is click Connect and start enjoying the fast internet.


Since the PS4 WiFi Booster is quite small, it will not take up a lot of space in your living room or gaming den. Moreover, it’s available in white and black color, which will go with the decor of your home pretty easily.

So, you can fix this booster anywhere in the living room without it attracting much attention. That’s one of the highlighting features of this device.

PS4 WiFi Booster

Why Buy a PS4 WiFi Booster?

While there are so many other WiFi boosters in the market, you might be wondering why you should buy PS4 WiFi Booster rather than any other options. Here’s why.

Full Signal Coverage

Boasting the transmission rates of 733Mbps, this PS4 WiFi Booster can offer a speedy internet connection to the whole room at once.

So, you can set it up in your living room, bedroom, or any other part of the room and it will offer you full signal coverage in every corner.

Stable Signal Boosts

Moreover, it features dual-band technology, which means that you can use it at 2.4GHz or 5GHz. Even better, the device chooses the right band for the performance itself, working at 300Mbps for the former and 433Mbps for the latter.

Thus, you will never have to worry about speed anymore.

Pros & Cons of PS4 WiFi Booster

  • It has dual-band technology, which it selects depending on the performance.
  • With this device installed in your home, you will not have to worry about any internet speed issues while gaming.
  • Since the device is easy to set up, you do not need to be a pro to use it.
  • It allows you to play games, browse the web, or online shop without any internet problems.
  • It’s not yet available in any gaming store so you will have to purchase it online.