Spanish Fly Pro: Here’s What You Need to Know

Before modern male enhancements came into the limelight, people were using all sorts of traditional remedies such as Spanish Fly pro. It actually comes from blister beetles in a certain component in these animals, known as cantharidin, which is responsible for the effect of Spanish Fly.

Back in the day, Romans used it for spicing up their sex life because this chemical worked on both men and women. They would dry the beetles and crush them. Then, they would add the crushed powder into their food or drinks.

Anyone who drank or ate the food would feel warm throughout the body. Additionally, their genitals would also swell up. However, the swelling was not due to sexual attractions but inflammation. Due to this effect, Spanish Fly has been a popular aphrodisiac throughout time.

However, over time, scientists discovered that it has many side effects, including difficulty swallowing. Abdominal pain, kidney failure, seizures, and convulsions.

Today, the Spanish Fly products you find in the market are much safer because they have been produced by conscious manufacturers who do not use cantharidin in their products. Spanish Fly Pro is one of these products.

It’s safe, unlike the traditionally used Spanish Fly, and helps you enjoy your time in bed without suffering from any of the side effects.

Introduction to Spanish Fly Pro: What Is It?

Introduction to Spanish Fly Pro
Introduction to Spanish Fly Pro

Spanish Fly Pro is an enhancement dietary supplement for both men and women. All you have to do is use five drops of it to get an amazing sexual experience. Along with boosting your libido, it also raises your sex drive.

According to the manufacturers of Spanish Fly Pro, here’s how the supplement works:

  1. In the first step, you have to add five drops of Spanish Fly Pro to your favorite beverage. Make sure that you’re not using a hot drink.
  2. Then, you have to wait for ten minutes. In this time, the ingredients will start showing their effect.
  3. Now, you can enjoy the libido and sexual enhancement that come with Spanish Fly Pro.

What Should You Expect From Spanish Fly Pro?

One of the best things about Spanish Fly Pro is that it is not just for men, like most other enhancement supplements. Instead, it also works for women. Therefore, couples can use it together to have an amazing time in bed.

Whether you’re having trouble enjoying in bed or you just want to better your current experience, you can use Spanish Fly Pro. Here’s what to expect from the supplement.

  • First of all, Spanish Fly Pro will help you have quicker arousals. Along with your genitals, the rest of your body will also be aroused, making the whole experience more sensual.
  • Moreover, Spanish Fly Pro increases your need for sex. With a higher appetite for sexual intercourse, you’ll be able to have a better time in bed.
  • Most importantly, Spanish Fly Pro increases lubrication in women. Therefore, they’re able to enjoy sex more, making the experience more comfortable and pleasing.

Why Should You Use Spanish Fly Pro?

Why Should You Use Spanish Fly Pro?
Why Should You Use Spanish Fly Pro?

While many people think that sex is just a fun activity, it’s actually important to keep your relationship alive. According to research, 47% of divorced individuals said that their divorce was caused due to lack of intimacy.

You surely don’t want that happening to your relationship, do you? If you bring Spanish Fly Pro into your sexual equation, it will benefit you a lot in the long run. Along with improving your libido, it will also make the sexual experience better for your partner, ensuring that you both enjoy each other’s company equally.

Benefits of Spanish Fly Pro

For the past six years, Spanish Fly Pro’s manufacturers have sold thousands of bottles of dietary supplement, helping couples make their sex life better. Here are some of the benefits of Spanish Fly Pro.

On-Demand Usage

One of the most notable benefits of Spanish Fly is that you do not need to use it daily. You can only use it whenever you want and reap the effects instead of waiting for months to notice a difference.

No Prescription

You do not need a doctor’s prescription for buying or using Spanish Fly. You can buy it directly from the manufacturers.


Spanish Fly is safer than any other enhancement supplement in the market. The manufacturers claim that they have sold thousands of bottles without getting the report of any side effects.

Pros & Cons of Spanish Fly Pro

  • It works quickly. All you have to do is wait for ten minutes and the supplement would show its effect.
  • You can use it as a couple. As the supplement offers benefits for both parties, it will equally help both men and women.
  • Spanish Fly Pro does not have any side effects.
  • The supplement works quite naturally since it contains a blend of seven helpful ingredients.
  • It will not help treat or cure any medical condition that makes you unable to perform well in bed.

Bottom Line:

Spnaish fly pro is made for those who are losing their libido and want to rekindle the thrill and enthusiasm in their sex lives, including men, women, and couples. Spanish fly pro differs from other erectile enhancement products in that it is not just for men. This is one of its best features.

Instead it benefits women as well. Couples can therefore utilize it jointly to enjoy a fantastic time in bed. You will gain a lot in the long run if you include in your sexual equation. The canthari din that blister beetles emit, in particular, is what makes a true Spanish fly. The bug gets its name for a reason contact with canthari din causes skin blisters.

People have long held the belief that drinking Spanish fly juice increases one’s sexual arousal. This delicious mixture was created to increase arousal and amplify orgasms. To increase sexual energy, simply apply as many drops as you choose to your lover or to your own tongue. Your beverage should contain five drops of spanish fly pro. Spanish fly pro has grapefruit flavor, but it won’t alter the flavor of your beverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Spanish Fly Pro?

Put five drops of Spanish Fly Pro in your drink. Although Spanish Fly Pro has a grapefruit taste, it will not change your beverage’s taste. You just have to wait for ten minutes for the supplement to show effect.

Does Spanish Fly Pro contain cantharides?

No, it does not. The manufacturers have not used the ingredient since it has a lot of side effects.

Which ingredients are present in Spanish Fly Pro?

The ingredients in Spanish Fly Pro include natural grapefruit, Panax Ginseng, Arginine, Guarana Caffeine, Maca, Zinc, Tribulus Terrestris, and citric acid.

How to buy Spanish Fly Pro?

You can buy Spanish Fly Pro from the company’s website. They offer free shipping on all orders. One bottle is $76 but if you buy three of them together, each bottle will cost you $42.

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