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Luxury Travel Company launches a small yacht while ports worldwide remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Ecuador. These smaller cruises are the best get out of your buck to travel post-pandemic situation. Socially Distanced Cruises Kontiki Expeditions allows for social distancing but keeping a luxury travel experience alive. Socially Distanced Cruises Kontiki Expeditions will accommodate 18 people on board to ensure the proper social distancing protocols to keep the passengers safe from the pandemic.

What Socially Distanced Cruises Kontiki Expeditions Plan Included?

Socially Distanced Cruises Kontiki Expeditions

Keeping the luxury you will get on this cruise tour. The plan is just excellent. Kontiki focuses on conscious travel. Wherefrom the first day to the last day of the cruise tour, you will get an immersive experience of a lifetime.

You will go along the Ecuadorian coast to lesser-known ports, where visitors can appreciate the nation’s diverse populace of untamed life, inconceivable indigenous nourishments, and social conventions.

Socially Distanced Cruises Kontiki Expeditions

A little team of 10 individuals constrains the extravagance vessel in addition to two neighborhood specialists who are entirely prepared to consent to new wellbeing and security rules. This will guarantee that everybody on board is sheltered and will capitalize on their extravagance travel insight. The group additionally incorporates health experts, naturalist guides, and a neighborhood gourmet specialist who has made menus loaded up with treats utilizing nearby chocolate, fish, and produce.

A Little Intro of Yacht that will use for Socially Distanced Cruises Kontiki Expeditions.

Socially Distanced Cruises Kontiki Expeditions

The yacht is approximately 128 feet long and consists of nine staterooms that are more than enough to accommodate 18 guests. The best part of this yacht is its sundeck, gourmet salon, two outdoor lounges, Jacuzzi, bar, and a gym and fitness are.

Socially Distanced Cruises Kontiki Expeditions will also allow guests to enjoy various activities abroad the yacht or on ports. The plan includes hiking, snorkeling, cultural explorations, and fitness & wellness activities.

Moreover, you will also get gastronomy lessons unique to Ecuador.

Charges for Socially Distanced Cruises Kontiki Expeditions

The first journey will head out in December of 2020, with estimating starting at $7,245 per individual every week. Cost depends on twofold inhabitance, and is comprehensive, all things considered, suppers, moves to and from ports, park passages, guided campaigns, and substantially more!

If you are in Ecuador to spend a great vacation, you also visit many places other than Socially Distanced Cruises Kontiki Expeditions to make your tour worthwhile. Here we will mention a few great places in Ecuador that you can visit to accommodate yourself with the best possible post-pandemic holidays.

Top 3 Must-See Locations in Ecuador

We treasure our vacation time, and there is never enough to do everything we want to do; do you want to explore the rainforest? Or surf? Bask on a beach? Or look at stunning architecture? Eat excellent cuisine and visit art galleries and museums? Soak in some culture or soak in some fun and sun? These are tough choices! Luckily, when you visit Ecuador, you do not have to choose. You can have it all.

Ecuador is a small country, but it boasts terrain ranging from lush, exotic rainforest, rugged mountain ranges, and gorgeous coastline. The cities offer refinement and culture, while the natural world provides an endless spectacle of beauty. Here are our top three must-sees:

The Galapagos Islands

This destination cannot be on this list! If in Ecuador, you must go. View endemic species, including Galapagos penguins, bird watch to your heart’s content, snorkel, scuba dive, swim, and marvel at the spring flowers. You will see an astonishing array of fish in colder weather, drawn by the cold water plankton. If you love nature, science, ecology, and adventure, this is a destination that you will never forget.

Historic Quito

From the wilds to the cultural center of Ecuador. Quito’s historic center is nestled 2800 meters above sea level in the Andes Mountains, and just as Ecuador’s famed wildlife tells a vivid story of the land, Quito tells the story of its people. You will find gorgeous chapels, colonial churches, monasteries, museums, estates, and stunning architecture. Visit the Street of the Seven Crosses, San Diego Cemetery, San Marcos Quarters, Quito Cathedral, and other fascinating, rich cultural spots.

