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When you’re talking about gaming consoles, the popular PlayStation franchise is probably the first thing that comes to mind. PlayStation 4 is the latest offering from this brand; it is all it promises to be.

Hello Everyone! MamaFatcs is here with another fantastic article on our website for tech lovers. So your PS4 won’t turn on properly? If you are facing this issue, you are in luck, as you opened the right site to get your problem solved.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss the modern generation’s most excited and popular gaming console Play Station. We will be discussing the PS4 won’t turn on issues, causes, and their best solutions. Because MamaFacts cares about the gamers community all around the world.

We will have a detailed look over the problems causing the issues, and reason may be causing it. Then we will be moving ahead with the best possible solutions for each problem. So sit tight on your seats and here we go.

PS4 won’t turn on – Reasons and Solutions

PS4 Wont Turn On


There isn’t a specific reason causing this issue. The problems can vary in nature, that’s why we enlisted them in a list. So let’s discuss each without wasting any further time.

1. Issue within the PS4 software

Yes, the first and most occurred issue is caused by the software itself. It is not related to anything which is damaged physically or on a hardware level.

By putting Console into “safe mode”, you can sort this issue quickly.

How to access “safe mode” on PS4?

Long hold the power button after connecting all the necessary wires into the Console. You can let go of the button once it beeps two times. The console will turn on into the safe mode now. Here you will find seven distinct options on your display to choose from.

Possible Solutions?

One can start working on the solutions once you are in the safe mode on the options mentioned above.

Below the following options are given in order only.

Restart PS4

The first and most working action that you can take with PS4 won’t turn on a problem or in fact with any latest device is restarting it. It has resolved the issue for many PS4 users.

Update System Software

If you have not found restarting the console work out for you, then go for 3rd option of the list.

Now select go on to enter “Update Using the Internet.” Your current version of the system will start getting updated. Once you get your hands on the latest version, all the issues should go away.

Rebuild Database

On the off chance that the past two spread out techniques don’t work out, at that point, the determination of this alternative can be suggested. Choosing it is like choosing to troubleshoot, and it will appropriately, discover any issues or records which might be ruined and start attempting to fix them.

Initialize PS4

This must be your final retreat, for example, in the case nothing else works. It is a processing plant reset of sorts, and it will erase all the records as of now introduced in your PS4 support, for example, your hard drive containing all the game records, spared documents, pictures, and so forth will be cleaned off. Alongside those, your degenerate information will be cleaned away also, and consequently, your reassure should work fine at this point.

Note: The rest of the focuses notice are more about the physical parts of why your PS4 won’t turn on, and not identified with much programming related issues.

Peruse on, if you are confronting issues that are identified with physical harm or anything which isn’t software related.

2. Low Power

The issue may be that the sockets if you use an extension board to run your PS4 Console. Because we have seen in many cases that due to the low quality of the power sockets, they are not able to provide requisite power to turn it on. The same could be the issue behind your PS4 won’t turn on.


Plugging your PS4 Console into a wall socked directly can help the Console to get enough power to work correctly. So what do you waiting for? Plug it directly into wall socked and fix the PS4 won’t turn on the issue by this simple trick.

3. Your power button may be broken

Note that we are speaking just about the PS4 Slim consoles, for example, reassures having a physical power button. The issues can be that it tends to be broken and hence, may put forth your attempts ineffectual.


The solution is genuinely straightforward: Go to a shop that fixes it. As necessary as that indeed, as there is no other option for it. Physical harm must be repaired, and there isn’t much else that we can fall back on.

4. Your power cable may be damaged

On the rear side of your PS4 Console, your power cable is located, and it goes directly to the power switch. This is an easy fix because we have seen that in many cases, it may not be even broken or damaged. It sometimes gets loose.


The first check, if it is possible to put the loose cable back in its place. If not, then you can purchase a new PS4 power cable and swapped it with the old one.

Playstation 4: Top Reasons for Getting One

PS4 Won't Turn On

In the quest to find the perfect game console, consumers are left to choose between the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. HD gaming, top titles, and online play are featured on both consoles. Yet there are unique differences between these two consoles that should be noted. Here are five reasons why you should get a PlayStation 4.

PlayStation has an exclusive and ever-growing collection of games. Whether it’s first-person shooter games, racing games, or multi-platform games, there are certain games that only PlayStation will offer. These include exclusive games from Rockstar, such as LittleBigPlanet 2, and other games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops, or Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Blu-ray support

PS4 Won't Turn On

Another reason to buy PlayStation is the fact that it has Blu-ray support. Blu-ray is one of the most salient features on the Playstation. Since PlayStation games can be stored on Blu-ray discs that have so much more memory, it produces higher-resolution games with more detailed graphics. With the system, you can also play Blu-ray discs and upscaled DVDs at a quality that surpasses many stand-alone Blu-ray players on the market.

Free Online Play

PS4 Won't Turn On

Free online play is another important feature of the Playstation. While gaming consoles like the Xbox 360 charge a subscription fee for online gameplay, PlayStation 4 gamers do not have to do this. When you pay even a small subscription fee, it does add up in the long run and contribute to the cost of using a console. Hence, being able to play games on your PlayStation 4 with people all over the world free is a significant selling point.

Motion Control Enabled

PS4 Won't Turn On

It would be best if you also considered buying the PlayStation 4 because it now has a motion control system. These systems were first seen in the Wii game consoles and were a significant success that influenced Microsoft and Sony to release their versions of the motion control system. The motion control system for PlayStation sold 1.5 million units in Europe the month that it was released. There are more and more games being released that support Playstation’s motion control system, even more so than Xbox 360’s Kinect.

If you have a 3D TV then here is another reason why you should get a PlayStation 4. Thanks to firmware upgrades, PlayStation 4 is the only Console available that can play 3D games and 3D movies on TVs.


Simply put, the PlayStation 4 is far more versatile than any other gaming system. It functions as a Blu-ray player, has free online gaming, a motion control system, exclusive games, and 3D support. While these are only some of the main highlights of the entertainment system, there is no console in the market like the PlayStation 4.

Final Verdict:

At long last, we might want to presume that there might be numerous issues because of which your PS4 won’t turn on. It can turn out to be too baffling too early, and that is the reason we have recorded in this article all the potential causes and their answers.

Here’s us trusting that you discovered one of our answers valuable and would now be able to work your PS4 calmly and efficiently.

If there should arise an occurrence of any uncertainty or any new issue which you might be looking with your PS4 comfort, utilize the remarks area to tell us.

Stay tuned for all the more such articles from our side. We will see you next time.

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