Salinas Beach

If you are tired from all your nature wandering and historic exploring, treat yourself to a day (or two or three…) at the gorgeous Salinas Beach. Spend the night at the first-class accommodations and get up early to hit the beach to enjoy white (and grey) sand, mild waves, and a refreshing island breeze. After a day soaked in the sun, cool off by walking along the boardwalk and whiling away your evening people-watching and nature-watching.

When many people think of Ecuador, they think of the Galapagos Islands. While indeed a jewel in Ecuador’s crown, there is plenty more to see, do, and experience. This is an ideal location for viewing beautiful animals, fantastic scenery, and enjoying a friendly, proud culture. Ecuador comes very, very close to paradise on Earth.

Things to Do in Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. It is a place which gives a lot of opportunities for tourists to have the best time of their lives. When you visit Ecuador, you can engage yourself in several fun activities. This will add charm and a lot of action and excitement to your trip.

A few of the things best to do in Ecuador are listed below:

Ecuador has several mountainous regions that make for brilliant hiking spots. Hiking through national parks and woods are indeed lifetime experiences and make hiking far more lively and real.

Shopping– Ecuador is a very dynamic place where shopping is quite a hobby and is popular with tourists. It houses unique products like jewelry, handicrafts, etc. that defined the Ecuadorian culture and art. Shopping is cheap and exciting in Ecuador.

Biking– Biking can be the craziest if you try it out along the volcanic ranges surrounding Ecuador. It makes for the real dare that you cherish for life.

Surfing– With the Pacific Ocean adorning the coast, Ecuador is known for its water sports facilities. Tourists can have a rough time surfing down the mad waters and have the ultimate splash.

Jungle visits– Ecuador house the densest of the equatorial forests rich with wildlife and plants. These forests are not only adventurous but also a source of real education about nature. A walk through these forests creates an unforgettable memory in the minds of the travelers.

Ecuador: A Famous Destination for Bird Watchers

Every continent across the world has it’s specialty and significance. However, compared to every continent globally, South America is more diversified, which offers extreme adventurous activities, breath-taking thrilling moments. A dangerous expedition to thick and dense forests such as the Amazon Rain Forest, most adventurous scuba dives with sharks, Amazon River Cruise, watching more than thousands of bird species, etc. Considering the above mentioned courageous and bold feelings, bird watching seems to be the most favorite and admirable things which many people like to do here.

In South America, many countries might accomplish all desires to some extent. However, Ecuador, which is located quite near the Earth’s equator, could be the hub for achieving all desires. Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, is now a World Heritage Site as well as declared in 1970 by UNESCO. The reason behind providing all such prestigious positions to a place is due to the existence of rarest bird species, adventures marine life, and many other things that are incredible and can be found only in this place.

Why Birdwatching is Fun Activity?

As mentioned above, bird watching, the most desirable and admirable activity found here by the tourist. The reason behind adopting such activity so seriously is the rarest of rare bird species found only here on Earth.

Estimated by the professional bird watchers and scientists, this place comprises more than thousands of bird species, which are rare in nature.

Why Ecuador is a Great Destination for Birdwatching?

Due to quite soothing climatic conditions in the region, this place provides the best and suitable conditions for breeding and mating processes. The whole area completely covered with thick greenery and many water-bodies that enhance birds’ existence in the location.

Watching birds, the most common hobby found in many tourists across the world. When such people visit the place known for its birding viewing more than other activities, it becomes an unforgettable and indescribable tour ever. Visiting the destination will make every tourist forget everything in the world.

Natural beauty, the best climatic conditions, and thick greenery are the best and favorable conditions that all the incredible flying species require. And, all the things mentioned above well-placed in the location. So, every tourist has to figure out the days to have extreme pleasure concerning bird watching or doing other Ecuador activities in South America.


Ecuador is a dream destination for many, so don’t miss your chance to enjoy Socially Distanced Cruises Kontiki Expeditions when in Ecuador. I also have mentioned some other great activities that you can do in this fabulous city. So what do you waiting for? Get yourself a ticket booked to Ecuador and enjoy your life to its fullest.

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